Alpha Conde believes he’s still Guinea’s President

The incarcerated overthrown President of Guinea, Alpha conde is yet to come to terms with the fact that he has been overthrown and most shockingly by those he relied on.

He is not yet understanding how this happened. The ECOWAS fact-finding mission to Guinea noted that the ousted President is not yet believing it has happened.

“I am still the President, the people’s elected president”, he has constantly maintained.
He has reportedly refused to sign his own resignation and to eat carelessly unless food from his cook.
Colonel Mamady Doumbouya the interim leader is still holding Conde in custody maintaining that the present Constitutions that brought Conde to his third term were unconstitutional.

However, ECOWAS Presidents are conveying to Accra Ghana a day ago for an extraordinary summit on the situation in Guinea.
Due to suspension, Guinea and Mali are not going to be part.


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