CDC- Council of Patriots Press Release: 
For Immediate Release!
May 21, 2021
The CDC- Council of Patriots Proves Henry P. Costa Interview With Dr. Alan White was a Stage- Managed Propaganda Stunt; Tells Dr. Alan White to Stop Meddling into Liberia’s Politics; Calls on Liberians Everywhere to Inform America About White’s Call for Insurrection in Our Country
Fellow countrymen, last night, our intelligence gathered another misconception and prosaic propaganda against our sovereignty and its people orchestrated by an angry silicon rascal using an American citizen, Dr.Alan White, as its medium of implementation to propagate Opposition Propaganda against the CDC Weah-Led Government.
We can say with logical authenticity that the Stage-Managed podcast was initiated to appease Costa’s angry-illogical followers that always celebrate whenever negativity is mentioned with the nation. We question the mental stability of anyone that will get mad when the government is making progress for the betterment of the motherland but celebrate misleading information about their country.
Here are logical evidence to validate White’s Was used as an Opposition propaganda Apologist:
1. The Third Party Democratic Factor- America and Liberia are traditional allies. If America wants to make statement to Liberia, they have Embassy in Liberia to do just that. It’s only those beclouded with extreme insensitivity about diplomatic relations that won’t understand this simple procedure. Example: America didn’t send an Alan White before sanctioning Hon. Varney Sherman. America uses her Embassy near Monrovia to speak on her behalf
2. The Yekeh&Urey’s Contradiction- How can you celebrate Benoni Urey of Charles Taylor and Yekeh Kolubah of SOD but demonize Prince Johnson only. How? Was Dr. White informing the Liberian people of being selective in the fight against impunity? The logical answer should be NO but his appearance last night says so. It’s unethical to see an American being used by opposition to mislead the public
3. Allen’s Political Outburst- Throughout the interview, Dr. White mentioned only current government supporters. Are we saying that Urey, Yekeh, George Borley, Joe Boakai etc. are not participants of the TRC report? The answer is, they are all people of interest but White came to blind his eyes to the reality of the War Crimes Court. He came to threaten CDC supporters to appease CPP fanatics.
Fellow Liberians, the CDC- COP as a patriotic civil rights movement wants to encourage our people to take the last night interview as an inconsequential podcast played to score Opposition political points and the current celebration of COP/COP supporters can be the judge.
Moving forward, we call on Dr. White to be cognizant of the Geneva Convention that gives Independence status to all sovereign nations. His Opposition meddling into Liberia’s politics is anti-democratic and unethical. We welcome international partners to help in the process of ending impunity but purporting as an advocate to exhibit a propaganda machinery attitude is horrible for an American citizen.
In this same vein, we call on Liberians around the globe to know that our cherished democracy is under Opposition attack to satisfy their taste for power. COP/CPP using Dr. White to call for insurrection against a democratic nation is a recipe for pandemonium. We condemn the assertion in the strongest tone and call on Liberians to report the American citizen to their government. Use the below contacts to defend our democracy: This is the number for people in the US(202)-2244651 and this the number for people outside of the US +1(883)280-2246.
The CDC- Council of Patriots will always be here to expose naysayers and silicon rascals whose intent is to undermine our democracy. We call on Liberians to stand with our government for the full implementation of road connectivity, infrastructure development, and economic improvement.
“ Let’s Protect the State!”
Foday N. Massaquoi
National Secretary-General
CDC- Council of Patriots
Ben B. Tobgah
National Chairman
CDC- Council of Patriots


  1. Let War Crimes Court ask Charles Taylor and all of the former warlords they have in jail, who supported them with arms and ammunitions during the Liberians’ civil crisis and West African rebels years back?

    Leaders or presidents of nations that supported wars with arms and ammunition in West Africa, those countries leaders should be the mean folks for prosecutions.

    Liberia does not have arms and ammunition manufacturers in Liberia. Who provided former rebel leaders in Liberia and West Africa rebels with weapons? That is what sensible people, leaders and citizens of Liberia West Africa as whole should ask War Crimes Court investigators.


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