The National Port Authority (NPA) or the Freeport of Monrovia is now totally destroyed with workers dying slowly under the Management of Bill Tweahway, the Managing Director of the country’s Sea Port.
The investigation conducted by the African Monitor-News has uncovered several misdeeds at the entity. Workers can no longer get what their just benefits. Contracts are inflated through the connivance of contractors for kickbacks while the Liberian businesses are sidelined for foreign-owned for personal gains.
The African Monitor also discovered that both MD Tweahway and his comptroller have been engaged in several financial inappropriate targeting employees.
When contacted for a response, the port declined to comment with the MD issuing death threats against the owners of the African Monitor for constantly exposing him to the public.
“Bill Twehway has been with the NPA for two years five months, every month NASSCORP deductions are made from our salaries, but there has been no remittance to NASSCORP for the past twenty-nine months. Where has Bill Twehway and his comptroller Vakuma Dukuly been taking the employees’ money?”
“There has been no health insurance for NPA employees since Bill Twehway took over the NPA in September 2018. Whereas, employees are made to pay by said purpose every month. We only survive here by the special grace of God, especially we the low-income earners,” our investigation documented. When contacted, NASCORP authorities could not confirm nor deny the claims.
Our investigation further uncovered that other benefits such as scratch cards, rice, and gasoline that employees used to get are no longer provided to them by the current Management at the Freeport. No explanation has been provided to that effect by the MD and his team at the Sea Port.
“Due to financial maleficence at the NPA, Bill Twehway’s management owes NPA employees one year of scratch cards, six months rice, and ten months of gasoline. Whereas, in the past, those benefits used to come before the beginning of the month (i.e: February 2021 benefits will come at the end of January 2021).
“Deductions from employees’ salaries to the port Authority credit union (PACU), employees’ credit union, has not been delivered on time since Bill Twehway took over the NPA. Up to date, about four months’ deductions are yet to be remitted to the custodian of their savings, PACU authority. Bill Twehway can change the name on the employees’ remittance to PACU cheque to his collaborator’s name and withdraw the money for his personal use,” our probe team uncovered.




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