CoP Warns PYJ Against Inflammatory Comments On War Crimes Court Establishment Or Faces Citizens’ Arrest.
The Council of Patriots has strongly advised Nimba County Senator, Prince Johnson, to desist from making inflammatory comments that tend to undermine the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court or faces citizens’ arrest.
The CoP believes Senator Johnson and others who committed hideous crimes during the country’s bitter past should face justice in order to account for their actions and end the culture of impunity.
The CoP has called on Senator Johnson and others named in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) final report to work with all state and non-state actors to ensure that Liberia’s healing begins with the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court and he, Sen. Johnson, should stop seeing the process as targeting him.
The Council of Patriots (CoP) has at the same time said it is deeply troubled by the latest election of Sen. Johnson as Chair of the Senate’s Defense and Intelligence Committee.
In a statement signed by National Secretary, Mulbah Yorgbor and issued on Monday, May 24, 2021, the CoP said Senator Johnson’s election is particularly concerning in the wake of mounting calls for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court and also considering his well-documented role in Liberia’s civil and political carnage.
The Pressure Group has challenged members of the Senate to rescind such a decision by removing Senator Johnson from the said committee as his occupancy undermines the essence of the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.
In a related development, the CoP said it takes serious exceptions to a label attributed to its Chairman, Henry Pedro Costa as a fugitive from justice.
The group has in the strongest terms condemned a recent statement issued by the government of Liberia in the wake of the appearance of Dr. Alan White on the Costa show and relayed by a few local radio stations in Liberia.
The CoP maintains that if the government has reasons to believe that its Chairman, Henry Costa is a fugitive from the law, there are clearly laid-out legal and diplomatic procedures to ensure he faces the law but to continuously label him a fugitive is outlandish and impugns on the reputation of the institution he represents.


  1. This isn’t politics

    I feel very sad that those who didn’t feel the effects of Liberians’ civil crises are doings things to destabilizing Liberia peace at such a time of reconciliation and peace developments.

    It is Liberians’ civil crisis that took some of us through refugees camps and make me to be out here today without enjoying my childhood and youth in Liberia now you’re starting again? What are you thinking?

    I didn’t fight in the Liberians’ crisis but ran through brushes and fled to neighboring states and by God grace to be here today which isn’t a good experience even up to present.

    Do you love Liberia and Love yourself? If you’re then please stop put aside this issue of war crimes court; it is divisive political methodology to breach our young peace and development.

    Nothing out here peaceful than the peace you’re enjoying in Liberia because destructive ideologies throws Liberia back it is the same idea you’re displaying again and this isn’t politics. Politics is patriotism and nationalism towards development.

    Politics isn’t the hope to seek asylum in foreign countries by creating instabilities in your homeland just to seek asylum because I know some of you will soon start saying Mr. Johnson threatens your lives. Please stop, what God has for you in life you will get it.

    Think Liberians


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