Alexander B. Cummings speaks out loud to the public

Yesterday I was a guest on SPOONTALK.
I thank the SPOON Network for hosting me on Sunday evening. It was a chance to talk about many things happening in our country. It was also an opportunity to provide hope, a vision of real change, in the lives of the Liberian people. We also looked to reassure all of our commitment to work hard to win for our country and the Liberian people in 2023. I will continue to engage Liberians everywhere and across all media. Our wish is to lead all Liberians by bringing us together to harness our collective strengths and have us work together to better our nation.

I also spoke about the delays in the ongoing trial of my colleagues and me. I drew attention to the falsity of the charges, their negative attributes to Liberia’s image, and how they undermine our ability to recover the collapsing economy that brings pain and suffering to our people.
Notably, I referenced the unfair burden the trial places on the Judiciary in the unwelcome impression that the political branches are using the courts to witch-hunt political opponents.

During the live interview, the Solicitor-General, Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus intervened via text. He confessed in a text that the initial writ against me had been “quashed” for the lack of evidence, but George Weah’s Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank Musah Dean ordered the reissue that allowed him (Cephus) to proceed. As a result, he seemed to be trapped in following orders. (Below is the purported text ). WHAT A SHAME. YES, it is shocking. And yet, it reasonably explains the ongoing tactics of the Prosecution to baffle, delay, and deny us justice.
For four months, trying a misdemeanor that the available evidence can easily disprove, the Government Prosecution has produced only one witness, who continues to lie even under oath. A second witness identified as the “Star Witness of the Government,” Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, is either on the run or hiding to avoid the court’s subpoena to appear and testify.

I find the actions of VP Boikai, his refusals, and evasions of court orders to be lawless and disrespectful to the Liberian people. I go to court not because I desire to but because it is a duty of responsible citizenship and a mark of leadership. I have insisted and will continue to insist on upholding our constitutional and human rights while confronting our accusers, especially after the Former VP has signed onto a resolution to the National Elections Commission (NEC) that claims the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Framework Agreement, the subject of the ongoing “trial,” to be a “product of fraud.”

I have also insisted and will continue to insist that the law be applied equally to all persons, without fear or favor. Like everyone else, I have a duty to protect my name and reputation. To this end, as I indicated in the interview, there will be consequences and repercussions for the conspiracy to tarnish my hard-earned reputation for over forty years.
Finally, I would like to encourage all Liberians to continue doing what is right, just, and equitable in bringing about real change.


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