“The ANC and I did not alter the Framework Agreement” – Alexander B. Cummings

Fellow Liberians,
For nearly two months now, the CPP has struggled with public distrust as our disagreements have unfortunately spilled into the public. We have all known, and I believe the public expected, that our decision to come together would have moments of disagreement. But no disagreement should weigh against our collective resolve to always put the interests of the Liberian people first, which is to hold the Weah government accountable; help to ease the suffering of Liberians under this corrupt, incompetent, and wasteful government; and democratically end the failed Weah administration as a one-term presidency. With the public disagreements and distrusts, we have turned attention to ourselves and away from our duties and commitments, only to the benefit of President Weah.

This is wrong. I understand some have felt provoked and the need to “fight back.” But as every party has tried to “fight back”, our distrust and disagreements have only deepened to threaten the very existence of the CPP which Liberians overwhelmingly favored with their support in the 2020 Midterm Elections.
I do not desire to win a small and inconsequential battle in the CPP at the cost of destroying the CPP, the creation of the Liberian people. At some point, I hope all of us who are leaders of the CPP will come to similar recognition that that which brought us together and unites us, is more important than that which is threatening to pull us apart and divide us.

Accordingly, I have met with leaders of the ANC, and I have asked them to pull back.
Despite the strong sentiments of feeling provoked, often alone, and without a choice but to fight back for their and my hard-earned reputation, and given the fact that the ANC and I did not alter the Framework Agreement, but acted honorably in registering the CPP, our partisans and supporters have accepted and agreed to step back.

I ask others to do the same and to allow the processes to which we have all agreed and are committed to seeing through, be followed.
I am confident that the CPP will survive this. We will all learn from the fallout and experience to become better stewards of our commitments to the Liberian people, and better custodians of their trust.
I thank the Liberian people for their patience and trust in the CPP and recommit to you that your trust is well-placed.

Liberia deserves better.


  1. Excellent and well said. Beautiful narrative. I admire your recommendation that Bokai should serve as party chairman of the CPP. Let’s be clear about this, Bokai is no Joe Biden‼️

  2. Excellent, and well said. Nokia should agree to serve as party chairman of the CPP. Boikai is no Joe Biden, let that be clear and understood‼️

  3. The CPP can only survive until former VP understand that he can’t go against The Weah government and win that is the reality, not every aspect of life you must be the head, sometimes you make room for other to lead and these are the sacrifices a good leader do; nevertheless, Mr Boakai , the former VP should serve as a Chairman for CPP that is the right position for him now and give the mantle to Mr Cummings , he can make the finished goods that everyone will benefit. We need a managerial skills that can give realizations accountability ,provide internal control system and rational equilibrium to our economy.


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