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Pres. Weah Departs the Country for Togo


Pres. Weah Departs the Country for Togo
Monrovia, Liberia – The President of Liberia, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has left the country for an official working visit to Lome, Togo.

At the invitation of his Togolese counterpart, Faure Gnassingbe, the Liberian Chief Executive departed Liberia via the Roberts International Airport (RIA) early Tuesday, October 19, 2021.
During the visit, both leaders will discuss a wide range of issues, including matters of bilateral and regional interest.

President Weah is being accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Minister of National Defense, Daniel Ziankhan, and the Minister of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism, Legerhood Julius Rennie.

While the Liberian Leader is away, the unassailable Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel Farlo McGill, will chair the cabinet in consultation with the Vice President, and via telephone conversation with the President.
The Liberian delegation is expected home early Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

President Weah Awarded Liberia’s High Order of Distinction to Teenage Boy For Honesty


President Weah Awarded Liberia’s High Order of Distinction to Teenage Boy For Honesty

Monrovia, Liberia – The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has promised to decorate 17-year-old Emanuel Tuloe with one of the country’s highest Orders of Distinction at the Government’s next Investiture Ceremony. Emanuel Tuloe, two weeks ago, found US$50,000 and L$100,000 belonging to a Liberian businesswoman and returned it, sparking enormous public commendations.

Meeting the lad on Monday, October 18, 2021, President Weah asserted that he was very proud of Emanuel for his exceptional sense of morality and good citizenship, expressing hope that Emmanuel’s gesture will serve as an inspiration to all Liberians, especially young people.
“You are a prime example of what the Bible teaches us in Proverbs 22:1, that a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,” the President averred.

President Weah told young Emanuel: “I want to inform you that at the next national investiture ceremony, you will be recognized and honored with one of Liberia’s highest Orders of Distinction for your honesty.”
He added: “I am hereby presenting you, herewith enclosed, an amount of Ten Thousand (US$10,000.00) United States Dollars, as well as two (2) brand-new motorcycles for you to improve your circumstances and sustain yourself financially.”

President Weah said he was elated when he heard that Emmanuel had willingly returned in intact US$50,000 and approximately LD100,000 Liberian Dollars which had been lost by a Liberian businesswoman who was passing through Nimba County on her way to Guinea to purchase goods.
“This honest behavior on your part is even more amazing when seen against the backdrop of your personal circumstances,” the President said. “I am made to understand that you are in the 7th grade with no money to continue your education; that you have no means of income except to occasionally borrow a motorbike from one of your friends when he is off-duty in order to earn a few dollars to sustain yourself”.

President Weah & Emmanuel Tuloe

The President further indicated: “You are a Champion, Emmanuel, and we are all very proud of you. Although it is often said that virtue is its own reward, I believe that you should be additionally rewarded for this virtuous act, which brought miraculous rescue and relief to a hardworking businesswoman.”
The Liberian Chief Executive concluded by offering a scholarship to Emmanuel to attend any school of his choice in Liberia, up to Master’s level. “This scholarship is from me and my family and will be valid whether or not I am President of Liberia. Please accept my congratulations,” the President said.

Ministry of Public Works Receives 500K For Relocation Exercise In Overhead Bridge Construction


Ministry of Public Works Receives 500K For Relocation Exercise In Overhead Bridge Construction

By Diedre S.Tarwo & Marie Willie

MONROVIA, Oct.14 (LINA) – The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has received US$500,000 from the Government of Liberia to initiate the route payment for the demolition exercise along the Congo Town belt.

It can be recalled that some months ago, the China Railway in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works approved the contract for the construction of a 2km quarter two overhead bridge from SKD Boulevard to Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

Following the agreement in July, the Ministry of Public Works held the first demolition meeting with the residents of SKD Boulevard and residents around the Ministerial Complex.

Speaking Thursday at the regular press briefing of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) the Acting Minister of Public Works, Ruth Coker Collins also provided updates on several roads projects across Liberia and other departments.

