Bill Tweahway alias Gbekugbeh Jr. is the Chief Culprit of the Buchanan Port Scandal and here’s why – An Open Letter to LACC Chairperson

Dear Cllr. Edwin K. Martins:

About a month ago, we released additional leaks from our very credible sources which further EXPOSED the Buchanan Port Scandal and the systemic rottenness pertinent to Port Management in Liberia.

Those LEAKS, which are ingrained in preponderance of documentary evidence, clearly indicted NPA Port Manager Bill Tweahway as the Chief Culprit of the Buchanan Port Scandal.

As a result of that scam, LACC cited Bill Tweahway for an investigation. Good step but here is our fundamental disagreement. Bill Tweahway cannot be a major party to this scandal and still be presiding over NPA. This is Conflict of Interest. His presence as NPA Boss could influence the investigation’s outcome. He needs to recuse himself, resign, or be suspended like Charles McArthur Gull too. This is what best practice entails or dictates.

Anything less than this, the ongoing investigation of Bill Tweahway and his accomplices may seem more of a fiasco against corruption. LACC has to grow teeth by ensuring rigidity, impartiality, and credibility at all times. LACC cannot only show strength against the accomplices of corruption. Strength must also be shown against the chief culprits too.

Once more, here are additional information and documents that further EXPOSE Bill Tweahway alias Gbekugbeh Jr.

Summary (This clearly explains what happened):

1) MD Bill Tweahway and Comptroller Vakamu Dukuly created extra Accounts at GT Bank and Eco-Bank in order to siphon monies directly from the Operational Account of the Buchanan Port.

2) The monies paid by Arcelor Mittal were siphoned from the Operational Eco-Bank Account of the Buchanan Port and clandestinely transferred into the extra GT Bank Account and the Eco-Bank Account that were created by Bill Tweah and Vakamu Dukuly. See breakdown:

a) First Payment: US$174,000
b) Second Payment: US$179,000)
c) Third Payment: US$181,000
d) Fourth Payment: US$288,000
e) Fifth Payment: US$181,000
f) So, Arcelor Mittal paid the total of US$1,003,000 in five different instalments for the time that their vessel was berthed or docked at the Buchanan Port.

What happened to this money? Under the directive of Bill Tweahway, it was dubiously transferred into dubious GT Bank and Eco-Bank Accounts. This money is no more. A single person has not been jailed yet.

3) Besides Arcelor Mittal’s over US$1m scandal, Bill Tweahway along with his accomplices (Vakumu Dukuly, Christian Brownell, and Kanio Bai Gbalai) also established a bogus company under his watch as Port Manager. For a work that their so-called company did not do, the “Creative Developers Incorporated (CDI)” was paid US$500,836 through this Eco-Bank Account #:6101721752.

We are talking about more than US$1.5 million being stolen here amidst extreme hardship in Liberia. Please go through all of these documents. Again, Mr. Chairperson of LACC, there are 3 of our firsthand sources who are willing and prepared to testify and provide more info. about this SCANDAL. They just need full Witness Protection.

By now, a con man like Bill Tweahway should be handcuffed and jailed. But I guess he won’t because someone who sits above him also received a share of this loot. State Criminals are indeed in charge. Sad times for Liberia.

It is high time that LACC grows teeth to bite. The barking is enough. We’ve had enough of feeble barking, Cllr. Martins.


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