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Press Statement for immediate release by the Family of the Late Princess Cooper


Press Statement for immediate release by the Family of the Late Princess Cooper

Distinguish members of the press, citizens, well-meaning Liberians within the Diaspora, our well-wishers, sympathizers as well as family members here present.
We are all aware of the mysterious death of our beloved, Princess Cooper. The lifeless body of the late Princess Cooper was found in the FAWAZ Building Material Store Compound at the ELWA junction on March 24, 2022.
Since the death of our marketable, industrious, and productive daughter, sister, Aunt, and Mother, there have been frantic efforts in the quest to achieve justice ranging from aiding investigators, staging a peaceful march for justice, and contacting independent forensic pathologists out of our borders.
Since said incident, there have been several dissatisfactions, unnecessary missteps, and unjustified denier by the Government of Liberia through the LNP and the Justice Ministry within the investigation proceedings ranging from the below listed;

  1. That we witnessed and yet to have tangible reasons for which the crime scene was totally exposed and furthermore never protected for a certain period due to the critical occurrence of this Mysterious Death of our beloved Daughter/Sister, bright future Leader, and a national asset.
  2. That the lack of willingness and acceptance to have brought in all residents within the FAWAZ COMPOUND alongside some nearby residents of the crime scene surroundings as well as eyewitnesses whom we believed could have been strategically questioned thereby using that which would have been gathered from them to be compared with the confirmed visible assessments gathered from the crime scene “that is if there was any proper assessment done at all”.
  3. That there was also a few individuals captured as persons of interest but amongst those; only certain personalities were exposed to the General Public both via mentioning their names and publishing an in-house investigation video with one of the listed person of interest leaving out an unidentified Lebanese Personality of whom the Public is yet to be informed as to why was he captured and what was gathered during the then investigation with him.
  4. That the first abrupt Preliminary Report was published by the Liberia National Police (LNP) which then confirmed that there was no foul play but yet without any medical examination which we believed had already undermined the fair play of this entire investigation process.
  5. That the Family formal complaints directly reported through the Justice Ministry unto the Government of Liberia whereas we confirmed our disapproval for an autopsy to have been conducted by Dr. Benedict Kolee and his team due to qualification concerns which were never adhered to.
  6. That the Liberia National Police (LNP) has since failed even before or after the Autopsy to have provided a Full-skill or Comprehensive Report from what was gathered from their executed investigation so that one would see if it has any form of collaboration with the agreed Government of Liberia Autopsy Report.
  7. That the family was and has never been respected regarding communications during this entire process either directly or through our Lawyers.
  8. That with all the hurdles and resistances visibly notified in getting the Family’s designated Pathologists to land within the Country even after the very same Government of Liberia through H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah’s offer seems to be a tangible contradiction and signals huge fraud as well as uncovered motives.
  9. That our many efforts made towards this process ranging from formal communications sent to the Ministry of Justice followed by boycotting the autopsy upon our confirmed notification that all of our communications and actions were never recognized by the Justice Ministry and the GOL at large, staging numerous of peaceful protests for justice during which times we were mal-handled, ruthlessly beaten, and incarcerated without charges, successfully contacting pathologists out of the Country which we considered to be independent “. A total of five (5) forensic pathologists” who were resisted without purpose for three weeks; all of which cited insecurity and resistance concerns and then declined the process. With that, we’ve come to the realization that indeed there are difficulties, constraints, and unfairness in trending on the path to justice within our Nation. In contrast, we can now confirm this road to obtaining justice be a rocky path.
    Therefore the family has seen this as a fruitless journey.
    In view of the few listed above, amongst several others, and in an effort of bringing to closure our grieves, and bereavement and to foster peace of mind, we have therefore requested a formal communication written to the Government of Liberia through the Justice Ministry to take delivery of the body of our beloved Princess for the purpose of giving her a befitting burial.

“I am the leader for #realchange in Liberia” – Alex Cummings


I am the leader for #realchange in Liberia.