She said the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Public Works, is expected to complete 277.66km of roads in the next dry season.

The Public Works boss also disclosed that the government has begun the disbursement of resettlement benefits to properties owners along the RIA route.

Minster Collins added that about 297 properties owners have been paid, 30 properties owners pending compensation, and 6 properties owners returned payment while 159 properties owners withheld due to actual ownership issues.

Meanwhile, she disclosed that the Coca Cola factory to ELWA Junction road in Montserrado is about 38% in completion and active work is expected to commence in the coming dry season.

She also highlighted the progress made on primary roads around Liberia, citing “The current and ongoing intervention being made on our primary roads will see the rehabilitation and pavement of about 444.4km of our major road in the entire country”.

Collins mentioned that the Gbarnga to Salayea road, the Bong County to Lofa road is about 81km which is currently ongoing, and that 28 percent of the road has been completed.

“We will cover the significant progress of that work because we have received a million dollars out of 1.2 million pending for route payment,” Collins added.




Monrovia, Liberia. October 14, 2021: The Alternative National Congress (ANC) welcomes the Unity Party and its Political Leader, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, as incoming Chair of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). However, we regret to announce that the Executive Committee of the ANC has decided that the Party will not attend the CPP Turning over ceremony by Sen. Nyonblee Karnga- Lawrence on tomorrow, October 15, 2021.

This decision borders on the exclusion of the ANC from the planning and organization of the Turnover Ceremony, contrary to the practices of the CPP. “We can no longer continue to tolerate a systematic pattern of conduct that willfully violates the established practices in the CPP,” says Daniel Naatehn, National Chairman of the ANC.

Furthermore, the ANC believes that the program is characterized by wrongful processes, illegal profiteering and sectarian politicization; all practices that are alien to the cherished values of the CPP.

The Political Leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has stated that, “the ANC will only participate in activities that are legalized within the Framework Document, which includes and binds all four parties, and will no longer be expected to ‘go along’ in good faith, as others are knee-deep in violations and bad faith actions,”.

The ANC hopes that, unlike the outgoing Chair – Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, the tenure of the incoming Chair will see the CPP reverse course and recommit to doing the right things the right way, as we promised the Liberian people.



Aloysius Toe, National Secretary General

Man “22” Seals Up Girlfriend’s Private Part ( vagina) With Super Glue Over Refusal To Offer Him Sex in Sinoe County.


Man “22” Seals Up Girlfriend’s Private Part ( vagina) With Super Glue Over Refusal To Offer Him Sex in Sinoe County.

The crime service division of the Liberia National Police in Greenville is investigating a case from Sinoe’s Money camp, a gold mine area in Jladae statutory district, electoral district number two; where a 22-year-old man identified as Joe allegedly used super glue to seal up his girlfriend private part(vagina), for what is said to be the lady refusal to offer him sex two nights ago.

According to the 22 years old victim identified as patient Teah, her boyfriend asked her for sex and she refused on the ground that she was very exhausted and needed to rest.
She added that to her astonishment while sleeping, he (Joe) allegedly took super glue and decided to seal up her private part.

“My boyfriend Joe full my mouth oh, I told him I was tired but he was still forcing me,” she told reporters.
The 22 years old victim further explained that after a long quarrel over the issue, her boyfriend Joe allegedly took a scissor and threatened to circumcise her, adding that she was intimidated by the scissor while he dropped glue in her vagina.

Our correspondent in the county said the victim is currently undergoing medical treatment at the FJ Grant Memorial Hospital in Greenville while the alleged perpetrator is on the run.
Meanwhile, the investigation continues as the crime service division of the Liberia National Police in Greenville is investigating the matter.

Police in Bomi County Rescues 13 Years Old Girl From Alleged Kidnappers in Senjeh District


Police in Bomi County Rescues 13 Years Old Girl From Alleged Kidnappers in Senjeh District

13yrs old Fatu Kiazolu was recently rescued from two alleged kidnappers in Bomi County by residents of the area are said to be responding to medical treatment.
The motive of the alleged kidnappers has not been revealed amid series of Ritualistic killings in the country.
Little Fatu encountered the kidnappers/Ritualistic killers on October 7, 2021, at 7 am when her mother Massa Kiazolu sent her to sell fish and chicken feet.

