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Liberia: SN Brussels May Cancel Flights Over Malfunctioning Navigation System at RIA


Liberia: SN Brussels May Cancel Flights Over Malfunctioning Navigation System at RIA

Monrovia – FrontPageAfrica has been informed that SN Brussels, the only western airline flying into Europe with connections to the United States of America may be forced to suspend its services over a malfunctioning navigation system at the Roberts International Airport. Information gathered by this paper has it that the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) has sanctioned the Roberts International Airport (RIA) over the malfunctioning navigation system and has given a three-month ultimatum for the repair of the equipment.

SN Brussels has often been forced to land using its own navigation without the aid of the airport’s navigation – something which puts the plane, passengers and the airport in danger. Belgian laws prohibit its flights from landing in countries that do not have a functioning navigation system.

FrontPageAfrica also gathered that another piece of equipment, The Localizer – a piece of equipment stationed at the end of the runway near the sea has not been functioning for the past three months. This is a developing story. Full Details coming up in our Friday, September 16, 2022 print and online edition.

President Weah Makes Appointment at LAA, Dismisses its Technical Services Director


President Weah Makes Appointment at LAA, Dismisses its Technical Services Director

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The President of the Republic, H E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has made appointments at the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) and, at the same time, effecting a dismissal at the entity.
The President, on September 14, 2022 re-nominated Mr. Musa Shannon as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberia Airport Authority and Mr. Akoi Sowogie as Acting Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services.

Persuant to Mr. Shannon renomination, President Weah has mandated him to take charge of the tasks and functional responsibilities of that office pending his confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate when it reconvenes.
Additionally, Dr. Weah expressed hope that Mr. Sowogie will justify the confidence he has reposed in him.
Meanwhile, President Weah has dismissed, with immediate effect, Madam Paula Fares Harvey, Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services of the LAA for administrative reasons.

He thanked Madam Harvey for her service to the entity

President Weah Replies Cummings: “I am a man of peace, a man of integrity”


President Weah Replies Cummings: “I am a man of peace, a man of integrity”

Monrovia, Liberia – The President of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has issued a well-measured response to the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) who, in an opened letter to the President, endeavored to make political points on critical governance issues, including the recent US Treasury Department’s sanctions of three Liberian government officials.
In a stinging riposte, President Weah reminded the ANC Leader that “I paid my dues to my country for decades, long before I was given the mandate of leadership by the Liberian people. This was done at great personal risk, particularly during the war years. I doubt you were anywhere around to fully understand what this truly means.”

The Liberian Leader said while Mr. Cummings could not leave his perched tower in Atlanta to lift a finger to help our people who were dying during the 14 year civil conflict, he left the comforts of Monte Carlo, the comforts of Paris, the comforts of Milan, and the comforts of New York “to help my people who were in distress due to war.”
“Many days, I flew from Paris to Budumburam in Ghana, from Monaco to Conakry in Guinea and from Paris to Abidjan and Danane in La Cote d’Ivoire, to lend a helping hand to assist my people who were in dire straits in refugee camps,” the President retorted Cummings who, he said, had political motive for tendering him an open letter scavenged over by the mass media.
He also recalled how he suspended his legendary soccer career to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador – free of charge and at great personal cost – to support the international efforts to end the war and help disarm child soldiers.

“The records are there, but none are as blind as those who do not wish to see. Where were you then, Mr. Cummings, did you leave your perched tower in Atlanta to lift a finger to help our people who were dying?” the President quipped.
President said he did not wish to dignify Cummings’ vile outburst, he however owes it to the People of Liberia, the general public, and to people the world over, “to correct these completely erroneous characterizations that you and your clique continue to spew out”.
The Liberian Chief Executive noted that his Congress for Democratic Change, which is now the Coalition for Democratic Change, has a history of utilizing its internal mechanisms to chastise leaders who violate the laws of the Party – including expulsion from the Party of even its chairpersons.

He asked Cummings: “Can we say that about your Party? Perhaps you should speak to the founding Chairman from who you bought your little party. He will tell you about the strong ethos of zero tolerance for improper behavior within the CDC.”
“I have no history of violence,” President Weah told Cummings, adding: “My rise from Monrovia’s slums is publicly documented. It was through hard work, respect, dedication, and commitment that I clawed my way out of poverty, but I have never forgotten my roots. So there is a reason why your attempts to conflate who Liberians and the world actually know me to be have not gained much traction.
“I do not condone violence in any form whatsoever. It runs contrary to my beliefs. I have made that clear in all my public statements. It is therefore malicious that in your seeming desperation to be President, you would trumpet anything and everything that comes to mind, including your disingenuous posit that I condone violence.”

Full Text of the President’s Letter:
August 30, 2022
Mr. Alexander Cummings
Alternative National Congress
Monrovia, Liberia
Mr. Cummings:

Let me begin by stressing that, as President of the Republic of Liberia, I have a constitutional responsibility to all citizens, regardless of their political, ethnic, or social persuasions.
I have therefore endeavored throughout my tenure in office, to ensure that stakeholders such as yourself have the requisite access that will afford the opportunity to raise views, positions, and concerns that you may have on various issues of national interest with me and officials of my administration.
So when a communication supposedly meant for my attention appears first on the front pages of newspapers and on social media, it is obvious that the intent is to achieve a political objective; an objective that has eluded you at the ballot box. But I am glad that you have finally found your voice.

There is no doubt that the expressed action by the Government of the United States to impose sanctions on three officials of the government is a matter of grave concern that carries a lot of weight; not just because of the strong historical bonds that subsist between the two countries and the fact that they are our traditional ally and foremost international partner, but because the fight against corruption is a key priority of my administration, for which we have taken manifold steps to eradicate.
The bilateral relationship that Liberia and the United States share continues to grow from strength to strength. As a leader, I took immediate action when the United States recently accused officials of the Liberian Government of impropriety and graft, and I informed the Nation of further pending actions.

I am glad that the United States and other international partners also recognize the strides that Liberia is making toward consolidating democracy and good governance. In recent years, for instance, we have instituted more measures to fight corruption than was ever done when you served in government.
Two years ago, we convened local and international stakeholders to discuss ways in which the historical menace of corruption can be tackled. We also sponsored a major gathering of Liberia’s Judiciary to ponder over statutes that have tended to inhibit the fight against corruption.

Suggestions from these gatherings were included in the new LACC Act recently passed by the Liberian Legislature. This has given us much international acclaim, including from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which positively appraised my administration’s efforts at fiscal prudence, macroeconomic stability, projected growth in spite of global inflation, and other good governance measures in its recent statement on Liberia.
It is therefore the height of hypocrisy, when a person such as yourself, who dined and wined in the very system I am working so hard to fix – and never mustered the courage to speak – now wants us to believe that you have morphed into an advocate of the people – the same ones you neglected during the years of civil upheaval.

