Contradicting Eugene Fahnghon’s Contradiction Against The CDC Government- Setting The Media Record Straight

For the record, I am not speaking from the periphery because I have knowledge about the indispensability of the media in optimizing governance, because I am a trained journalist, as one of my professions; yet, bothered yesterday by Mr. Fahnghon’s sheer ingratitude and reckless critique of government for the alleged not the availability of funds to entice or bribe journalists and media outlets as one of the reasons for the dwindling support of voters in CDC candidates during recent elections with intermittent dismal results, something I beg to differ with.

The Rise Of Fahnghon As Cidician:
As a founding member of the CDC I didn’t see Fanghon’s shadow nor physical presence during the formative stages, yet, catapulted as Minister for his last minute’s advocacy for Weah’s electability which was a deserving dividend for a new actor manifesting political diversity of the party.

What Did He Say Yesterday:
Seen as a joke, I watched the Honourable man go thus, “Among reasons, voters having eaten the red meat of Weah and they still failed to vote CDC candidates is because of Tweh’s refusal to give money or catos for him to share with journalists as was done to Issac Jackson during Ellen Era”. He went further, “Jackson used to bring a bag of money from Ellen for the media something this government is not doing “. I was surprised by his comments on his regular platform yesterday.

Government Supports To Him:
In Leadership, prudence is at times an imperative in order to succeed. You can’t be arrogant and bite the hands that feed you. You can’t overshadow the original Cidicians and make it appears that you are more superior to them in demeaning manners. With that said, he became one of the most erratic and powerful Ministers in recent memories with the ability to speak loudly in defense of government, while humiliating others without any disregards to the norms of the journalism profession with impunity. He was with the top actors in government who spoke with authority with no semblance of challenges or constraints on his part in performing his duties. I am told that he got all the supports needed from the government uninterrupted. Like Vice President Boakai, why didn’t he speak out at the time and why now when dismissed?

Indictment Of The Press:
As a trained journalist, I felt offended by the statement that deputy Minister Isaac Jackson carried a bag of money to give to journalists with the insinuation of compromising their objectivity in reporting stories on government. This is a serious charge and also an affront to all reporters that they were unprofessional during the era of President Sirleaf. I am happy that this government refuses to indulge in corruption and arm twisting of journalists illegally.

Void of any apology, I am obliged to set the record straight and contradict his contradictions regarding his tenure in government and comparison made with Minister Jackson who he claimed to have paraded the corridors of the Information Ministry with bags of money to bribe the media and this government whose interest is to enhance the principles and ethics of good governance while frowning on any idea of replicating same. Let remain engaged, yet, avoid statements that are permeated with elements of deception and ungratefulness.
Peace to Liberia


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