Controversial Collaborating Politica Parties Lawmakers, Representative Yekeh Kolubah, a member of the Alternative National Congress, has distanced his association with the CPP, citing internal fights for power as the reason for his decision.

Representative Kolubah in a communication dated Wednesday, November 17, noted that an internal fight for power and backbiting is brewing confusion, which is leading the CPP to be politically imbalanced.

“This can be seen/as manifested by the backbiting and confusion that are now brewing ground in the organization, coupled with them! massive lost in the by-elections in the four counties,” Representative Kolubah stressed in his communication.

According to him, this situation continues to persist, despite the objections of the collaboration to fight against similar vices, that they believed are being carried out by the George Manneh Weah administration. As a result, Kolubah said the collaboration has lost all four seats in the just conducted byelection, under the stewardship of Vice President Joseph Boakai, thereby prompting him to back off from CPP activities, until the CPP can put its house in order.

“I distance myself from the CPP until at the time we will desire to put Liberia first and ourselves last, thereby building a united front for the cause of our country’s development,” Representative Kolubah noted. He further stated that the current action of the CPP deviates from the actual intent for which it was established. Kolubah maintained that such a trend by the CPP does seem to be laying out its foundation for a better future, describing it as “greed and fight for power.”

He said: “Every time Liberians make a change, it has turned to be the worst for them. In consequence of the high desire of our people, they saw Dr. George Weah as a Rescue Agent, not knowing it is the worst, in terms of corruption, violation of the laws of the country, and other vices that are glaring in broad daylight. This has prompted the idea of unison in the formation of different fronts to oust the corrupt CDC.”?

“This eager, Mr. Chairman does not seem to be laying out it’s the foundation for a better future.” However, the communication did not state whether Representative Kolubah’s disassociation with the CPP means he is no longer a member of the ANC, until otherwise other. The latest pronouncement follows Representative Kolubah’s disassociation with the Council of Patriots, one of many fronts established to checkmate Weah’s governance system of administration.


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