Where was your voice Mister Cummings, when sixty-plus concessions awarded by the government in which you served were found to be bogus, illegal, and inimical to the interest of the Liberian people?
Where was your voice Mr. Cummings, when the National Oil Company of Liberia was rendered bankrupt?
Where was your voice when cries for the pavement of a short stretch of road from Ganta to Yekepa could not be carried out because your administration – for pecuniary gains – then asked the concessionaire to default on their commitment enshrined in their agreement?

Where was your voice, when the Central Bank was crippling under staggering, unfettered borrowing by the government in which you served, undermining the nation’s strategic reserves and leading to a weakened monetary environment?
This is but the tip of the iceberg of a humongous cocktail of mismanagement, graft, ill-governance, and inefficiency that happened right under your nose, while you maintained a loud and conspicuous silence.
A few months ago, you were accused of forgery by some leaders of your CPP group and was afforded the opportunity to go to court and be heard. Now, you are saying that others should be deprived of that same opportunity to due process. Let me remind you that the very U.S. Government that you referenced called for due process and the application of Liberian law as was stated by Ambassador McCarthy when he unveiled the designations “we stand ready to support the Government of Liberia in pursuit of its own investigation of corruption in its jurisdiction, understanding that you will apply Liberian law in an appropriate, transparent and timely manner”.

You cannot resort to selective amnesia in these grave matters Mr. Cummings.
It is also disappointing to note your reference to a vote by the Liberian Senate to change elections magistrates, and your call on me to “veto this decision by the Liberian Senate”. As a former Senator, let me take this opportunity to school you in the workings of the Senate, the Legislature in general, and its relationship with the Executive in the passage of laws. A vote by the Senate on any bill does not come to the desk of the President. A vote by the Senate requires concurrence by the House of Representatives before it is submitted to the Office of the President for his signature or veto.
In this instant case, this bill did not emanate from the Executive Branch, nor does it have its support. The continuous fear-mongering by you and others in the opposition, seeking to prematurely cast aspersions on the sanctity of our electoral process, in the face of the excellent track record of the number of free, transparent and fair elections which have been held since my incumbency; many won by candidates of the very opposition, is duplicitous and dishonest.

Let me remind you and other members of Liberia’s traditional elitist political class that, in spite of the political, economic, and humanitarian carnage you have caused for over a century and still feel an uncanny entitlement to the Office I now occupy: I assumed leadership through a peaceful, democratic, free, and fair process in which the PEOPLE OF LIBERIA gave me an overwhelming mandate – an election that you participated in and received a dismal seven (7%) percent vote of rejection.
I am a man of peace, a man of integrity. I paid my dues to my country for decades, long before I was given the mandate of leadership by the Liberian people. This was done at great personal risk, particularly during the war years. I doubt you were anywhere around to fully understand what this truly means.

I left the comforts of Monte Carlo, the comforts of Paris, the comforts of Milan, and the comforts of New York to help my people who were in distress due to war. Many days, I flew from Paris to Budumburam in Ghana, from Monaco to Conakry in Guinea and from Paris to Abidjan and Danane in La Cote d’Ivoire, to lend a helping hand to assist my people who were in dire straits in refugee camps.
I suspended my career to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador – free of charge and at great personal cost – to support the international efforts to end the war and help disarm child soldiers. The records are there, but none are as blind as those who do not wish to see. Where were you then, Mr. Cummings, did you leave your perched tower in Atlanta to lift a finger to help our people who were dying?

I know that by this response I have inadvertently accorded you the attention you have long sought in order to revive a dead political stature for which you issue weekly press releases and statements which make unsubstantiated claims.
However, I owe it to the People of Liberia, the general public, and to people the world over, to correct these completely erroneous characterizations that you and your clique continue to spew out.
The Congress for Democratic Change, now the Coalition for Democratic Change, has a history of utilizing its internal mechanisms to chastise leaders who violate the laws of the Party – including expulsion from the Party of even its chairpersons. Can we say that about your Party? Perhaps you should speak to the founding Chairman from who you bought your little party. He will tell you about the strong ethos of zero tolerance for improper behavior within the CDC.
Let me say, for the record, that Representative Solomon George, and all opinion leaders in the Coalition for Democratic Change, are fully cognizant of my publicly held position on the maintenance of the country’s hard-earn peace and the rule of law. His recent statement was out of order. It was no surprise therefore that he wasted no time in setting the record straight about what he truly intended to convey.

But the insincerity on your part becomes so palpable when you are up in arms, pandering to the public gallery because of his comments, when you would not garner the same courage to reign in an agitator of a lawmaker within the ranks of your own party who constantly threatens violence and denigrates women. He in fact took guns to a protest rally in which you participated. But not a word was heard from you. How hypocritical!
This double standard removes any moral authority to offer advice on what “RIGHTFUL” path the country ought to take.
I have no history of violence. My rise from Monrovia’s slums is publicly documented. It was through hard work, respect, dedication, and commitment that I clawed my way out of poverty, but I have never forgotten my roots. So there is a reason why your attempts to conflate who Liberians and the world actually know me to be have not gained much traction.

I do not condone violence in any form whatsoever. It runs contrary to my beliefs. I have made that clear in all my public statements. It is therefore malicious that in your seeming desperation to be President, you would trumpet anything and everything that comes to mind, including your disingenuous posit that I condone violence.
Let me use this opportunity to remind you that our democracy, though nascent, is being consolidated over time with the holding of many free and fair elections, some of which were lost by the ruling Party. I can assure you and others of your ilk, that my commitment to a free, fair, and transparent process in 2023 remains unbending.

I, George Manneh Weah, will be putting myself forward for a new mandate from the Liberian people and I am confident of a resounding second mandate based on my solid record of tangible deliverables in spite of huge challenges.
Let us take the debate to our people because they are the ultimate decision-makers on the issue of leadership in Liberia. Instead of seeking to use unconstitutional means to circumvent the democratic process, come and face me at the ballot.
Never again will Liberia return to the dark days of violence. All those wanting to take state power must therefore submit to the will of the Liberian people, because it is only through peace, unity, development, and democracy that our beloved nation can prosper.

Best regards,
George Manneh Weah

Mr. Cummings wrote An Open Letter to President George Weah


Mr. Cummings wrote An Open Letter to President George Weah

Mr. President:

I present my compliments and I feel compelled to draw your attention to three matters of urgent national concern. Firstly, last week, the United States Government announced sanctions on three senior officials of your administration including the Minister of State and Chief of Office Staff, the Solicitor General and the Managing Director of the National Port Authority. The designation of these close and powerful members of your inner circle for acts of stealing and abuse of their offices is of serious embarrassment to the presidency and our country.

Your response, Mr. President, is not commensurate with the magnitude and gravity of this international scandal and national shame. Mere suspension of these officials is tantamount to thumping your nose at the United States and our most important development partner. Those involved are your close confidants and partisans. Your lack of decisive action could raise suspicion of your personal involvements in these activities and receipt of benefits from the thievery and abuse. It has serious implications for yourself and smears the image of our country.

