Cummings Takes Swipes At Sen. Dillon In Alarming US$15K Saga: MONROVIA, June 15 (LINA) – The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) has dropped a bombshell in the latest debate surrounding the receipt of US$15 thousand by each Lawmaker on Capitol Hill purportedly for Legislative Engagement and Project. Alexander B. Cummings critique of the cash-rush up Capitol Hill, the seat of the National Legislature did not fall short of unleashing the hammer on the heads of some he claimed to be his friends, the lucid jabs, analysts have said was a direct reference to his close ally Senator Abraham Darius Dillon.

While urging members of the legislature to return their chunks of the huge disbursement on grounds that the receipt by individual lawmakers of the fund, is a violation of the Public Financial Management Law of Liberia, Cummings cited in a statement on Tuesday that “if Liberia is to truly become better, we must not just look to change individuals, or correct only our opponents. We must change our mindsets, our systems, and correct our friends, when they too, go wrong.” “I have a lot of friends in the legislature, many I know mean well for our country. The intent is not to disparage or ridicule them. In fact, I face the same difficulty like everyone else, as I publicly disagree with friends,” said the ANC political leader.

In a brief analysis of the nation’s political trajectory, Cummings said, “I know that changing our country, and the way we have always done things, believing them to be right when they are wrong, will be difficult. But we will only get the same results of backwardness, mismanagement, and corruption, if we do not manage ourselves better, and be more accountable. It means not just doing the right things, but doing them the right way. “A wrong is a wrong whether it is done by a friend or a foe,” emphasized Cummings, while stating: “I believe that if I cannot speak honestly to a friend about a wrong, I lose the right to speak honestly to an opponent about the same wrong.” Being emphatic in his comments, the ANC Leader cited that his comments may not make him popular as it has not been his intent, noting, however, that it sets his conscience free and keeps his principles intact. “As they say, it is impossible to be committed to your country, your principles, and your friends, all at the same time. While it is not my intent to lose friends, I will not bend principles or compromise the interests of our country, only to keep friends,” he noted.

Among other things, Cumming has urged members of the legislature to return the US$15 thousand to the national coffers for the provision of basic services to the people as well as authorize such payments for constructions to the relevant public entities, like LACE, which are clothed with public accounting responsibilities. He wants them to also refrain from budgeting and accepting any such monies for lawmakers and as well authorize the audit of the Legislature. According to him, “a government must work to ensure that each village and political district is provided with schools, clinics, hospitals, roads, electricity, safe drinking water, and the basic necessities of life. Legislators, representing the people, have a duty to ensure that these are provided for and prioritized in the national budget.”


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