According to reports from the Women and Children Protection Section LNP/Bomi County, the alleged perpetrators tied little Fatu hands and feet, placed the cloth in her mouth, and further took her to an unfinished building Pastor John Tarnue Mission School, Zone Six Community, Gbah Jakeh, following which Community residents alarmed. The perpetrators have fled the scene.
Residents of the area rescued the 13yrs old girl and took her to a nearby clinic for treatment and she was later turned over to her family.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police has also commenced an active investigation into 13yrs old irl kidnapped case.
The LNP indicated that an active and rigorous search is also ongoing in identifying the whereabouts of the alleged kidnappers.
The Police urged the public to remain calm, as all is being done to ensure the perpetrators are arrested and made to face the full weight of the law.

“Members of the public, especially those in Gbah Jakeh Senjeh District, Bomi County are urged to assist LNP investigators with any useful information which will lead to the arrest of these perpetrators”.
The LNP also urged Social Media pundits who have any useful information about the said incident to help Police in arresting these perpetrators.
Lately, there have been series of reports of Ritualistic killings and kidnap of citizens across Montserrado and other counties.

Police IG Patrick SUDUE has however condemned those reports, terming them as false and misleading and only intended to tarnish the current Government’s reputation. IG SUDUE disclosed that there is no Ritualistic killing ongoing in Liberia as being speculated by the public.

Buduburahm Camp in Ghana demolition on hold


Buduburahm Camp in Ghana demolition on hold

The government has put on hold the intended demolition of the Gomoa Buduburam Refugee Camp to give the Ghana Refugee Board (GRB) some time to evacuate about 400 Liberian refugees from the place.
The Executive Secretary of the GRB, Mr. Tetteh Padi, said the refugees would be evacuated to a refugees camp in the Western Region once the shelters being renovated for occupation were ready.
It is not clear at the moment, however, when the renovation works would be completed or how soon the camp in the Western Region would be ready for occupation.

The grace period, Mr. Padi said, was also to give residents of the area some time to relocate.
He, however, confirmed to the Daily Graphic yesterday that the demolition had only been put on hold and that it would be carried out eventually.

Eviction notice
At a meeting at Gomoa Potsin in the Central Region on August 3, 2021, the Gomoa East District Security Council (DISEC) resolved and further directed that individuals and groups living in the defunct Liberia Camp at Buduburam should vacate the area, latest Thursday, September 30, 2021, to pave the way for the demolition of the area.
An eviction notice dated August 3, 2021, was issued by the assembly to that effect.

‘Government is sensitive’
Mr. Padi said the government was, however, sensitive to the fact that the people, who were all not necessarily refugees, had lived at the camp for years and needed to be given some time to pack out.
He said the actual refugees were being engaged and registered since not all of them might want to move.

At the end of 2012, Mr. Padi explained, the refugee status of nearly all the Liberians came to an end with two options — either they returned home with assistance or stayed in Ghana and lived with some little bits of assistance at the beginning after which they would be able to work and take care of themselves.
“We call them local integration, so they were given Liberian passport and residence permit to stay here, but they were told to leave the camp because that land did not belong to the government,” he said.

Harboring criminals
The camp has become a settlement and now bears the infamous credential as a hideout for social deviants, including alleged robbery gangs.
The Chief Executive of the Gomoa East District Assembly, Mr. Solomon Darko-Quarm, had earlier told the Daily Graphic that the demolition of the camp was in response to a request by Gomoa Fetteh chiefs over the alleged increasing criminal acts in the Gomoa area, with the camp supposedly turned into an abode for suspected criminals.

Some residents of the camp began leaving the place following the expiration of the September 30, 2021, deadline to evacuate from the area.
However, others were adamant, saying they should be given enough time to leave since they did not have anywhere to go.
Some persons, mostly Liberians, protested the decision of the assembly to evict them.