No serious investor would consider Liberia as a destination for investment to ease the hardship on Liberians through job creation and employment for our people, if your reaction continues to be weak, indecisive and not equal to the seriousness of the allegations.

Therefore, Mr. President, I again urge you to dismiss the designated individuals and request the Government of the United States to provide your administration with the information needed, if you do not possess them already, to immediately pursue their prosecution.

Mr. President, let me assure you that this is not a national concern over which the Liberian opposition intends to be divided, distracted, and therefore, dismissive. We stand together and will not stand aside on this grave matter over which the welfare and wellbeing of Liberians hang in the balance. We will continue to demand you respond as you should on this important matter in the best interest of the Liberian people. Enough is enough – there must be consequences for dereliction of duty and commission of crimes in our country.

The second matter, Mr. President, is that at your recent campaign rally in Montserrado County, Representative Solomon George, a CDC partisan, asked you to appoint him Police Director so that he can use that office to cause the “disappearance” of Liberians known to be in opposition to your administration. This was a dangerous, reckless, hate-filled, and incendiary statement. It should have been immediately and publicly condemned by you. That you applauded it was most disappointing and troubling.

I should remind you of your oath as President to protect lives and properties as well as preserve our hard-won democracy. We have already seen many suspicious deaths and mysterious murders under your leadership of our country. We have heard threats of bloodletting by the head of your party’s youth league and Mayor of the City of Monrovia. We have seen the violent reactions, including by organs of your party, to peaceful protests by Liberians, and recently to students of the University of Liberia, one of whom is still struggling for his life.

Mr. President, every Liberian life is precious. Our peace and democracy were earned on the sacrifices – voluntarily and involuntarily – of Liberian and other lives. We will not compromise our peace and democracy nor accept to be silenced in the protection and exercise of that for which many paid the ultimate price so that all Liberians can have, enjoy, protect, and preserve for generations to come.

The final matter, Mr. President, is the recent decision of the Liberian Senate to remove and replace all electoral magistrates who are trained and experienced. This decision is not recommended by the National Elections Commission, and is unsupported by any reasoning that advances our nation’s need for increased fairness and improved credibility in our electoral processes.

Even worse, it positions the Senate, if not the entire Legislature, to meddle into the employment of election magistrates, which is the duty of the NEC. This therefore leaves the unfortunate impression that it is unhelpful, if not even hurtful to the conduct of free, fair and credible elections in 2023, a process that is pivotal to the consolidation of peace, security and democracy in our country.

I therefore urge you to veto this decision of the Liberian Senate should such unhelpful decision reach your desk. This will be the right thing to do for Liberia, for the Liberian people, and for our cherished peace, democracy and security.


Alexander B. Cummings





My fellow Liberians:

President George Weah and his administration of thieves are continuing to disgrace our country and worsen the living conditions of all of us. Such is the seriousness of their stealing from the Liberian people that three of President Weah’s closest members of his inner circle have been sanctioned by the United States Government.

The action of the United States Government which was recently announced by the U. S. Ambassador to Liberia imposes sanctions on Minister of State Nathaniel McGill, Solicitor-General Sayma Syrennius Cephas, and National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Tweahway for what the US Government says is their acts of corruption and other criminal conducts. The sanctions imposed on Messrs McGill, Cephus and Twehway are pursuant to the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act of 2017, which “targets perpetrators of serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world.” The sanctions are targeted and in support of the suffering Liberian people. It sends a clear and serious message to the corrupt and abusive administration of President Weah.

Accordingly, we welcome this important public accountability action by the United States Government. For too long, the Weah administration has misled the country and have failed to take the necessary actions to address the many scandals and reports of stealing and human right abuses of the administration.

For too long in the administration of our country, too few Liberians have continued to illegally and corruptly enrich themselves while too many ordinary families have had to go to bed hungry; too many schools are without teachers and adequate learning implements; too many young people are unemployed and unemployable, while teachers, doctors, nurses and civil servants are grossly underpaid; and too many hospitals are without medicines and beds – all of these neglects of the suffering people while officials are stealing and enriching themselves. This is wicked and unacceptable leadership.

The wealth of Liberia belongs to all Liberians. It does not and should not ever be seen to belong to only public officials, or some officials of government. It is wrong to steal from the people. Even worse, it is deeply offensive for rogues to publicly boast of stealing from babies, children, pregnant mothers, students, unemployed youths, the elderly and struggling families, and then arrogantly and unbelievably ask the people they have stolen from to applaud and reward them for doing so.

It is time for real change and serious leadership in our country. It is time to stop this lack of accountability in our country. Under a Cummings Administration, if a government official steals, he or she will end up in the same common jail as any other rogue because that government official is a rogue. Justice must not and will not discriminate. It must and will be served equally and blindly to the big and small as well as to the haves and have-not, alike. This is how we will change the country and truly lift the Liberian people from poverty by holding each other accountable and to higher standards.

My Fellow citizens:

We take note that President Weah has announced suspensions of the sanctioned officials of his administration pending another of his administration’s many publicly-announced “investigations” which all too often have left much to be desired. The announced suspension of President Weah’s closest cronies exposes the unsettling truth about our President: President Weah is either dangerously derelict or shamefully complicit in the stealing and abuses that have swallowed up his administration.

Firstly, it should never require the intervention of the United States Government for President Weah to act against the pervasive wave of corruption, explosion of crimes in our streets and communities, violation of human rights, and abuse of public offices which continue unabated under the watch of this administration. President Weah may pretend all he wants, but the corruption, lawlessness, and unaccountable behaviors on his watch are well-known to the Liberian people.

Secondly, Mr. Weah and his administration have announced several investigations into murders, mysterious deaths and disappearances, and corruption in the past. Results of many of these investigations have yet to be made public, or to lead to desirable outcomes. Announcing yet another investigation amounts to a coverup that deceives only himself.

Thirdly, in many cases of corruption, including accusations involving President Weah, he has not acted to hold his officials accountable or to even clear his own name, as stealing in government has increased manifold and the actions of public officials have proven to be increasingly abusive.

Fourthly, President Weah has emboldened his officials to steal and behave unaccountably by his very bad examples of suddenly coming into unexplained wealth which he began to publicly display in the purchase and building of personal condominiums, resorts, and even an entire personal city, immediately after inauguration. This is after declaring to a United States Court that he was indigent and incapable of meeting his father’s responsibility to a mother and daughter.

My people:

A fish rots from the head. President Weah is the head of this rotten fish which his administration is being shown to be. As President, Weah has not just disappointed the Liberian people and disgraced our country by his lack of leadership, but also, he has continued to encourage stealing by his public officials, especially those very close to him, both by his bad examples and by his seeming complicity which makes him incapable of acting against his officials for stealing.

Today, government officials no longer declare their assets because the President does not declare his, and likely will embarrass himself by declaring his assets publicly. Obviously, President Weah lacks the will and standing to fight stealing in his administration.