Change to the ways we do business and treat each other.
Change to the protection of our democracy.
Change to our broken systems and economy.
Change to the integrity of our government.

This political trial against me and the ANC leadership is a failed attempt to block our movement for real change through a flagrant disregard of our nation’s ideals and constitution.

We will ensure that we get to the bottom of these false allegations and use every objective means to reveal the truth and protect our integrity. The Omnia-Alaco investigative Report to be released to you the Liberian people, will provide an independent assessment of these flagrant claims against opposition voices.

Once you have finally been provided the truth, we can continue to build the momentum in our movement for #realchange and elect the leadership we deserve in 2023.

Liberia Deserves Better.

Wishing you all a good weekend.




President Weah Receives Letters of Credence From New Zimbabwe Ambassador 


President Weah Receives Letters of Credence From New Zimbabwe Ambassador

Monrovia, Liberia – His Excellency, President George Manneh Weah has reaffirmed Liberia’s commitments to working with Zimbabwe in ensuring continental and global peace and security.

The Liberian Leader made the assertion on Thursday, May 19, 2022, when he received Letters of Credence from Mr. Kufa E. Chinoza, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Zimbabwe accredited to Liberia.

Receiving the Letters of Credence at the Executive Mansion, President Weah congratulated the new Zimbabwean envoy for his preferment and wished him well during his tour of duty in Liberia.

President Weah expressed satisfaction with the work Ambassador Chinoza’s predecessor did while in Liberia, expressing the hope that the new Ambassador’s tenure will similarly foster the bonds of friendship between the two countries.

He used the occasion to encourage Zimbabwean investors to take advantage of Liberia’s investment climate in the areas of tourism, trade, mining, and agriculture.

The new Zimbabwean envoy thanked President Weah for the president’s warm reception and wished him the best of prosperity as he stirs the ship of state.

Ambassador Chinoza’s presentation of his Letter of Credence comes two days after ambassadors from South Africa, the Czech Republic, the ECOWAS Commission, and The Gambia presented their Letters of Credence to the Liberian President at the Executive Mansion.

President Weah Repositions NFAA with Executive Order #110 Extending Executive Order #101 


President Weah Repositions NFAA with Executive Order #110 Extending Executive Order #101

Monrovia, Liberia – The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has issued Executive Order #110 to extend expired Executive Order #101 on the repositioning of the National Food Assistance Agency of Liberia (NFAA).

Executive Order #110 was issued on May 16, 2022, and is aimed to reposition and strengthen the NFAA to make it far more effective, responsive, and cut-crossing in keeping with its authority, scope, functions, and operations.

The Executive Order emboldens the NFAA to make school feeding programs sustainable across the country and tackle improved nutrition for Liberian school children to increase their access, participation, and achievement in learning outcomes such as enrolment, attendance, and retention.

“This method will make use of food commodities produced locally as well as the donated food products. The approach will in turn increase agricultural productivity and income of smallholder farmers, thereby enhancing resilience to shocks among food insecure communities by promoting access of farmers to production and market opportunities,” the Executive Order stipulates.

NFAA, under the Executive Order, is to purchase from farmers excess produce to be processed and stored for distribution to schools and other institutions in case of needs or emergency, the Executive Order stated.

In keeping with the Executive Order, “NFAA is required to introduce food stamps and free meal for physically challenged persons, single and vulnerable parents including young children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. Others are the aged, sick, and malnourished children as well as the Girl-Child without parental guidance and support.
And to establish storage and processing facilities for local crops (cassava, plantain, eddoes, and rice) for distribution. This will augment food relief donation to Liberia,” the Executive Order said.

It added: “It is also to enable to NFAA to provide a sustainable and reliable food security and nutrition systems through the establishment of regional food hubs, ensure compliance with established standards for food quality, monitor and distribute food commodities to the vulnerable, underprivileged individuals and disadvantaged institutions, store and facilitate market linkages for local farmers for surplus commodities.”

