ANC Standard Bearer ( Alexander B. Cummings) concedes defeat in the just ended bye-election.
Below is the full press statement:

‘We have been following the unofficial results of the various by-elections which took place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. While the results are not what had been anticipated for the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), it is generally good for the opposition community which won.
I congratulate all of the winners and urge you to continue to remain true in upholding the interests of the people who entrusted you with the privilege to represent them.

I thank the Liberian people for again demonstrating their continued commitment to preserve and consolidate Liberia’s young democracy by participating in electoral processes despite the presenting shortcomings and challenges.

Finally, I salute everyone who contested for the courage to step forward, and for offering the nation what really is the truest test of its democracy – the freedom to equally participate and fairly compete.
Liberia’s democracy wins when Liberians are allowed to participate freely and fairly in choosing their leaders and deciding the direction of the country.

Real change is coming. Liberia deserves better”.
Alexander B. Cummings.


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