A closer look at Nigeria and Liberia – Where is Liberia getting it all wrong?
Martin K. N. Kollie writes…
1) Nigeria
Musa Shuaibu Nuhu
Director-General, Airport Authority
A) Education:
1) International Aviation Master of Business Administration Degree (IAMBA)
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada – 2004 – 2006
2) Professional Certificate in Aviation Safety
University of Southern California – 2001
3) Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence
Sloan School of Business, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4) Professional Certificate in Quality Management System
British Standards Institute
5) Professional Certificate in Advanced Safety Management
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
6) Professional Certificate in Leadership, Change Management, and Safety Case
Canadian Helicopter Corporation
7) Professional Certificate in Hijack and Security Management
Global Air Training Center
B) Role:
Nuhu is a career pilot and an aviation safety management specialist. A few of his roles:
1) 2017 to 2018 – Second Vice President
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
2) 2019 – Chairperson on Strategy and Planning
International World Aviation Forum (IWAF)
3) 2006 – 2010 – Co-Pilot on B737
4) 2010 – 2015 – Chief Pilot
5) Chairperson
Comprehensive Regional Aviation Safety Plan for Africa and Indian Ocean (AFI Plan) – 2018
C) Professional Membership:
Nuhu is a member of:
1) Royal Aeronautical Society
2) Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
3) National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers
D) Award:
1) African Aviation Personality of The Year Award – 2021
2) Industry Award – 2021
3) OSH Association UK Fellowship Award – 2022
Please read more: https://ncaa.gov.ng/…/management…/director-general-ceo/

Let’s move to Liberia:
2) Liberia:
Darlington Karnley
Managing Director-Designate, Airport Authority
A) Education:
1) University Dropout – Cuttington University
2) Certificate in Aviation Maintenance (a 4-month training)
Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) in Philadelphia – Feb. 2018
3) Candidate for Master’s at AIM – FAKE
Note: Darlington Karnley does not have a degree in any field. Not even an AA degree.
B) Role:
1) Comedian
2) Pianist
3) Announcer – Radio Advent in Monrovia – 2010 – 2013
4) Avionics Specialists – FAKE
5) Aviation Technician at Boeing – FAKE
C) Professional Membership:
No professional membership.
Liberia has to be serious. RIA is in crisis. An aviation technocrat or a top-notch business professional with rare managerial competency is needed.
Nominating an academic fraudster like Darlington T. Karnley to serve in such a technical post is like nominating a canoe man to serve as a pilot. The only best guess is a CRASH. The plane will certainly crash land. This is where Liberia is getting it all wrong. The Republic deserves far better than comedy.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile…


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