BOOKED in academic fraud – CACC exposes LWSC Deputy Managing Director in Moseray Momoh

Martin K. N. Kollie reports…

Take some time off and READ. The facts are out.

The Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC) has been investigating Mr. Moseray Momoh for a while now. His academic credentials are utterly FAKE and he has dubiously survived on this FRAUD for more than two decades since 2000. CACC is finally putting this egregious FRAUD to an end.

Are you aware that Moseray Momoh used his fake degrees to obtain employment with Millennium Challenge, UNDP, Ministry of Finance (EGIRP), Land Commission, CNDRA, World Bank, USAID, and LWSC? We have attached an abridged version of his official resume.

Momoh is laying claim to these online academic credentials:

1) Ashwood University – Master’s in Business Management (Online)

2) Frederick Taylor University – Master’s in Executive Management (Online)

3) University of South Africa – Bachelor’s in Business (Online)

4) De Montfort University – Master’s in Business Law (Online)

These are all LIES and we are going to expose everything with the hard facts. Let’s begin.

1) Ashwood University:

This “online university” is a degree mill. Neither is it accredited by any education agency that is recognized by the Council on Higher Education (CHEA) nor is it licensed to operate as an online school by the US Department of Education (USDE). Our proofs are below:

A) List of Degree Mills or Fake Online Universities in the United States: Please see Ashwood University right below Andrew Jackson University.

B)Ashwood University Scam Exposed:

C) Ashwood University is claiming to have obtained “accreditation” from the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC). The WOEAC is also very FAKE. Here are three different lists of fake college accreditation agencies as of 2022:




Let’s move to Frederick Taylor University.

2) Frederick Taylor University (FTU)

This is also a fake online school that auctions/sells academic degrees. It is not accredited and licensed to operate as an online college. Our proofs are below:

1) List of Unaccredited Universities in the USA, UK, and India: and

2) Unaccredited and Fake Universities. Go under letter “F”:

3) List of Unaccredited Degree Granting Institutions. Please go to page 33:

Let’s move to the University of South Africa.

3) University of South Africa (UNISA):

UNISA School of Distance Learning does not provide any course as in “Bachelor’s in Business”. There are 46 online business and management courses at master’s and bachelor’s at UNISA. Please see here:

We have also attached a full list of all undergraduate courses that are offered at UNISA as of 2022/2023. Please see here: and

There is nothing like “Bachelor’s in Business”. Moseray Momoh is indeed an academic fraudster of the first order.

Let’s move to his so-called “De Montfort University” where he’s laying claim to an online Master’s in Business Law.

4) De Montfort University:

It is important to note that De Montfort is not even a credible online school. Here is the list of all the postgraduate courses or master’s programs at De Montfort University. Please read here:

There is nothing like “Master’s in Business Law”. What is available is LL.M in Business Law / International Business Law (Distancing Learning). Please see here:

South Africa’s quality watchdog ordered De Montfort University along with two overseas universities to CLOSE their MBA program after a 2-year probe. Please read:

De Montfort has been involved with fraud, malfeasance, deception, disinformation, and degree sale. Like we said, De Montfort is not even a credible online school.

Do you really know who Moseray Momoh actually is?

CACC has thoroughly researched his real background and here are full details. These are facts that cannot be challenged:

1) Biodata:
Name: Moseray Momoh
Place of Birth: Bo, Southern Sierra Leone
Age: 36 years
Nationality: Sierra Leonian

2) Education:
1999-2002 – Christ the King College (High School), Bo, Sierra Leone
Achievement: Sat WASCE without passing. Please contact one of his former schoolmates, Mr. Senesie Rogers, via this number: 077022037.

B.Sc. – None

M.Sc. – None

A Firsthand Account of Moseray Momoh:

“The young man is not even a college graduate. Upon completion of high school in Bo, he was one of those that were recruited to go to Iraq under the banner of the United Nations. There he learned about computer specifically M.S. Office. He was latter deported to Sierra Leone because of some strike actions that were headed by him in Iraq. During his short stay in Sierra Leone, he worked with the EU where he heavily stole and fled to Liberia in 2006.