In order to ensure full implementation of this mandate, the National Legislature will provide workable supplementary budget to augment and/or harmonize employees’ basic salaries and enable NFAA to meet both its administrative and operational challenges.

It is mandated to conduct a survey and create a comprehensive database of both local and international food-related NGOs in Liberia, ensuring proper monitoring mechanisms of food donations from foreign sources and their ultimate distribution and supply to targeted Liberian beneficiaries and institutions.

“Ensure the continuous existence of regional food banks across the country for timely interventions in food assistance during natural disasters such as flood, quakes, and drought.

President Weah said the Executive Order is an affirmation that the issue of food insecurity is critical to its flagship development agenda, the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity (PAPD), as well as global efforts geared towards ending hunger and poverty by 2030;.

According to the President, the decision supports the fact that the food-producing resources of Liberia have been under-utilized for well over a decade, and that the Government intends to encourage investment in this sector to ensure the sustainable development and the realization of food security in tune with goal one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aligns with pillar one of the PAPD.

The Agency shall be headed by a Director-General, assisted by other directors and a nine-member Board of Directors to be chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture of Liberia.




MONROVIA: Following several months of service as acting Minister at the Nation’s premiere road and rural development Institution, Public Works, Madam Ruth Coker-Collins is expected to face the Liberian Senate today for an official confirmation.

Madam Coker-Collins was recently appointed by Pres George Weah as Minister Proper of the Ministry of Public Works to continue the role she previously acted.

Based on several road works currently ongoing and finished projects in the country, Analysts are of the conviction of the Liberian Senate’s confidence through unanimous vote.

Recently Pres. Weah received commendations for the appointment of Madam Coker-Collins from Liberians across the country including the diaspora due to her contribution towards the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development on roads.

The Weah-led Government focus has been on road connectivity in an effort to connect the fifteen political sub-division through roads.

The country road connectivity is at 16% entirely and thus an alarming challenge for the country.

Under President George Weah, Liberia is being disgraced – Cummings


ANC political leader Alexander B. Cummings writes:

Under President George Weah, Liberia is being disgraced. Diplomatic passports, symbol of a country’s respect, are being used by international criminals and conmen. This devalues all Liberian passports, and risks Liberians becoming the subjects of international suspicion, insecurity and disrespect.

The President’s latest response to this repeated diplomatic passport scandal is to direct that he approves all diplomatic passports. If the former director of passport, a Weah confidante is to be believed, the President approved and directed the sale of Liberian diplomatic passports to individuals who were undeserving, some of whom came to be identified as international criminals and terrorists.

These scandals are not just hurting the image of the country, they are also worsening the living conditions of the Liberian people. We cannot hope to attract serious investors to our country if the leadership is cozying around with international criminals, and selling the respect and pride of our country to criminals, conmen, and terrorists.

It is true: A fish rots from the head. This administration is rotten! Their rot is hurting, shaming and embarrassing our country. I appeal to the President and his friends to do better. Liberians deserve better than leading us, as they are, into poverty, insecurity and damnation.

Finally, under President Weah, already regarded as amongst the most corrupt and poorest in the world, Liberia has again been named the “dirtiest country in Africa.” According to the Environmental Perception Index (EPI), Liberia ranks 182 out of 182 countries in the world for being the dirtiest.

Liberia does not have to be known as “dirtiest in Africa”. This is why, I have prioritized ending the wasteful spending, mismanagement and corruption in government, so that combined with employing the best Liberian irrespective of tribe, religion, gender and party affiliation; a Cummings administration will generate the resources we will need to clean up our country, create jobs including through tourism, and improve the health and living conditions of all Liberians.

Liberia deserves better. Real change is coming!



BOOKED in academic fraud – CACC exposes LWSC Deputy Managing Director in Moseray Momoh


BOOKED in academic fraud – CACC exposes LWSC Deputy Managing Director in Moseray Momoh

Martin K. N. Kollie reports…

Take some time off and READ. The facts are out.

The Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC) has been investigating Mr. Moseray Momoh for a while now. His academic credentials are utterly FAKE and he has dubiously survived on this FRAUD for more than two decades since 2000. CACC is finally putting this egregious FRAUD to an end.

Are you aware that Moseray Momoh used his fake degrees to obtain employment with Millennium Challenge, UNDP, Ministry of Finance (EGIRP), Land Commission, CNDRA, World Bank, USAID, and LWSC? We have attached an abridged version of his official resume.

Momoh is laying claim to these online academic credentials:

1) Ashwood University – Master’s in Business Management (Online)

2) Frederick Taylor University – Master’s in Executive Management (Online)

3) University of South Africa – Bachelor’s in Business (Online)

4) De Montfort University – Master’s in Business Law (Online)

These are all LIES and we are going to expose everything with the hard facts. Let’s begin.

1) Ashwood University:

This “online university” is a degree mill. Neither is it accredited by any education agency that is recognized by the Council on Higher Education (CHEA) nor is it licensed to operate as an online school by the US Department of Education (USDE). Our proofs are below:

A) List of Degree Mills or Fake Online Universities in the United States: Please see Ashwood University right below Andrew Jackson University.

B)Ashwood University Scam Exposed:

C) Ashwood University is claiming to have obtained “accreditation” from the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC). The WOEAC is also very FAKE. Here are three different lists of fake college accreditation agencies as of 2022:




Let’s move to Frederick Taylor University.

2) Frederick Taylor University (FTU)

This is also a fake online school that auctions/sells academic degrees. It is not accredited and licensed to operate as an online college. Our proofs are below:

1) List of Unaccredited Universities in the USA, UK, and India: and

2) Unaccredited and Fake Universities. Go under letter “F”:

3) List of Unaccredited Degree Granting Institutions. Please go to page 33:

Let’s move to the University of South Africa.

3) University of South Africa (UNISA):

UNISA School of Distance Learning does not provide any course as in “Bachelor’s in Business”. There are 46 online business and management courses at master’s and bachelor’s at UNISA. Please see here:

We have also attached a full list of all undergraduate courses that are offered at UNISA as of 2022/2023. Please see here: and

There is nothing like “Bachelor’s in Business”. Moseray Momoh is indeed an academic fraudster of the first order.

Let’s move to his so-called “De Montfort University” where he’s laying claim to an online Master’s in Business Law.

4) De Montfort University:

It is important to note that De Montfort is not even a credible online school. Here is the list of all the postgraduate courses or master’s programs at De Montfort University. Please read here:

There is nothing like “Master’s in Business Law”. What is available is LL.M in Business Law / International Business Law (Distancing Learning). Please see here:

South Africa’s quality watchdog ordered De Montfort University along with two overseas universities to CLOSE their MBA program after a 2-year probe. Please read:

De Montfort has been involved with fraud, malfeasance, deception, disinformation, and degree sale. Like we said, De Montfort is not even a credible online school.

Do you really know who Moseray Momoh actually is?

CACC has thoroughly researched his real background and here are full details. These are facts that cannot be challenged:

1) Biodata:
Name: Moseray Momoh
Place of Birth: Bo, Southern Sierra Leone
Age: 36 years
Nationality: Sierra Leonian

2) Education:
1999-2002 – Christ the King College (High School), Bo, Sierra Leone
Achievement: Sat WASCE without passing. Please contact one of his former schoolmates, Mr. Senesie Rogers, via this number: 077022037.

B.Sc. – None

M.Sc. – None

A Firsthand Account of Moseray Momoh:

“The young man is not even a college graduate. Upon completion of high school in Bo, he was one of those that were recruited to go to Iraq under the banner of the United Nations. There he learned about computer specifically M.S. Office. He was latter deported to Sierra Leone because of some strike actions that were headed by him in Iraq. During his short stay in Sierra Leone, he worked with the EU where he heavily stole and fled to Liberia in 2006.

While in Liberia, He managed to get some false M.Sc. degree documents from the world trade center. He got employment as a so-called “Procurement Expert” with the FDA where he was fired due to fraud.

