ANC Political Leader Mr. Alexander B. Cummings calls on citizens to go out tomorrow and vote for all four CPP candidates in the By-Election; therefore, He writes:

Over the weekend, I was back in Bong and Nimba counties again to conclude campaign activities with two of the CPP candidates in the ongoing by-elections. Joshua Better, the CPP candidate from the Unity Party, is doing an incredible job mobilizing grassroots support among the people of District 2 in Bong County. We encourage our supporters in Bong to vote for Josh. He will be a good representative of his people.
Late Friday afternoon, we continued to Nengbein, Nimba County, where Lawrence Sua, the CPP candidate and an executive member of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), is galvanizing the young people toward a genuine change course.

In Nengbein, we formally commissioned a clinic constructed by Lawrence and supported by us for the people of that town. This clinic will help in addressing the primary healthcare needs of the people. We will continue to provide support where and when necessary.
On Saturday, along with our Legislative Caucus Chair, Rep. Larry Nyonquoi of Nimba County District 8, we launched Lawrence’s campaign to a very young, enthusiastic, and exuberant crowd. Everything points to a certain victory.

Again, these elections are not about the individual candidates on the ballots, but about a general message, we should send to President Weah that his mishandling of the country, particularly the economy, is causing untold hardship for our people. These elections represent another opportunity to demonstrate that the CPP works when all four parties collaborate at the District, County, and National levels.

We want to thank the ALP team for being at the campaign closing of the CPP Candidate in Bomi, Charles Brown. We also want to thank the Liberty Party team along with ANC Vice-Chair for Inter-Party for making the trip to Grand Gedeh to close the campaign with the CPP Candidate Ansu Dukuly. Although we were unable to physically campaign with Charles in Bomi and Ansu in Grand Gedeh, we provided some support to both of their campaigns as we continue to support all CPP candidates. We wish all of our candidates’ victory on November 16.

Don’t forget to go out tomorrow and vote for all four CPP candidates – Joshua Better in Bong, Lawrence Sua in Nimba, Ansu Dukuly in Grand Gedeh, and Charles Brown in Bomi. The future of our country depends on the leaders we elect to represent us.
Wishing you all a productive week.
Liberia Deserves Better.


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