Buchanan, Grand Bassa – As Liberia strives to fight corruption, accountability seems not to assist at the Buchanan City Corporation as Mayor Moses Haynes is yet to account for monies received from ‘ Bollare ‘ a company paying annual USD $100K to the City.

Mayor Haynes took over June 4, 2018, from Madam Julia Bono, after being appointed by President George Manneh Weah. Haynes received Bollare’s funding for two years without making a report on how the monies were expanded.

After pressure was mounted by the Civil Society Council of Grand Bassa, the Buchanan City mayor on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, present his first report in two years of his leadership, announcing $113,953.00 USD as funds received during the year under review.

Mayor Haynes mentioned that Bollare in 2019 paid the amount USD $100K to his office, adding that USD $10K was paid to the Liberia Revenue Authority and USD $90k was meant for the City Corporation. “We also received $14,832.00USD from the Government, $ 4,560 hall rental and $ 4,550 as municipal Tax collected amounting to the total of USD$113,953.00 during the year under review”. He noted that there were many expenditures made ranging from salaries, generator repairs, Maintenance of City Hall, Purchasing of City Police Uniform amongst others.

After the temporary report was made by Mayor Haynes, Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus Chairman Thomas Alexander Goshua discredited the report and said the report needed further explanation.

Goshua during a press conference said that the Mayor disrespected the Caucus by providing a report without informing them. Thomas Alexander Goshua provided three days ultimatum for the mayor to appear before the caucus but Mayor Haynes refused.

Buchanan City Hall

Since the ultimatum by the caucus, it is unclear as to whether the mayor fully accounted for the funds used or not as the Caucus Chair left the Citizens without further information.


The temporary report made after pressure was mounted on the Buchanan City Corporation was 2018 and 2019. The Buchanan City Corporation is yet to inform the public as to when will the 2020 report of the USD $100K be made.

Mayor Haynes and his team have continuously refused to allow members of the media to host interviews with them to understand the operations of the City.

Buchanan managed to benefit a modern City Hall, several modern flower pots, sitting places along the beaches, and major centers under the leadership of Madam Julia Bono after she received two years of Bollare’s fundings for the City.

Ablee-Jay TV toured Buchanan City recently but there has been nothing new added to the City as compared to the past Mayor Julia Bono.

Credit: Ablee Jay



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