He was again employed as “procurement expert” by the LWSC under former MD Tulay and DMD T.S. Bill Werners’ regime even though he did not have any qualification. In 2012, He was arrested by the MOE authority for applying for procurement expert job under the World Bank project. He spent some money and got freed. His records are still at MOE.
This fellow in Moseray Momoh who has been claiming to be a “procurement expert” is a complete fraudster. He does not even have a certificate in procurement, let alone a bachelor’s degree or an M.Sc.

In November 2013, he was issued two cheques in the sum of 1 million USD by a Chinese company known as Tangda construction in Momoh’s name for the rehabilitation and expansion of the three town’s water supply project that was awarded to that company in January 2014. Those cheques were verified at ECO BANK central office on Randall street and it was cashed out at the Vai town branch. The money was then taken to Afriland First bank on Broad Street for deposit. Follow up with ECO BANK and Afriland First Bank for these information. They will furnish you with all necessary information beyond this.

With regards to the contract for ground water supply and sanitation in Paynesville, New Georgia, and Soul Clinic communities, he joined with a Ghanaian company known as Procurement and Project Management Consultant Ltd (PPMC) to lobby for the project. In April 2014, PPMC CEO by the name of Emanuel Bedzra and his project manager, Benjamin Anim, visited Liberia under the banner of the Semoh Group of Companies (SGC) to discuss the following:

  1. To apply to LWSC for the Monrovia groundwater project prequalification stage (EOI). Momoh was given USD 10,000.00 for help. They also came to submit the bid in March this year.
  2. To form the JV between the two companies. Attach to this information is the draft MOU between the two parties. Please ask James Martor who is his special assistant to give you the signed MOU. Or you may order the LNP to go to Momoh’s own office at SGC to search for it.
  3. Procurement of all the vehicles was done the same way.

In December 2013, Moseray Momoh registered his company known as the Semoh Group of Companies (SGC) with the money that he got from the Chinese company (Tangda). He spent close to USD 200,000.00 for the procurement of office. From that money, he bought five luxurious vehicles to be used by his company including a sixty-five thousand (65k) USD jeep for Ambassador George Weah in 2013 ahead of the Senatorial Election. He actually registered this company to cover up the stealing that he was/is doing at LWSC. Recently, he was given huge sum of money by one of the companies that bided for the WTP this year.

What prompted me to write you Sir is that this young man always come on the train track along the hotel Africa road at Mr. Kebies’s bar boasting about having money. Three weeks ago, he displayed the sum of thirty thousand USD at the same bar that he is a rich. He also told us that he is richer than the LWSC MD. He gives contract out as DMDA and procurement expert. He says a lot about us, Liberians, that we are not educated etc.

For more info, please contact Bobby Murvee, his former driver on 0776309086/0886784397. He is no longer working for Momoh. Also contact one Abel McGill on 0886671794, Sauda Saydee on 0886349121.”

Momoh has also been involved with series of criminal activities. We have attached a 2015 report to prove. Many Liberians with hard-earned credentials don’t even have job but an academic fraudster like Moseray has had and continues to have many jobs. This is the real tragedy that confronts Liberia. CACC will continue to expose academic fraudsters who are bent on undermining the people’s progress. The Liberian people deserve far better than fraud.

Note: If Liberia had a serious government in power, Momoh will be prosecuted and jailed. He will also be made to pay back every cent that he has ever received by using his fake credentials to gain employment.

Please go through all attachments.

Signed: Martin K. N. Kollie
Campaigner on Research and Reporting
Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court

LNP Begins “Operation Clear Community Ghettos” 


LNP Begins “Operation Clear Community Ghettos”

The Liberia National Police has commenced a robust operation aimed at clearing ghettos from various communities, thus providing relief to community dwellers throughout the length and breadth of Liberia.

The operation which kicked off last week saw several ghettos in Caldwell, Logan Town, and Duala raided and burnt.