It is telling that the officials targeted by the sanctions are the most powerful members of President Weah’s inner circle. The performance and activities of Mr. Weah`s Chief of Staff and gatekeeper over the last five years has to be rightly viewed as reflecting the image, character and values of the President.

If Weah did not know what his gatekeeper was doing, then Weah is an incompetent and inept leader. If President Weah knew what his gatekeeper was doing and he did not act to stop him, which appears to be more likely the case, then he is a partner, enabler and facilitator of the stealing.

As President, Mr. Weah has a duty to protect and preserve the integrity of the country and the best interest of the Liberian people. These sanctions speak poorly about how he has continued to perform in carrying out the duties to manage our country and its resources. The sanctions are therefore serious and should be responded to seriously.

As such, President Weah’s mere suspension of his officials and close confidants is not good enough to address the injuries caused to the Liberian people by the actions of these individuals, nor is it enough to exonerate the President from the growing public impression of his participation in the commission of these high crimes.

I strongly urge the President to therefore dismiss the designated persons, and formally request the assistance of the United States Government to prosecute them in keeping with Liberian law. This is not the time for bogus suspensions, coverups, and fake investigations.

Finally, my fellow Liberians:

The Government of the United States cannot continue to do for Liberia and Liberians what we can and must do for ourselves. This is why I agree with the U.S. Ambassador when he said, “It is my hope that Liberians that are today being victimized by these actions of corruption will feel EMPOWERED to peacefully stand up to corruption and say, NO MORE!!!”

Well, no more must we accept the use of past wrongs to justify the continuation of wrongs against the Liberian people, now or in the future. The change we seek for our country must be one to correct wrongs and not to justify repeating them.

No more must we fear our government which we elected to serve us. No more must we believe we need to accept the wrongs of government officials whose duty it is to set higher standards of moral leadership, and to lead by good examples.

No more must we believe we are powerless in our democracy for which many sacrificed and died. No more must we believe that the handouts of rogues somehow justify the stealing and looting they continue to carryout in the country.

No more! Enough is enough!

On behalf of all Liberians everywhere, I commend the United States Government for its decision to stand with the Liberian people, and to expose and punish the increasing wave of stealing and abuse of public office by the officials of the George Weah-led administration.

Liberia is too rich for Liberians to be so poor. Liberia cannot continue to be a country to be repeatedly exploited by its leaders while the majority of Liberians live in worsening conditions of hardship and backwardness.

Real Change is coming.

Liberia deserves better. Liberians deserve better.

Pres. Weah Gets Invitation To Attend Biden’s Leadership Summit In U.S.


Pres. Weah Gets Invitation To Attend Biden’s Leadership Summit In U.S.

MONROVIA, July 26 (LINA) – President George M. Weah has received an invite from the President of the United of America, His Excellency, Joseph R. Biden to attend a Planned U.S. Summit later this year. It can be recalled that President Biden announced that the United States of America will bring together leaders from across Africa for a major summit in December in Washington, to discuss key issues ranging from food security to climate change. According to the American leader, the summit will demonstrate the United States’ enduring commitment to Africa and will underscore the importance of U.S.-Africa relations and increased cooperation on shared global priorities.

Delivering special remarks on the commemoration of Liberia’s 175th Independence Day Anniversary in Monrovia, the United States of America Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, His Excellency, Michael McCarthy conveyed the request by President Biden for President George M. Weah to attend the scheduled December Biden Summit in Washington. “Mr. President, in wrapping up this momentous year, President Joseph R. Biden will be honored if you will end the year by attending his U.S. Africa leadership Summit in Washington DC,” Ambassador McCarthy noted.

The American envoy asserted that the United States of America has always been a proud partner and supporter of the Liberian people, citing “Liberia’s success is our own success”. Ambassador McCarthy expressed delight to be present at the 175th Independence Day celebration of Liberia, terming the commemoration as an important Anniversary. He added that the day is a notable day not only in the history of Liberia and the United States but truly to all of Africa as the continent’s first-ever independent Republic.

“From its inception on this continent, Liberia represented something new and hopeful just like America from which it springs, representing something new and hopeful on the American continent,” the American emissary said. Adding: “This reality was captured in Abraham Lincoln’ most famous speech, the Gettysburg Address. In November 1863 he said, this begins with those famous words, “four scores and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”.

The American Diplomat emphasized that like America, Liberia was conceived in liberty, and like America, Liberia struggled to make that equality of all men a reality throughout the decades, which saw both countries progress in their struggle to embody ‘these words, and become safe havens for all people.’ The American envoy said President Lincoln’s words served as a reminder that democracy is a constant struggle toward the most perfect union, it is never a given, and it can never be taken for granted.

“We have to remind ourselves that democracy is more than just a word written in the constitution, or norms in traditions but it requires care and constant renewals and leaders should understand that their actions and words matter in maintaining a democratic society,” Ambassador McCarthy emphasized. However, he pointed out that the gathering is taking place at a time when democratic norms are derailing around the world, averring that such challenges also represent opportunities.

“Just as America continues to fight back in response to challenges to our democracy, Liberia continues to set an important example of democracy in Africa,” he stated. He maintained that what is said and done by leaders matters a lot and that those words or actions make a difference. “A deep understanding of these ideas that founded Liberia has inspired Liberia’s courageous stand against Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified barbaric attack on Ukraine,” Ambassador McCarthy underscored. He stated that Liberia’s civil war experience left an unshakable appreciation for human rights and Liberia’s consistent stand against oppression around the globe.

He recalled 175 years ago, in 1847, Liberia declared itself an independent Republic under the American Colonization Society, and 15 years later, at the request of President Abraham Lincoln, the United States Congress established diplomatic relations with Liberia. He revealed that in the next sense, the two countries (Liberia and the United States of America) are commemorating three anniversaries, this year, which include the anniversary of the arrival of the first black Americans in Liberia, on January 7, 1822, the 175th anniversary of Liberia’s establishment as an independent Republic and the 160th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Ambassador McCarthy said in honor of these three occasions, the US Embassy in Monrovia has dedicated this year to acknowledging and celebrating these historic milestones starting with the January celebration at Providence Island that marks the opening of the commemoration. In addition, he recalled that in February, a Presidential Delegation set by President Biden led by National Security Council Director for Africa; Dana Banks attended the Bicentennial commemoration at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville. “And surely thereafter, the enthusiastic participation of the chairman of the United States House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Chair and several members of the United States Congressional black caucus,” McCarthy recounted.

He asserted that the Congressional delegation visited Providence Island and had the privilege of viewing the originals of the Liberian constitution and the declaration of independence. Also, he stated that in commemoration of the milestone year where the United States of America and Liberia are celebrating three milestone achievements, both countries have also witnessed several historic achievements. He named the bestowing of the Confidential International Woman of Courage Award to Facia Harris, a Liberian for the first time by the US. State Department as one of the several achievements by both countries this year.

