A Test To Our Justice System

According to Section 50.12 of Liberia Penal Law caption, “Disqualification from and forfeiture of public office”:

The law is very clear that “any person convicted of the crimes listed below or of any attempt or conspiracy to commit such crime or of facilitation or solicitation of such crime, shall forfeit any public office he then holds and may be disqualified from any or a specified public office or category thereof for such period as the court may determine, but no longer than five years following completion of the sentence imposed for such crime.

The law above also prohibits a convict from voting. Therefore, looking from the logical gradient, if a convict can not vote, he/she can not be voted for. Because only an eligible voter can be voted for.

The conviction of Brownie Samukai by the lower court automatically renders his election invalid. Because he was already a criminal before being voted for. And according to our law, a criminal can not vote and should therefore not be voted for.

Someone might argue that Brownie Samukai took an appeal at the Supreme Court that qualified him to vote and be voted for. But unfortunately, such an argument might not survive the break of day. This is because the very Supreme court reaffirmed the ruling of the Lower Court that Brownie Samukai remains a criminal.

With this argument, Brownie Samukai was already a criminal before being voted for which is a repudiation of our law. The law is obvious that Brownie Samukai is not eligible to occupy an elected position.

Brownie Samukai action against the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) is (a)Treasonous (Section 11.1) “crimes affecting national security defined in Sections 11.2 through 11.9;
(b) felonious as his crime was committed in connection with his employment as a public servant;and (c) the crime was committed expressly subject to this section by statute.

The opposition now needs to accept the fact that the law is the law and that Brownie Samukai as a convict should not be allowed to enter the house of elders. This is not about partisan politics, it is about the law that is visible in #blackandwhite

Article 21(j) to follow!!



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