Are you still wondering why Morocco shamefully beat us in our “own home” in Casablanca?

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes…

Let us take a panoramic look at what footballing president GMW allotted or gave to football for fiscal year 2020/2021:

1) National Football (LFA) – US$100,000

2) National County Meet – US$100,000

3) Liberia Olympic Committee – US$1,000

5) Amputee Football Federation – US$3,400

10) Grassroots Football Development – US$5,000

11) High School Football Championship –US$1,000

How can 100k even improve football in Liberia for whole round year? This is insanity and insensitivity. George Weah is wicked and self-seeking. He alone has a budget of US$5,453,000 while his wife, Clar Weah, has US$700,000. So, he and his wife have a combined annual budget of over $6 million USD. This is institutionalized thievery.

George Weah actively played football from 1981 to 2003. This is 22 years. He won almost every title or award for himself but Liberia won none. This is self-gratification. GMW is all about self. Since he became President, we challenge anyone to name us a single Liberian footballer that GMW has even sponsored to Europe for a trial. Let’s bring it down to South Africa. None. It is all about him. He is a black fascist. “Either me or no one else and everything must surround me.”

The Lone Star’s next match is with South Africa. Are you still wondering why Liberia will be beaten again?

Note: Our national stadium still remains banned and our country has dropped or declined in FIFA Ranking from 135 under Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as of October 2017 to 149 under ex-Soccer Star George Weah as of March 2022. We’ve declined by 14 points and Weah’s jersey was #14. This may seem like a coincidence though but it isn’t. Weah is just greedy and corrupt. Moreover, his failure is so profound.

I am sorry for Liberia. The Republic is in a catch-22 situation. The people chose the least and the most corrupt of their kind. Will 2023 be a salvaging moment? Yes, and this is the hope that we share in common.

Since our national team is not prepared due to financial and technical constraints, I would like to throw out this proposition for all of us to debate it, “Should we withdraw or suspend our national team from all international matches until we can build a prepared Lone Star ⭐️?”

We need to have a national conversation around this thesis. The disgrace is too much. We’ve had enough of it since 2018.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile…


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