McCarthy said Madam Harris was awarded for her outstanding contribution toward women’s empowerment in Liberia. “Then just last week, the US Secretary of State, personally presented trafficking in persons report hero award to Judge Cornelius Wennah. He was also the first Liberia to be honored,” the American envoy cited. The invitation extended to President Weah to attend the Biden’s Leadership summit in the U.S. is a clear manifestation of the gains that the Weah-led government has made in upholding democratic tenets. The invite also signifies strong support of the U.S. Government towards the Government and the people of Liberia.

Liberia Recalls Positive Case Of Monkeypox, Declares Outbreak


Liberia Recalls Positive Case Of Monkeypox, Declares Outbreak

MONROVIA, July 25 (LINA) – Liberia has recorded a positive case of Monkeypox, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed on Monday while declaring an outbreak of the viral disease. Liberia’s Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah disclosed that on the 23rd of July, the National Public Health Reference Laboratory confirmed a positive case of the Monkeypox disease in the country, originating in Maryland County, Southeastern Liberia.

This marks the second time since the Monkeypox disease was confirmed in Liberia – the first was in 2018 when the USCDC confirmed same. Minister Jallah noted that the MOH has duly informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about the situation in line with the International Health Regulations (2005) protocol.

According to Minister Jallah, a 42-year-old man who used the border between Liberia and Ivory Coast, reportedly presented himself to the health authority in Maryland County when he noticed that he was feeling sick. She urged the public to “report all cases of individuals presenting with fever, headache, muscle pains, blistering, rash and swollen lymph. Minister Jallah is also encouraging the public to immediately isolate anyone showing signs and symptoms of the disease and at the same time contact health authorities.

Monkeypox, previously thought to be endemic only in West and Central Africa, is now being reported outside Africa in other regions around the World. Reasons for this unusual pattern are currently unknown. Since July 22, 2022, the WHO has reported 16,000 confirmed cases globally from 70 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Monkeypox is a rare viral zoonotic disease with symptoms in humans like Smallpox. These include, fever, headache, muscle pains, blistering rash and swollen lymph.

The disease is transmitted from animal to human through contact and from human to human through respiratory droplets, contact with lesions and other body fluid. Meanwhile, authorities of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) have called on the general public to take the preventive measures seriously in order to save lives. The NPHIL confirmed that it is prepared to tackle the disease, confirming that it has heightened surveillance in Maryland and adjacent Counties as well as at the port of entry so as to complement current efforts from the health authorities.

The entity has also advised members of the public to avoid contact with animals that could harbor the virus including animals that are sick or that have been found dead. The public is also urged to report any skin disease or strange illness that looks like Chickenpox as well as report all cases of individuals presenting with fever, headache, muscle pains, blistering rash and swollen lymph.

LACC given Power to Persecute


LACC has given the Power to Persecute

The Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) has now been given prosecutorial power by the Legislature to prosecute criminal cases. The House of Representatives and the Senate have passed the law giving the LACC the power to persecute’ meaning that the Commission has the Authority the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and punishment of corruption and corrupt practices in the public and private sectors of Liberia.

The House and the Senate repealed the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008, which was said to have been considered to be one of the toughest anti-graft Acts in Africa.

The LACC was established by an Act of Legislature with the mandate to investigate and prosecute acts of corruption, as well as educate the public about the ills of corruption and the benefits of its eradication. But since its establishment, its function has been limited particularly as relates to exercising full complete authority in the prosecution of criminal cases. Corruption cases are usually reported to the Ministry of Justice by the Commission for further judgment.

The House of Representatives, on July 19, endorsed the report from the Conference Committee, composed of members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, entitled “An Act to Amend and Restate An Act to Establish the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission and to Re-establish the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.” The House and Senate reverted to a Conference Committee following passages of different versions. The report from the Conference Committee means both Houses are satisfied and have separately acted on the amendments, giving the LACC prosecutorial power.

The instrument, which was submitted by President George Weah, aims to strengthen the LACC in its prevention and combating corruption in Liberia and to give it powers to investigate acts of corruption both in the public and private sectors in Liberia and to prosecute those determined to be culpable for the practice of corruption. If the new LACC is attested by the President and printed into the handbill, it will be considered independent of the investigation and prosecution of cases and the Commission will have powers to independently investigate and prosecute its cases without recourse to the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

The LACC will also have the power of asset recovery in the punishment of offenders, in short, get the culprit and get the loot.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has also agreed with the Senate to pass three anti-graft laws, including, the Whistleblowers Act of 2021, an Act to protect witnesses, called the Whistle Protection Act, and the Money Laundering, Terroristic Financing, Preventive Measures and Procedures of Crimes Act of 2021.

“Amended Alien, Nationality Law passed by legislatures, Allowing Dual Citizenship”


“Amended Alien, Nationality Law passed by the legislature, Allowing Dual Citizenship”

Both houses of the Liberian Legislature have passed an amended the Country’s Alien and Nationality Law; legalizing dual citizenship for Liberians and people of Negro-decent. However, the law forbids people with dual citizenship from holding elected positions in the Legislature and certain positions in the Executive including; the Presidency, Central Bank Governor, Finance Minister, and Defense Minister, among others.

The Legislature decision on Tuesday as a result of a conference Committee report submitted by both Houses of the Legislature, recommending the passage of the draft legislation. The bill received huge support in the Senate, with only two Senators abstaining from the vote; while in the House of Representatives, 20 lawmakers voted in favor, one against, and no abstention.

Crafters of the bill noted, that the current law is repugnant to, and is inconsistent with Articles 11 (b) &(C), 27, and 28 relating to equal protection under the law (Fundamental Rights) and citizenship. The crafters also distinguished those inconsistencies, as observed by the committee’s findings, the framers of the 1986 Constitution requested the Legislature to prescribe other standards and criteria, and procedures by which Liberian citizenship may be obtained.

According to them, the amendment of these laws will satisfy the constitutional provision of Article 2 (2) of the 1986 Constitution which states: “Any laws, treaties, statutes, decrees, customs, and regulations found to be inconsistent with it shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void and of no legal effect. The Supreme Court, pursuant to its power of judicial review, is empowered to declare any inconsistent laws unconstitutional.”

It will now be forwarded to the President for signature, and if he signs, it will automatically take effect upon printing into the handbill.

Senate Says ‘At No Time’ US$30k Was Paid Members


Senate Says ‘At No Time’ US$30k Was Paid Members

MONROVIA, July 15 – The Liberian Senate has clarified that “at no point in time” did members of the Senate receive US$30,000.00 each for Legislative Engagement in the 2022 budget. The clarification comes amidst rife speculations in the public that each member of the Legislature has received US$30,000.00 to facilitate what speculators call Legislative Engagements in their various constituencies.

The clarification was made Thursday in the Plenary by the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Senate Statutory Committee on Ways, Means Finance and Budget, Bomi and Bong County Senators Morris Saytumah and Prince Moye respectively.

According to the technicians of the budget, there was a strict mandate from the Senate Plenary not to have any budget line for a said amount in the current budget, and as such it was never allotted in the Senate’s budget for any legislative engagement.