While in Liberia, He managed to get some false M.Sc. degree documents from the world trade center. He got employment as a so-called “Procurement Expert” with the FDA where he was fired due to fraud.

He was again employed as “procurement expert” by the LWSC under former MD Tulay and DMD T.S. Bill Werners’ regime even though he did not have any qualification. In 2012, He was arrested by the MOE authority for applying for procurement expert job under the World Bank project. He spent some money and got freed. His records are still at MOE.
This fellow in Moseray Momoh who has been claiming to be a “procurement expert” is a complete fraudster. He does not even have a certificate in procurement, let alone a bachelor’s degree or an M.Sc.

In November 2013, he was issued two cheques in the sum of 1 million USD by a Chinese company known as Tangda construction in Momoh’s name for the rehabilitation and expansion of the three town’s water supply project that was awarded to that company in January 2014. Those cheques were verified at ECO BANK central office on Randall street and it was cashed out at the Vai town branch. The money was then taken to Afriland First bank on Broad Street for deposit. Follow up with ECO BANK and Afriland First Bank for these information. They will furnish you with all necessary information beyond this.

With regards to the contract for ground water supply and sanitation in Paynesville, New Georgia, and Soul Clinic communities, he joined with a Ghanaian company known as Procurement and Project Management Consultant Ltd (PPMC) to lobby for the project. In April 2014, PPMC CEO by the name of Emanuel Bedzra and his project manager, Benjamin Anim, visited Liberia under the banner of the Semoh Group of Companies (SGC) to discuss the following:

  1. To apply to LWSC for the Monrovia groundwater project prequalification stage (EOI). Momoh was given USD 10,000.00 for help. They also came to submit the bid in March this year.
  2. To form the JV between the two companies. Attach to this information is the draft MOU between the two parties. Please ask James Martor who is his special assistant to give you the signed MOU. Or you may order the LNP to go to Momoh’s own office at SGC to search for it.
  3. Procurement of all the vehicles was done the same way.

In December 2013, Moseray Momoh registered his company known as the Semoh Group of Companies (SGC) with the money that he got from the Chinese company (Tangda). He spent close to USD 200,000.00 for the procurement of office. From that money, he bought five luxurious vehicles to be used by his company including a sixty-five thousand (65k) USD jeep for Ambassador George Weah in 2013 ahead of the Senatorial Election. He actually registered this company to cover up the stealing that he was/is doing at LWSC. Recently, he was given huge sum of money by one of the companies that bided for the WTP this year.

What prompted me to write you Sir is that this young man always come on the train track along the hotel Africa road at Mr. Kebies’s bar boasting about having money. Three weeks ago, he displayed the sum of thirty thousand USD at the same bar that he is a rich. He also told us that he is richer than the LWSC MD. He gives contract out as DMDA and procurement expert. He says a lot about us, Liberians, that we are not educated etc.

For more info, please contact Bobby Murvee, his former driver on 0776309086/0886784397. He is no longer working for Momoh. Also contact one Abel McGill on 0886671794, Sauda Saydee on 0886349121.”

Momoh has also been involved with series of criminal activities. We have attached a 2015 report to prove. Many Liberians with hard-earned credentials don’t even have job but an academic fraudster like Moseray has had and continues to have many jobs. This is the real tragedy that confronts Liberia. CACC will continue to expose academic fraudsters who are bent on undermining the people’s progress. The Liberian people deserve far better than fraud.

Note: If Liberia had a serious government in power, Momoh will be prosecuted and jailed. He will also be made to pay back every cent that he has ever received by using his fake credentials to gain employment.

Please go through all attachments.

Signed: Martin K. N. Kollie
Campaigner on Research and Reporting
Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court


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