Captain Goes Missing at Port of Harper – Dec 11, 2021

Harper, Liberia – The Captain of a small sea vessel (Cassiopea) which is currently docked at the Port of Harper in Maryland County has reportedly gone missing. According to anonymous employees of the port, the captain reportedly went out on the evening of Thursday, December 9, to “socialize” in downtown Harper.
The story continues that he did return later that night between 10-11:00pm and actually entered the premises of the port but it was later discovered that he was missing.

When news broke about the incident mid afternoon on Friday December 10, several speculations circulated around the city. Some said that the captain may have had too much to drink and might have fallen off the pier into the deep waters as some unconfirmed reports say he was seen sitting on the edge of the pier.
Port officials remain tight-lipped.

Meanwhile, acting Maryland County Commander told me that he cannot confirm or deny the reports but will not comment until they get something “substatial” as they continue the investigation.
The news has shocked many residents who wonder how a full grown man could go missing at the port which is just about the size of three soccer pitches with only few structures. We shall bring details as the story develops.


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