Cautioning Henry P. Costa to trek with vigilance – George Weah does not want to reconcile. He wants to reconsolidate ahead of 2023 and retaliate later

Martin K. N. Kollie writes…
I just watched brother Costa’s podcast and here is a summary of his message:

“President George Weah has reached out to reconcile with me and I have been invited to attend July 26.”
A dispute or disagreement over 3 years cannot be resolved in just 20 minutes through a phone call. True reconciliation often evolves as an antidote to a conflict or contradiction but this healing process requires time, truth-telling, public confession, and honest apology. The stages of conflict resolution or dispute settlement were never satisfied in this case.
In the first place, is Costa’s disagreement with Mr. Weah justified? Yes, it is in the context of class struggle or class conflict. Let me explain this in a more practical term:

Mr. Weah and his accomplices are looting our national coffers and they are using political power to legitimize this loot. Furthermore, they are subjecting our people to acute poverty and misery as a result of bad governance. Due to this perversity, Costa has opposed him for 3 years now.

Dialectically, this contradiction or conflict is justified and you, Costa, should have no regret about pursuing this historical path. The Marxian Theory posits or hypothesizes that conflict between classes usually arises out of dialectical struggle among differing material interests.
To reconcile with Mr. Weah at this time, you must first understand the cause of the conflict? Does the cause still exist or do the causes of the conflict still prevail after almost 5 years in power? Yes, they do. There is still corruption everywhere. Mr. Weah and his cartel of hardcore crooks are still building mansions and estates with illicit wealth. The PEOPLE are suffering as a result of socio-economic paralyzes.

Civil servants can barely take pay. Liberian workers at various concession areas are being abused and exploited on a daily basis. There is a governance breakdown. The rule of law is lacking. Serial killings and mysterious deaths have heightened. As a result of these contradictions, the U.S. Government recently threatened the Weah-led Government with SANCTIONS through its Embassy near Monrovia.
So, what is driving this “reconciliation” when these contradictions are yet to be resolved or when nothing has changed under Mr. Weah? In fact, the prevailing situation in Liberia is not just appalling but it has hit rock bottom. Ideologically, any effort by Mr. Weah to reconcile is futile.

Does Mr. Weah really want to reconcile?
His real intent is not reconciliation. It is reconsolidation ahead of 2023. At the moment, Mr. Weah has lost total control. He is out of touch with the PEOPLE. His political capital has diminished. The leverage he once had in 2017 no longer exists as a result of the abuse of power.
As voters’ appetite increases ahead of the 2023 political showdown, the demand for Mr. Weah’s party, CDC, is fast decreasing. The CDC has become an inferior political commodity in the context of Economics. As the price of gas remains very high coupled with stagflation (high inflation, high unemployment, and low economic growth), the real fear of Mr. Weah is that his re-election bid hangs in tatters. As the clock ticks toward 2023, the prospect of his re-election is on a downward spiral. It is becoming more of a dead political dream.
His political party, CDC, has lost successive by-elections throughout Liberia. Of late, Mr. Weah himself has lost his political base, Montserrado County, to the opposition in two different by-elections.

For example, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) won the 2017 Presidential Election with 720,023 votes (61.5%) out of 1,198,984 total votes. Out of the 720,023 total votes that CDC won within the 2017 election, it accumulated 314,594 votes (62.9%) from Montserrado County alone. This clearly suggests that without Montserrado, Weah’s dream of being re-elected is impossible amid increasing hardship and other objective factors (e.g. economic, social, cultural, diplomatic, etc.).

Weah’s real intent is to reconsolidate his political base and not to reconcile. He is in hurry to regroup or rebase. And to achieve this, he must first soften or neutralize his critics at all costs. His effort to reach out and “reconcile” is janus-faced or deceitful.
They have also reached out to some of us but such temptation or enticement has been fiercely eschewed or rejected because we still hold to the belief that Mr. Weah is the opposite of what REAL CHANGE represents. This ex-Soccer Star is utterly unfit and corrupt. Hence, 2023 must be a defining moment for the Liberian people to press the reset button on governance.

Brother Costa, to reconcile with Mr. Weah at this time is to willfully ignore the people’s interest and their plights. The real disaster that currently confronts the Liberian people is Weah’s presidency. It remains an existential threat to our democracy and our collective destiny. To “reconcile” is to embolden Mr. Weah and enable such a threat. With just 18 months to the election, why is Mr. Weah so concerned about “reconciliation”? What is his motive? He must be up to something cunning.

Currently, Mr. Weah along with his government is under huge international pressure as a result of what we, critics and advocates, have exposed and continue to expose. Must we abruptly stop and reconcile with him all of a sudden? Doing so would mean empowering a ruthless lion to devour or eat up our people even more. And history may not have a pardon on us if this path has trekked.
We’ve come too far to let go of the people’s hope, trust, and confidence. As critics and advocates, the people depend on us to fight for them at all times. Mr. Weah’s crackdown on peaceful protests and his terrible human rights record have set the stage for international sanctions. Weah wants to use his so-called “reconciliatory drive” as a pretext to assuage these impending sanctions. We must never give in to his shenanigan. Giving in to this gimmick or stunt would mean that our past and present protests/advocacies against his government were/are of no use.

If Weah truly wants to reconcile, let him reopen your radio station and publicly apologize for muzzling press freedom. If Weah truly wants to reconcile, let him reveal how he and his gang acquired those private duplexes and mansions in just 8 months. If they want to reconcile, they must fully account for the missing 16 billion LRD and the 25 million USD that was intended for mop-up.

They must also account for those who were gruesomely murdered including the four auditors, the three missing children, the three security agents, etc. There can be no reconciliation without justice and accountability. Reconciliation is not horseplay or a funfair. It is a genuine healing process that begins with public accountability. Weah cannot protect your rights because both his intrinsic and extrinsic traits are anti-democratic. Costa, what good is it if your rights/interests are “protected” by Mr. Weah and the Liberian people’s rights/interests are still being violated? This struggle has never been about us and it must never be. Consistency matters!

On this note, I would like to reiterate that Mr. George Weah does not want to reconcile. He actually wants to reconsolidate ahead of 2023 and retaliate later. Hence, I beseech you, Henry Costa, to trek with caution. This is the time to apply vigilance and prudence because history too has eyes to see.


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