One of the favorites of the National County Sports Meet 2020/2021, Lofa County has so far proven to their fans while in their words that this is their time when they convincing defeated Rivercess County to climax match day two of the Zone A fixture at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Central Monrovia.

The Wologibi boys took complete control of the entire match against Rivercess both in attacks, defense and possession respectively.

As Lofians inside the stands cry for goal due to their dominance of play over easy and lowly rated Rivercess County side, it was just inside twenty five minutes of the first half when Striker Robin Hney from about twenty yard away from goal took Goalkeeper Molik Keita by surprise and fire in the first goal of the match through a right footed terrific strike as first half ended one zero eventhough goalkeeper Keita as experienced as he is could have prevented the striker from entire the back of the net.

After recess, Rivercess defense looked little bit compose but little on slip in when a drive through from substitute Savior Brown to his left back saw an easy slap in by James Tarpeh to Mark goal number two for Lofa County just inside the closing stages of the game.

Lofa defense was earlier on tested but the Southeastern boys could not cause much trouble for their opponents as the winning side ended the game with a clean sheet in the zone unlike the Montserrado versus Maryland encounter.

Though Lofa won the match two goals to zero but some sports pundit say their performance was not as convincing as they expect mainly against an inexperienced and lowly rated Rivercess side.

Elsewhere in the kickball category the Wologisi girls started on a poor footing but later recalibrated and whip Rivercess kickball team by 16-10 home runs even-though they did not complete their final innings.

Rivercess having led 6-2 home runs, 10-9 later slip and loss concentration of the game something that led to their defeat on Sunday.

Currently Montserrado is ahead of the zone in the kickball category with a 9 home runs difference after trashing Maryland by 11-2 while Lofa on the other hand in the football category is on top of the zone so far with two goals advantage and a clean sheet.

The Four teams are now on break and will resume on Wednesday with Lofa up against Maryland and Montserrado versus Rivercess.

Meanwhile a ruling into a protest which was filed by Maryland County against Montserrado for allegedly fielding illegitimate players is currently been looked into by the disciplinary committee of the National County Sports Meet as an official ruling is expected soon.

Meanwhile click below to watch full matches:

LOFA vs RIVERCESS (Football Match)
LOFA vs RIVERCESS (Kickball Match)




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