Monrovia – Officers of the Liberia National Police on Wednesday, July 22, propelled a strike on the head workplaces of Qnet Worldwide in Paynesville City, capturing 11 people connected to an affirmed human trafficking plot.

The strike was headed by Chief Examiner William P. Saye too known as OPS-3; Chief Reviewer Emmanuel Gruasie of the Wrongdoing Administrations Division and the Commander of Zone 5, Examiner Ayo Teddy Dioud, Agent Wrongdoing Benefit Division and Commander of Zone Three.

The attack came a day after reporters detailed that Qnet Worldwide had supposedly trafficked into the nation handfuls of young people and youthful grown-ups from Mali, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, among others. The company had brought the nation beneath the pretense of giving work, travel, and grant openings.

Based on the FPA report, the Government requested the capture of agents and authorities of Qnet Universal, a Chinese firm working within the nation.

Amid the police strike of the firm’s workplaces in Paynesville, it was set up that the company had closed all its workplaces in Paynesville but for the ones in Du Harbour and Pipeline Grocery store community.

Eleven people were captured – seven from the Du Harbour office and four from the Pipeline community. Another individual, who was captured, claimed to be one of those brought into the nation by the firm.

T. Philip Kollie, Varney Sesay, Anthony Duana, and Anthony Kollie are among 11 people in Police guardianship will are experiencing investigation.

The police moreover seized a few monies – US$2,200 and L$1,71,000 – beside one Dell Tablet, shrewd phones, the firm’s by-law booklet and other reports.

Be that as it may, talking to FrontPageAfrica, suspect T. Philip Kollie, who is the head of the firm’s Du Harbour Street office, denied all the affirmations against the firm, including that “it is untrue, deceiving, and is planning to harm the reputation” of the firm.

“My exceptionally self is against human trafficking, so my trade is against human trafficking. So, indeed down to the author of the company is against human trafficking so they will never back it,” Kollie said.

“This company is here to diminish destitution rate to create beyond any doubt that our individuals life status changed. Those who are carrying on human trafficking ought to be brought to justice, and ought to bear the total weight of the law,” he added.


Responding to a address as to whether Qnet Worldwide brought into the nation youngsters and grown-ups for job, grants and travel openings, he answered: “For me, usually my to begin with time; I don’t indeed know almost it. I listened it recently (Tuesday) but I felt that it was something like insignificant story that I was hearing.”

For me, at my office and all those that are working in my office, they are not portion of human trafficking. My bolster the examination and I need the police or for equity to win so that those who are carrying on human trafficking can be brought to equity.

But as for me, I stay unflinching and say that I am against human trafficking.” Asked why a few of the firm’s workplaces closed taking after allegations of human trafficking, Kollied said: “For me, I don’t know the reason(s) why they are closed down but I know what I am doing, I’m doing it lawfully and the commerce is enlisted with the Liberian government so I have no fear in me.”

Meanwhile, Police officers carrying out the strike were truly challenged by the need of vehicle to successfully carryout the look and seizure. Chief Reviewer Saye nom de plume OPS 3 was obliged to utilize his individual vehicle to carry out the operations.

Writers and other officers who had no get to to vehicles were constrained to ride motorbikes beneath a overwhelming deluge of rain.


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