Pan – African Airlines, ASKY has announced an expansion to its Monrovia route with an increased capacity of seven days a week


Pan – African Airlines, ASKY has announced an expansion to its Monrovia route with an increased capacity of seven days a week.

The expansion by the Togolese – based airline increases flights between Monrovia, Abuja, Bamako, Conakry, and Ndjamena daily, while Accra is now having double daily flights on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, a press release issued over the weekend said.

“ASKY’s focus is to develop a strong Intra – Africa network that fosters regional development, tourism, economic growth, and regional integration as a major economic catalyst within the continent with its long-term goal of a sustainable business focused on profitability,” ASKY said.

“We are not just an airline but a Pan – Africa African Airlines serving a wide network of destinations in West and Central Africa with a modern fleet of aircraft.”

And with a new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, the Monrovia routes now operate at a capacity of 16 business class and 138 economy class seats, which are designed to offer customers comfort and style in the air.

The company described the boost in-flight and capacity not just as a dream come true, but to also meet the increasing passenger demand on the route it operates, with the use of 10th aircraft.

“In addition to this, ASKY’s flight restructuring is coming on the heels of the need to improve connectivity, increase frequencies and provide same day seamless connection with very short transit time at its hub in Lome, Togo,” the company continued.

It currently operates a fleet of 10 aircraft: five Boeing 737-800s and five Boeing 737-700s, serving 25 cities in 22 countries within Africa.

ASKY, whose strategic partner is Ethiopia airline, prides itself in on-time performance and its constant quest to improve its services while providing travelers with the best connection within West and Central Africa and beyond, and with the partnership, opens up the region to direct daily flights from Lome to United States (US), JFK and New York City.

Although Liberia is not yet growing as an economic hub, it has the potential to do so and with a bicentennial celebration scheduled for next year, ASKY’s move is trust in Liberia, which highlights the significance of the Indian market.

The company is one of Africa’s fastest-growing airlines and boasts the largest network within West and Central Africa, connecting the majority of political and economic cities with a modern fleet of aircraft: Abidjan, Abuja, Accra, Bamako, Bangui, Banjul, Bissau, Brazzaville, Conakry, Cotonou, Dakar, Douala, Freetown, Kinshasa, Lagos, Libreville, Lomé, Monrovia, Ndjamena, Niamey, Ouagadougou, and Yaounde.

Its vision is to build a preeminent international airline connecting the region and a variety of African countries to the world, with innovative technology, efficiency, reliability, and courteous customer service that encompasses traditional African hospitality.

As an airline that is 100% privately – owned by regional banking institutions, ASKY is managed by experienced African aviation professionals.

Its owners include The ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID), The West African Development Bank (BOAD), and ECOBANK Group (ETI).

Meanwhile, ASKY has developed a strong network and has ambitious plans in progress to enable coverage of the whole continent, with existing and ongoing negotiations on interline and code-share agreements with other African carriers. Soon new routes to South Africa, Beirut, and Europe will be opened.

It is for these reasons that ASKY has won several awards including Business Destinations, “The most promising airline of the year award during the AVIATION AWARDS (2016).

It won the “Regional Airlines of the Year” by African Airlines Association (AFRAA) (2016) “Aviation and Allied Business award of Best Performance in the Aviation Industry (2015).”

It also won “The African Company of the Year (2014)”, “Best Short Haul Airlines Africa (2014),” “Africa Travel Award (2014),” “Best Short-Haul Carrier West Africa (2014),” “Best Economy Airline in Africa Awards (2013),” and “Africa Travel Awards (2013).”—Press release

CPP Rumpus Deepens, As Cummings Wants Sen. Lawrence ‘Act Honorably’


CPP Rumpus Deepens, As Cummings Wants Sen. Lawrence ‘Act Honorably’

MONROVIA, Oct. 11 (LINA) – As the political scrimmage amongst members of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) deepens, the head of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, has challenged the acting Chairperson of the CPP, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence to “act in good faith for once” and submit to the committee a probe report and the ANC’s dissent to the CPP’s lawyers.