Meanwhile, the Senate has cited the authorities of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning as well as the Liberia Revenue Authority to appear before a committee next Monday for Public Hearing on the draft recast budget currently before the Senate for concurrence.

They will appear to give clarification on several unanswered questions raised by Senators in the current recast budget.

President Weah Reiterates Road Connectivity Commitment During Meeting With Nimba Elders


President Weah Reiterates Road Connectivity Commitment During Meeting With Nimba Elders

Ganta, Nimba County – On the margins of the Special Cabinet Retreat in Ganta, Nimba County, H.E. President George Manneh Weah, took up time to hold tete-a-tete with citizens groups, one of which was a meeting with chiefs and elders of the County. He used the meeting with the Nimba elders to reiterate his pledge to connect towns and villages and with neighboring countries.
During the meeting held Wednesday, July 13, 2022, President Weah told the chiefs and elders that ongoing developments, mainly the construction of roads, provision of free tuition, scholarships, and many others, demonstrate the fulfillment of promises he made to the people of Nimba during the 2017 elections.

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The President recounted his government’s numerous development achievements in the space of four years, against what was done during 171 years of existence of the country before his ascendency.
Acknowledging repeated commendations heaped on him by the chiefs and elders for making their county a priority for development, Dr. Weah said: “I should be thanking you because it’s because of you, I am here as President; When I came to you during the campaign, I promised to connect your county; I promised to build your country. That’s exactly what I am doing.”
President Weah assured the chiefs and elders of more developments in the years to come if the people of Nimba see the need to continue with him beyond 2023.

Concerning the Special Cabinet Retreat, President expressed earnest appreciation to the people, specifically the peaceful citizens of Ganta, for the warm reception and excellent hospitality accorded him and the entourage.
He urged the chiefs and elders to ensure that Nimba County continues to remain peaceful because development always only thrives on the pedestal of peace, harmony, and cooperation.
The meeting was arranged by the chiefs and elders to express appreciation to President Weah for the “huge development undertakings in Nimba and the rest of the country”.

“Mr. President, we have come to thank you for all you are doing. We are grateful and proud of you,” the chiefs and elders said severally. They also assured President Weah of their support for his second-term bid based on their confidence in his ability to transform their county and Liberia. The chiefs and elders, in keeping with tradition, presented gifts to the President as a symbolic expression of their gratitude for what he has done for them.
They cited the provision of vehicles and motorbikes to them by the President to ease their movements and enhance their work, something they described as the first ever in the history of Liberia.

President Weah Challenges Cabinet To Take Liberia To “The Promised Land”


President Weah Challenges Cabinet To Take Liberia To “The Promised Land”

Ganta, Nimba County – At the opening of his government’s third cabinet retreat which formally got underway on Monday, July 11, 2022, in Ganta, Nimba County, the President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah challenged his officials to redouble their efforts toward the realization of the government development objectives enshrined in the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, PAPD.

In a special statement marking the official opening of the retreat, President Weah hailed the Cabinet for the able and effective execution of their respective functions during the last period under review, but equally queried them to reshape focus because more remains to be done.
The President acknowledged the tremendous progress of the last four years in the implementation of development projects across the country, which status he said is imperative to review, to ensure that they are aligned with the government’s goals and intentions to take our country to its desired destination.

Consistent with the theme for the Retreat, “Pushing Forward for A Better Liberia,” he said it was high time members of his governance team themselves as to the things they must do “to ensure that Liberia is a better place than when they got it.”
According to the Liberian Leader, finding answers to such questions “must be the primary focus of the thinking of the Cabinet throughout this Retreat.”

President Weah said he expects that participants will actively engage in the Retreat, which comes ahead of what he termed a crucial period for his Administration.’

The President called for the cabinet’s active participation in the Performance Management and Compliance System, which, according to him, requires all Ministries, Agencies, and Commissions to develop a comprehensive, critical, and analytical report of policies and programs, particularly on those instituted during the government’s stewardship.
He said in October 2023, just 16 months from now, “the Liberian people will have the constitutional opportunity to reward us for the results we are achieving. It is therefore imperative that all hands are on deck with a full commitment to ensure that we get a resounding victory.”

President Weah used the occasion to debrief on recent unfolding developments in the sub-region, mainly ECOWAS specifically the election of a new chairperson of the Bloc, the appointment of a new President of the ECOWAS Commission, and many other areas.
“The leadership of the ECOWAS Commission was also changed, with the Presidency being passed on from Mr. Jean-Claude Kassi Brou of Cote d’Ivoire, who had served in that capacity since 2018, to Dr. Omar Alieu Touray of The Gambia,” he told the Retreat.
He reported on the significant progress made in dealing with the military interventions in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, through the direct and vigorous engagements, to hasten their return to civilian rule and constitutional governance.

President Weah said “sanctions were lifted against Mali, in response to the declaration by the military of a fixed timetable to turn over power in 24 months, by 2024, which date was acceptable to ECOWAS. Burkina Faso released the former President, Mr. Roch Marc Christian Kaboré from all forms of detention.”
On the situation in Guinea, he noted that a new ECOWAS Mediator in the person of Mr. Thomas Boni Yayi, former President of Benin, has been appointed, stressing that “developments are the result of persistent engagements by ECOWAS to ensure stability, democracy, and peace in our sub-region.”

President Weah also informed the Cabinet of his participation in the African Summit of the International Development Association of the World Bank in Dakar, Senegal, along with 22 other African Heads of State.
He said deliberations at IDA20 were successful, amid a strong start to IDA’s twentieth financing cycle in Africa.
“We called the attention of the World Bank and its agencies to the fact that our continent is experiencing reversals of development gains triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and compounded by climate change, food insecurity, conflict in the region, and the war in Ukraine,” the President said.

According to the Liberian President, leaders at the Summit welcomed IDA’s decision to approve an IDA20 financing package of US$93 billion to help all countries supported by IDA recover on a greener, more resilient, and inclusive path.
In keeping with this development, President Weah has instructed Government Ministries, Agencies, and Commissions to engage the IDA and World Bank to ensure that Liberia benefits from these funds, mainly focusing on health, education, agriculture, digital economy, youth and women empowerment, roads and ports, energy and gender.

He noted: “Accordingly, we have carefully selected a set of priorities for consideration during this retreat.
As the agenda, he said, the Retreat is looking at the PAPD performance, the outlook of the national economy, management and coordination of foreign aid, and a review of the 2022 Legislative Agenda.

Other areas are increasing accountability and transparency in Government, enshrining a culture of performance and delivery of results, improving coordination and teamwork in government as well as a review of Presidential priorities for the next 16 months
However, as part of the Retreat activities, the President will tour key development projects and initiatives in Nimba County.

