A Liberian based in the U.S condemns U.S Ambassador’s recent statement and demands an immediate apology. Says America has allegedly used Liberia over the years.

For Immediate Release.

Fellow Liberians, Members of the press, ladies, and gentlemen.
It is with great pleasure that I bring you greetings from all well-meaning Liberians residing in the diaspora.
Fellow Liberians, as we all are aware, the COVID19 virus has had a tow on our global economy for which Liberia is no exception.
While we witnessed the decline in the number of cases being reported, we are also being threatened by a potential global war which if care is not taken could be the third World War; (the Ukraine-Russia War)
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, these recent situations have economically affected our people, especially a nation that is just from the Ebola crisis and 14 years of devastating fight.

Despite all of these, we have remained a resilient group of people. Let me in this special way command all Liberians who have kept the Peace and continue to do so.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the press, on March 15, 2022, Liberians celebrated the 213th birthday of our first President, Joseph Jenkins Roberts.
On this day, the U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Michael A. McCarthy in an opinion Editorial expressed dismay over the “poor” state of affairs of Liberia.

Fellow Liberians, while I’m not oblivious to some of the issues highlighted in the Ambassador’s release, I’m also not going to agree with him when he tries to paint a picture like the current problems Liberia is faced with are all our (Liberians) making.
History tells us that Liberia is deeply rooted in the American culture, through the arrival of the freed slaves in 1822.
The color of our flag, a form of government, Western Education, and other dress codes of Liberians are all tailored after the American Society. I often hear that America is our oldest and number one ally, but she should also have herself to blame for the current state of our infrastructure and governance system.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, I want to express how terrified, disheartened, and doubtful I am to believe that America is a true partner to Liberia.
Unlike other African countries colonized and built by the west, Liberia has achieved a little from America over the Country’s 200 years of existence.
An American child does not cry from hunger, war, little or no electricity, water, good education, good governance, and well-developed infrastructure.

But in Liberia, children highly get food to eat in a day, less to say access to quality education, water, and electricity among others.
What Would George Washington Have to Say to America Today?
That after 246 years, a nation he struggled to build as the new world in the 1600s, enslaved and returned blacks to landfills with destitution, illnesses, unhappiness, and poverty.

The way America was first discovered in the 1400s, was by an Italian explorer Christopher Columbus and since then, it has experienced serious attractions making it the world’s superpower.
What Would George Washington Have to Say About America Today if he were to be alive Mr. Ambassador, and see the country he established, repatriated black people to a place where they have been marginalized and people neglected?
Mr. Ambassador, I am challenging you to read the reason why Firestone was established in Liberia, go and read the history of where major resources of Liberia like iron ore and minerals have been taken. America of course.

A famous story is told about how America helped Liberian President Charles Taylor to escape from a Boston jail facility. And he was backed and later trained as a guerrilla warfighter just to come to destroy the country you claim you love.
What Would George Washington Have to Say About America Today, when he realized that a country he established always pretends to be the champion of peace but linked to the release of a convict (Taylor) from jail, a man who brought carnage on the Liberian people. A war that devastated our generation and infrastructures.

History also tells us that Monrovia was previously called Christopolis but was renamed Monrovia in honor of America’s 5th president, James Monroe. Many of our streets, cities, communities, and major bridges are named in honor of Americans.
The U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Michael A. McCarthy comparison of Monrovia to that of some villages. Doesn’t the Ambassador know that Monrovia is named after one of his former presidents?

What would George Washington say today, that after 200 years, a country that he fought to establish, one of its former presidents is named after another country’s capital city but yet the city ( Monrovia) is in ruin?
The cleanliness of Monrovia is the responsibility of the city government, but America needs to take some of the responsibilities. Yes, we should not look out for foreigners to clean our city, but not when our city is named after a foreigner. Over the years you have controlled Liberia but refused to make the Country yours.
What would George Washington say today, that the only country in Africa which his country connects with ranks number one in the world poverty index?

Distinguished members of the Press, knowing all of these and many more, the U.S Ambassador should be ashamed of his country treating and controlling us that way but yet they have refused to truly develop Liberia instead this is America’s farm.
America has taken more than what they have to offer to the poverty striking people in Liberia.
I am disappointed at the U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Michael A. McCarthy for his statement against the state, the people of Liberia deserve better from their traditional partner than condemnation.

Don’t condemn us, don’t undermine our government with your constant criticisms and fewer actions.
Take concert actions to develop Liberia.
I am recommending to our government since after 200 years our founding father ( America) does not want to treat us like we are one people, we should change the names of our Capital, our streets, and major places named to honor Americans who played a role in the establishment of Liberia.

America has shied away from her responsibilities and used Liberia as a medium to make her greater in Africa.
Mr. Ambassador tells Washington to help us sincerely as brothers judging from our traditional ties but not to keep pretending as you have done over the years.

The level of hypocrisy that America has shown to Liberia is enormous and this is the time for it to stop.
We demand an apology from you as your statement can scare away investors and put our citizenry against the government.
The founder and President of the Jonahsa Foundation Mr. Jonah Barcon made the assertion over the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia USA when he congratulated Dr. More on her support to the Foundation.

Signed: Mr. Jonah Barcon
Humanitarian Based in the United States


  1. The ambassador was right. Liberians are their own problem. We are so corrupt. Its dishonesty that is killing us. America can not fix Liberia problem. No one can build Liberia for us. You who countering the ambassador, what have you to show in Liberia as a source of income to help other Liberians? How many home u have build for Liberians to rent? How many schools u have build as a Liberian to help reduce the situations. Almost Every Liberian in American have forgotten about Liberia. They only come work here to steal just like those here already where they will not pay bills or file taxes.

    Show me how many Liberians u have employed in Liberia since u been in America.

    All of u are just of big show and talk. You are the main problem Liberia has.

    If the 100000 Liberians working in America can build 50000 mains of which others can work for them and survive we will not be as we are now. But u buy 250000 house when u don’t have one good one in Liberia.

    Come build school to have 100 kids in it, come open electricity company and make money, come help create jobs for people to work and make living.

    You know nothing about what the man is saying.

    He made reach before saying what he said and all he said is truth.

    No one can build our country accept us. And we will build Liberia by God’s help. It will be better so people can’t always insult us.


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