Late last year, the leadership of the LNP committed to raiding and clearing ghettos operating in various communities as a way of bringing relief to community residents, many of who have suffered the pains of hijacking, armed robbery and theft of their personal effects by marauding criminals.

According to LNP Inspector General, Patrick Sudue, the operation will run for a considerable time until relief can be restored in various communities.

IG Sudue noted that if anyone will perceive that this operation will short live, they must be day-dreaming, adding, “The child who says its mother will not sleep; that child itself will not sleep”.

As part of sustaining this operation, the LNP is working with various communities in ensuring that ghettos that are raided and burnt are not rebuilt.

In this vein, IG Sudue urges community leaders and residents to take ownership of this operation by helping the Police succeed with clearing ghettos from their communities.

The LNP strongly believes that this latest operation will help greatly in reducing crime and ensuring that community dwellers can move about freely in their respective communities.

Hence, community residents are urged to call these numbers in case of any reconstruction of any of these destroyed ghettos and we will not hesitate to immediately move in quickly to advert their reconstruction. The numbers to call are: 0770800911, 0770800990, 0770800122, 0770800105, 0770800109, 0770800142, 0770800111, 0770800410, 0770800411, 0770800428.

NB: Please find attached some of the pictures and videos of the operation in the communities as mentioned above.

Signed: _______________
H. Moses Carter, Sr.
Press and Public Affairs Division (U-122)
Liberia National Police, RL
Tel: 0770800122

Liberian Passport On Banjo 


Liberian Passport On Banjo

A 100% topnotch source at MOFA wrote me this morning and said:

“Martin, I trust you because you’ve never exposed your source. You’ve been very confidential. But here’s what going on at our ministry. They are selling passports again to foreign nationals in huge quantity. This time around mostly to Nigerians and Ghanaians. They are even selling diplomatic passports. I have a lot of proofs but let me just share these few with you. Something has to be done about this.”

Fellow Liberians, they are not just selling your passports but they are selling your sovereignty and self-worth. The GbehzohngarGate is still fresh on our minds. No one was handcuffed and jailed. So, the ‘passport banjo’ continues.

Our passport has lost value because it has been used to facilitate money laundering and terrorist financing. There are limits on our travel freedom because of such scam. SAD times indeed😢

Fellow Liberians, if we don’t vote those criminals out in 2023, we will be asleep one day and they will sell our country.

And they gave them way up to 2026 too ooo. Wow. Chey Liberia 😢. Welcome to Weah’s Liberia. A tragedy on replay. Please go through these passports.

Rogue Regime. Killer Government. Mafia State. Banana Republic. Zombie Nation. Junta Judiciary. Corrupt Legislature. Zero President.

Facebook NOTE: I do not own copyrights to these photos. They are intended to expose bad governance and promote public accountability.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile..

President Weah Departs for Abidjan to Attend Heads of State Summit At COP15 Session


President Weah Departs for Abidjan to Attend Heads of State Summit At COP15 Session

Monrovia, Liberia – His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah has left the Country today, May 8, 2022, to attend the Heads of State Summit on Drought Resilience and Sustainable Land Management in Cote d’Ivoire.
The Summit is part of the fifteenth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) runs from May 9-20, 2022.

President Weah and world leaders attend the Summit on Monday, May 9, 2022. The summit will build on the Great Green Wall agenda and offer a concrete response to the interconnected challenges of land degradation, climate change, and biodiversity loss, stepping into the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
This year’s COP15 theme, ‘Land. Life. Legacy: From Scarcity to Prosperity, is a call to action to ensure that land, the lifeline on this planet, continues to benefit present and future generations.

In addition to the leaders of Government, COP15 will also bring together the private sector, civil society, and other key stakeholders from around the world to drive progress in the future sustainable management of land, one of our most precious natural assets.
While President Weah is away, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Hon. Samuel D. Tweah will act as chair of the Cabinet in consultation with the Vice President of Liberia and via telephone with the President.
The Liberian Chief Executive is expected home on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.


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