Commissioner Nagbe Wants Stronger Laws & Policies To Punish Pirates & Those Involved In Illegal Activities


Commissioner Nagbe Wants Stronger Laws & Policies To Punish Pirates & Those Involved In Illegal Activities

The Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority Lenn Eugene Nagbe has underscored the need for stronger laws and policies to be crafted in order to punish Pirates and those involved in illegal activities. According to him if stakeholders and actors in the sector can work together such troubling issues can be successfully mitigated and contained to the core.

The Liberia Maritime Authority Commissioner and CEO said Liberia is heavily involved in all efforts to maintain maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. Participating in the G7++ Group of Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (G7++ FoGG) first plenary meeting, Commissioner Nagbe stressed the need for collective involvement to curtail piracy and general criminal activities in the Gulf of Guinea.

Liberia currently has the world’s second-largest merchant fleet with over 4,800 vessels at 210 million total gross tons, which equates to over 13% of the world’s fleet. The working meeting which was held in Berlin, Germany 05th -06th focused on current challenges regarding maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and discussed ways to support African-led ideas and approaches.

Among other things, The G7++ FoGG aims to connect African coastal states, G7 countries, private actors, civil society as well as regional and international stakeholders in their efforts to strengthen cooperation on maritime security as well as to advance the implementation of the 2013 Yaoundé Architecture. The FoGG is hosted under the Co-Chair of Germany and Côte d’Ivoire, with participants from G7++ FoGG countries including those in West and Central Africa, international organizations and industry intend to pursue the following strategic priorities during their co-chairmanship:

Some of the priorities include Supporting Resilience and the Rule of Law in the Context of Maritime Security, the Protection of Marine Resources and Biodiversity Boosting Coordinated Regional Responses, and Aligning International Initiatives with Regional Needs and Plans.

Senate Amends Code of Conduct


Senate Amends Code of Conduct
(PRESS RELEASE)The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has voted to amend Section 5.2 of the Code of Conduct for public officials and employees of the government.
The Amendment seeks to impose upon certain appointed officials of the Government of Liberia and certain officials of corporations owned by the Government of Liberia and certain officials of entities established by the Legislature to resign their employment with the Government of Liberia, its corporations, and entities at least (1) year before the date of any election for which any such official intends to contest.

The Amendment, when passed into law will reduce the resignation period from two (2) years for officials appointed at the pleasure of the President and three (3) years for officials with tenure to one (1) year.
Also contained in the amendment is that there shall be absolute compliance on the part of any person in the aforementioned category, as substantial compliance will not be allowed as was in the case of some officials in 2017, who benefited from the Supreme Court ruling of being in substantial compliance, even though they did not resign in time as stated in the 2014 Code of Conduct.

The Amendment also empowers any person or organization to challenge before the National Elections Commission the eligibility of a person described in Section 2 of the law, who has not timely resigned his/her position in order to be eligible for an elective office and the burden shall be on the person who intends to contest for the elective office to prove that he/she has timely resigned.
In keeping with the Amendment, the National Elections Commission shall, on its own and not necessarily on the application of any other person or organization, reject the application of any person who falls in violation, and the burden shall be on the person to prove otherwise to the National Elections Commission.

The Senate took the decision to amend 5.2 of the Code of Conduct as a result of a report submitted by its Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims & Petitions headed by Grand Cape Mount County Senator, Cllr. Varney Sherman. The bill was introduced by Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon.
The Amendment has, however, been forwarded to the House of Representatives for concurrence.

“Redemption is Coming”! Former VeeP Boakia assures Lofians.


“Redemption is Coming”! Former VeeP Boakia assures Lofians.

Former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has assured Lofians of total redemption while vowing to defeat Cllr. Joseph Jallah and all candidates contesting in Lofa County senatorial by-election. Lofa County is expected to go to the polls this Tuesday, June 28, 2022, to elect a senator to replace former defense Minister Brownie Samukai. Speaking to Unity Party Supporters in Foya and Kolahun, the Former VP, also a son of Foya, said the fight against Samukai by the ruling party was intended for him Boakai and to cause disunity among citizens in the County for 2023. He noted that now is the time for Lofians to stand strong and prove their case at the ballot box on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

Presenting Mr. Kortima to Lofians as the candidate of the Unity Party, Ambassador Boakai called on citizens to hold their piece and wait for total redemption. “Hold your piece redemption is coming to vote Galakpa Kortima” He noted. According to him, Lofa is one and will not allow individuals or groups of people to divide the County for selfish reasons. In remarks, Unity Party candidate Galakpa Kortima said the election on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, will send a clear signal to CDC and their supporters that Lofa is not the home of CDC.

“Lofa County is a traditional county and we believe in our kaka( uncle) and the dabay relationship. We believe in our uncle, aunty’s, and nephews, relationship. we don’t believe in money, nobody will divide us and use the mentality to divide and rule” Kortima explained. Our reporters in the County said the Former Vice President was hugely welcomed by traditional dancers, singers, women, and men, including the youthful population, the disabled community chanting the slogan ” no more T5, no more T5.

Senator Yonblee position on the Road Fund saga.


The Road Fund .. My Position

About a month ago, the Minister of Finance informed the public that the Legislature had given him verbal authorization to redirect the national road funds to other expenditure categories. First of all, The Legislature does not give verbal authorization, neither does the President Pro-tempore of the Senate or the Speaker have such authority to do so, as such action when legal, must be taken by majority votes in plenary supported by a resolution signed by the majority.

Therefore, authorization for the redirection of funds was never given because “verbal authorization” as claimed by the Minister of Finance does not qualify as legal authorization. There is no provision of the National Road Fund Act that grants the authority to the Road Fund Steering Committee or the Minister of Finance and Development Planning to redirect road funds for other purposes other than those provided in the Act; and there is no provision in the PFM Law of 2009 that supersedes the Road Fund Act.

Please also be informed that acquiescence by some donors for the redirection of funds in the Road Fund does not legalize the process. Such actions must go through an operational process to legalize it – tabling of the request before the Plenary of both Houses and the subsequent signing of an appropriate resolution by a majority of the legislators. We do not think that even those donors that, in principle, supported the redirection of some of the funds expected the Minister of Finance to flagrantly violate the law by arrogating unto himself the authority and responsibility that resides only in the Legislature.

My distinguished colleagues, while in transit yesterday on my way out of Liberia, I was informed of the vote by the Senate to support the action of the Minister to redirect the funds. It is clear that approving such transaction after the fact is wrong and may make legislators who approved such an illegal act criminally liable tomorrow.

We must revisit our actions to take responsibility of this matter by calling on Minister Tweah to give us a complete report on the expenditures and if the reports are proven to be correct, the Ministry must be instructed to replenish the road funds from the Government revenue in the next budget while the consequences of taking such unilateral actions are being considered.

In addition to this, we look forward to further investigation into the road funds collection process including the millions that are outstanding, particularly the status of the receivables that the General Auditing Commission (GAC) was unable to confirm during their audit of the Road Fund.