Cummings, it can be recalled, was accused by his colleagues in the CPP of “nefariously” altering provisions of the Framework Agreement which was filed by the CPP a year ago, leading it to constitute a committee to probe the matter.

The committee then came up with a report followed by a descent from the ANC representative.

Hi“I want to challenge Sen. Karnga-Lawrence to act in good faith for once and submit the Committee Report and the ANC’s dissent to the lawyers as agreed in our NAC meeting last Wednesday.” Cummings noted.

Cummings’ accusers, mainly Benoni Urey of the ALP, claimed that he received intelligence that some “nefarious individuals” within the leadership of the CPP had “dubiously, viciously and purposefully” altered portions and clauses of the Framework Document and replaced them with “alien clauses” to engender hidden agenda.

The altercation over the CPP’s framework document is said to have taken place under the leadership of the ANC political leader, Alexander Benedict Cummings, and has led to some members of the collaboration pointing guilty fingers at the ANC leader.

Meanwhile, the acting Chairperson of the CPP in her statement alluded to the fact that there were alterations in the CPP’s Framework Agreement, stressing that the proper procedures for amending or changing provisions within the Original Framework Document as prescribed in Article 12 were not followed.

“In light of the violations in procedures and content change, it is reasonable enough that Mr. Cummings summons the courage to take ownership of all that has transpired and the crisis thereof,” Senator Lawrence said after naming all of the provisions that were allegedly altered in the CPP’s Framework agreement.

However, the ANC political leader refutes allegations that he changed provisions of the Framework Agreement, terming the accusation as false and misleading.

“I and the ANC DID NOT alter the provisions of the Framework Document. The Framework Document amended by the legal advisors and approved by all Parties is materially, substantially, and provisionally the same as the Framework Document filed with the National Elections Commission to register the CPP,” Cummings emphasized.

He revealed that the formation of the CPP was about ensuring that accountability and good governance were the standards to which they held Weah and themselves, which, according to him, is not the case with the CPP.

“Unfortunately for some, those standards do not apply to us in the CPP. For me, that is deceptive, not just to ourselves, but to the Liberian people. We must be the change we seek,” Cummings said.

He promised to apologize to Liberians and take full responsibility if lawyers of the CPP confirm that the provisions of the Framework document submitted by the ANC to NEC are materially and substantially different from the amendments made by the lawyers and approved by the parties.

The ANC leader then cautioned political leaders of the Unity Party, Liberty Party, and the All Liberian Party to do the same if the lawyers find that what is filed at NEC is materially and substantially the same as the provisions in their Amendments.

Cummings alleged that the action by his colleagues in the CPP is because of fear that he will win through their primary process; stressing “Their fear of me winning the primary process is what is fueling this malicious reputation damage. This is intended to have me leave the process so they avoid the primary which they know they will lose.”

Two Arrested For Killing Two Elephants In Lofa County


Two Arrested For Killing Two Elephants In Lofa County

By Korboi K Gbelewala, Lofa County Correspondent

VOINJAMA, Oct. 10 (LINA) – Reports from Lofa County say two persons have been arrested for allegedly killing two elephants, which are considered protected species.

Some residents gunned down the elephants recently in the Wologizi Forest Park in Zeyeama Clan, Zorzor District, located on the border with neighboring Guinea.

According to Mr. John Flomo, Head of the Wologizi Forest Park, one of the prime suspects, Bigboy Forkpa, has been arrested, while another suspect identified as Koikoi Willie was arrested in neighboring Guinea by Guinean authorities.

Flomo disclosed that another suspect identified as Peter Freeman is currently on the run.

Mr. Flomo also disclosed that investigation into the killing of the two elephants is ongoing to ensure that those responsible do not go unpunished.

Meanwhile, Mr. Flomo is urging residents of Lofa County to protect and preserve wildlife in the coun


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