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1….. After setting ablaze the home of House Speaker Bhofal Chambers in Maryland County, over the mysterious death of a motorcyclist, President George Weah imposes a 6 am to 6 pm curfew in the county
According to the President, the curfew will be enforced from 6:00 a.m to 6:00 pm beginning April 1, 2021, to further notice.
The violence in Maryland County has reportedly resulted in the burning down of the home of House Speaker Bhofal Chambers in placebo City, Maryland County.
It can be called serious tension arose in Maryland county when several women and Motorcyclists gathered in Pleebe city in demand of justice over the alleged murder of a Motorcyclist in the county.
Addressing the nation on the matter Wednesday, President Weah vowed not to condone violence and acts of lawlessness in the country; thereby condemning the violent action carryout by citizens within Maryland County.
2…… Following calls for the establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia, Grand Gedeh County Representative George Boley describes the famous Truth and Reconciliation Committee report as total gibberish; says he does not regret any act he committed during the country’s civil crisis
The former warlord turned politician added, that he does not regret his actions and role played during the bloody civil crisis in Liberia.
Recently, Montserrado County District 16 Representative Dixon Seeboe, while in open plenary, accused Representative George Boley of killing members of his family.
Responding to the Montserrado County District 16 lawmaker allegation, Representative Boley, former head of the Liberia Peace Council, a warring faction that operated in the southeastern region of the country during the war days, rejected Representative Seboe’s allegations linking him to killing members of his family during the civil war in Sinoe County.
The Grand Gedeh lawmaker challenges Representative Seboe to prove his claim by showing evidence in court.
3…… Liberian Senate finally concurs with the House of Representatives over the request of the Central Bank to print over 48 billion new families of Liberian dollars banknotes
During the approval process at the Liberian Senate Wednesday, several senators from the opposition Collaborating Political Parties abstained, registering their disapproval to the Central Bank request
Contrary to the CPP lawmaker’s stance on the CBL request, 18 senators affixed their signatures, giving green-light to the Central Bank of Liberia to print the new family of the Liberian dollars banknotes.
The action of the Senate was triggered by a motion from Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay.
Meanwhile, senators from the opposition Collaborating Political Parties, including Darius Dillon, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, Jonathan Kaipay, Jonathan Sogbie, and Daniel Naatehn expressed their disappointment with the process, by failing to affix their separate signatures on the document.



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