While the illegal redirection of funds is of serious and urgent concern, the Liberian Legislature must also be seized of the less than transparent process by which road maintenance contracts are awarded under the Road Fund. We deserve a complete report that will delineate the procurement process followed for each contract awarded, the value of money achieved during the execution of the contract, and the legal status of the contractors including their beneficial owners.

-Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence-

‘From Importer To Exporter’ – High-Level UAE Delegation Holds Talks With President Weah on Production of Rice on Industrialized Scale


‘From Importer To Exporter’ – High-Level UAE Delegation Holds Talks With President Weah on Production of Rice on Industrialized Scale

A Technical Assessment Delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has ended talks with President George M. Weah in Monrovia on the production of rice on an industrialized scale across Liberia. The UAE Technical visiting delegation also visited the Free Port of Monrovia, the Port of Buchanan, the Ministry of Agriculture offices on the Japan Free Way, and Bushrod Island in the suburbs of Monrovia.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the technical details of the production of rice on an industrialized scale in Liberia, with the hope of making Liberia one of the largest exporters of rice across Africa and the world. The team also held separate talks with National Port Authority Managing (NPA) Director Bill Tweahway on potential investment in port development.

Last month President Weah led a Liberian delegation to Abu Dhabi, UAE to meet with authorities on potential investment into the Liberian economy. The Liberian Leader emphasized rice production, ports, and hospitals as areas Liberia was focused on developing. During their meeting President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan assured the Liberian Leader of his country’s firm commitment to invest in different sectors of the Liberian economy.

The Tuesday, June 21, 2022 meeting was a follow-up to the commitment of the Emariti’s Leader. Rice is Liberia’s staple and has even led to the overthrow of a sitting President- William R. Tolbert in the aftermath of the infamous 1979 rice riot. However, Liberia only produces 40% of its local rice needs, importing more than 300,000 metric tons a year, at a cost of US$ 200 million.

The Liberian leader has vowed to change this narrative and make Liberia not only self-sufficient in food production but a major exporter of the commodity. Trokon Kpui, Minister of State without Portfolio said the UAE technical team is on a fact-finding mission to see and assess possible challenges to the implementation of the UAE projects in Liberia. UAE has a strong track record of development across Africa, including Liberia where it completed an ultra-modern 100-bed hospital in Gbarpolu County, Western Liberia, Kpui told New Liberia.

He explained that during President Weah’s visit, the UAE government also promised to work with the Liberian government to supply and distribute modern rice produce and high-valued technology to Liberia. He said the technical team was in the country to meet with the two sector leads, the Minister of Agriculture, and the Managing Director of the National Port of Authority. He said, “instead of us importing rice, Liberia will be exporting rice to other countries.”

The New Alien and nationality Law proposed by the Senate Committee on Judiciary


The New Alien and nationality Law proposed by the Senate Committee on Judiciary, deprived Diaspora Liberians with Dual Citizenship to hold any Electives position in Liberia.

Meaning that even the Town-Chief Position will not be given to Dual Citizenship.

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Pres. Weah Rallies CDC Partisans, Chides ‘Evil People’ Calling for Sanctions on Liberia


Pres. Weah Rallies CDC Partisans, Chides ‘Evil People’ Calling for Sanctions on Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia – The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has been motivating partisans of his Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) to continue to work hard and remain hopeful for a better Liberia, assuring the nation that “the best is yet to come” under his leadership.“To all partisans who made the sacrifice in our struggle, this is now the country that you wanted, where all Liberians can participate equally, despite our political, religious, or ethnic differences, and where there are no political prisoners or prisoners of thought or conscience,” the President asserted in an address to partisans of the Congress for Democratic Change on Saturday, June 18, 2022, on their 17th founding anniversary.

The Congress for Democratic Change was organized in 2005 and became the lead constituent party forming the Coalition for Democratic Change which won the 2017 presidential elections.“I want to assure you that the best is yet to come,” he declared.

The CDC Standard Bearer acknowledged that the revolutionary journey of the party was not easy, adding: “The power struggle is never easy. But from our humble beginnings in 2005, see how far we have come. We have come a very long way, Fellow Partisans. We have fought many battles, some of them unforeseen and unexpected. But we fought peacefully through the ballot, and never through violence or bullets. We have always been a Party of Peace.”

He said “people tested our resolve when twice they took from us what belonged to us. But we never resorted to violence, and accepted our fate peacefully and calmly, because of love for the country.”He further told tens of thousands of partisans who had gathered at the party’s headquarters: “What people did not realize is that we began our quest for leadership because of love for the country. We could not touch Liberia’s peace, Liberia’s dignity, and Liberia’s honor, because we were hoping for this day to come; so that we would have the opportunity to lead this country to prosperity, and to bring hope for change.”

The Liberian Leader used the occasion to chide Liberians, mainly those who are seeking political power, calling on the international community and partners to impose sanctions on Liberia but at the same time aspiring to become leaders. President Weah questioned their commitment and sincerity to the country, indicating that such people do not have the interests of the country at heart. As an opposition leader for twelve unbroken years, the President said he, at no time, called for sanctions on Liberia despite the misdeeds of public officials at that time.“I did not ask for any Liberian, or the country itself, to be sanctioned. Instead, what did I do? I worked with the incumbent Government to promote peace and unity in our country.”

The President urged all persons aspiring to leadership in the country to refrain from such unpatriotic actions and put Liberia first.The CDC Standard-bearer also used the occasion of the 17th Anniversary of the CDC to reassure Liberians of his preparedness and determination to push national development beyond imagination. According to him, the best of development—the best of education opportunities, the best of a stable economy, the best of a good healthcare system, and the best of making Liberia an oasis of peace and reconciliation—is yet to be seen. Though his Government has made enormous strides in five years, President Weah believes there remains a huge window of opportunity to make the country what it ought to be in terms of socio-economic development.

Specifically addressing the leadership of the Liberia Marketing Association who presented a statement of appreciation to him, he promised to do everything within his power to make marketers and all Liberians comfortable, safe, efficient, and sufficient in the tasks of providing for themselves. “Market men and market women; I want to assure you that the best is yet to come.”

The CDC Political Leader also paid homage to CDCians for conducting themselves in a mature, peaceful, and orderly manner that has become characteristic of the Party.“It is these characteristics that have brought us from twelve years of disciplined struggle in the wilderness of opposition to a clean victory that has now seen us through five years of leadership through our membership of the Grand Coalition that rules Liberia.”




Buchanan, Grand Bassa – Three fishermen of Barconie Community in Grand Bassa have been arrested by the Liberian National Police for killing a leatherback Sea turtle in Grand Bassa County.

The animal is listed as one of several protected wildlife species in Liberia by the Forestry Development Authority (FDA).

The suspects were arrested on Saturday, June 18, and turned over to the Liberia National Police (LNP) for investigation.

According to the reports, the culprits admitted that although they are not aware that it was unlawful to kill the animal, they could not let it go because of its economic value.

The names of the three individuals have been withheld by the Liberian National Police as Investigation is ongoing.

Details coming soon…

By: Ablee-Jay TV staff


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