Cllr. Taiwan Gongloe blasts the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change; says “CDC is a producer of Poverty.”

Ganta, December 4, 2021- The outgoing President of the Liberia National Bar Association, Cllr. Taiwan Gongloe has said for Liberia to progress, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC must be voted out in 2023.
Cllr. Gongloe said the ruling CDC has failed the Liberian people noting that they can no longer be trusted with the leadership of the country after 2023.
Speaking in Nimba county when he accepted a petition to contest for the Presidency in the upcoming 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, the veteran Liberian Lawyer said since the election of the CDC-led government, it has become a producer of poverty thus making the majority of the people poor many of whom are members of the CDC.

He said in less than a year after the election of the ruling Party, individuals who could not afford to buy gasoline for their generators and pay rent for their homes were seen and are still seen living in total luxuries at the expense of the ordinary people.
Cllr. Gongloe, an eminent son of Nimba County, said it is a known fact the officials of the Weah-led Government are stealing the country’s money to build mansions that they could not afford a few months or years back.

Commenting on the CDC’s slogan, “Change for Hope” the former Labor minister said the change that many Liberians wanted that made them vote for the CDC which they thought could have brought hope, has made them hopeless.
Meanwhile Cllr. Gongloe has promised to bring major reforms to the Public sector when he is elected as President of Liberia.

The Liberian lawyer who is credited for being a man of integrity promised to weed Liberia of corruption and promote freedom of Speech.
He said he will dismiss public officials who are found liable for disrespecting police or law enforcement officers or interfering with their job.
He disclosed that he will encourage transparency in the judiciary sector thereby seeking to promote lasting peace in the country.

Speaking on the Economy, Cllr. Gongloe said he will ensure that Liberia becomes food sufficient while adding that he will stop the exportation of raw wood or log from the country thus encouraging the manufacturing of products in Liberia.


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