ANC political leader Alexander B. Cummings writes:

Under President George Weah, Liberia is being disgraced. Diplomatic passports, symbol of a country’s respect, are being used by international criminals and conmen. This devalues all Liberian passports, and risks Liberians becoming the subjects of international suspicion, insecurity and disrespect.

The President’s latest response to this repeated diplomatic passport scandal is to direct that he approves all diplomatic passports. If the former director of passport, a Weah confidante is to be believed, the President approved and directed the sale of Liberian diplomatic passports to individuals who were undeserving, some of whom came to be identified as international criminals and terrorists.

These scandals are not just hurting the image of the country, they are also worsening the living conditions of the Liberian people. We cannot hope to attract serious investors to our country if the leadership is cozying around with international criminals, and selling the respect and pride of our country to criminals, conmen, and terrorists.

It is true: A fish rots from the head. This administration is rotten! Their rot is hurting, shaming and embarrassing our country. I appeal to the President and his friends to do better. Liberians deserve better than leading us, as they are, into poverty, insecurity and damnation.

Finally, under President Weah, already regarded as amongst the most corrupt and poorest in the world, Liberia has again been named the “dirtiest country in Africa.” According to the Environmental Perception Index (EPI), Liberia ranks 182 out of 182 countries in the world for being the dirtiest.

Liberia does not have to be known as “dirtiest in Africa”. This is why, I have prioritized ending the wasteful spending, mismanagement and corruption in government, so that combined with employing the best Liberian irrespective of tribe, religion, gender and party affiliation; a Cummings administration will generate the resources we will need to clean up our country, create jobs including through tourism, and improve the health and living conditions of all Liberians.

Liberia deserves better. Real change is coming!




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