As Everyone Goes Out To Campaign, Let Us (ALL of US) Help To Keep The Peace!

We urge all of us to be and remain peaceful and responsible throughout the campaign process; considering that whilst we may be political opponents, we are NOT enemies. #LiberiaFirst

We must strive as much to avoid unnecessary and unwarranted confrontations and clashes that may result to violence and or chaos. Our campaign activities should be orderly, and our discussions should be about the ISSUES, not INSULTS, our VISIONS, not LIES. We must be mutually respectful of one another, knowing that there is life AFTER the entire campaign and election events.

December 8 will be a defining decision-making moment in our country’s history between good governance and reckless disrespect for the rule of law, good and evil, peaceful coexistence and deep division, approval of dictatorship and protection of democracy, progression and regression, freedom and suppression; #Light and #Darkness, fear of God and blasphemy!!

I urge ALL my supporters and well-wishers to follow our lead and not get distracted. Let us go all out for the heart and soul of our country. We did it before, and we can do it again; this time very “bigly.” Go for #2 on the Ballot so as to #ADD more #Light to our governance systems!!

With God above




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