Did Henry P. Costa Actually Graduate From Wilmington University? Full Findings
Released by Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC)
June 17, 2021
A) Introduction:
Liberia has come of age but its snail-paced development is mainly a product of underperformance in public service. And underperformance can mostly be attributed to fake credentials and academic fraudsters who continue to feed on such fraud. The Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC) is here to finally alter this national miasma.
We’ve already EXPOSED dozens of academic fraudsters and CACC is not backing down on this campaign. We are making this sacrifice to ensure academic integrity, excellence, fair competition, and a merit-based system at all levels, especially in public service. This we believe will lead to increased productivity or aggregate output.
Because popular talk-show host Henry Pedro Costa is not an ordinary Liberian, there have been public reservations and mixed reactions about his latest credential (B.Sc. in Government and Public Policy) from Wilmington University, Delaware – USA.
Liberians from almost everywhere have been calling on CACC to investigate and verify. Because CACC owes it to Liberia and Liberians to remain independent, fact-based, unbiased, uncompromising, and reliable at all times, we have thoroughly investigated Mr. Costa’s degree and our findings are below. CACC is laying this issue to rest once and for all.
???? Is Wilmington University accredited and authorized to grant academic degrees?
Wilmington University is a non-profit institution of higher learning with its main campus in New Castle, Delaware – USA. This private university was founded in 1968 by Dr. Donald Ross and its nickname is Wildcats. Wilmington has a total enrollment of 9,114 and it offers 200+ degree and certificate programs in a variety of academic disciplines. As of 2021, Wilmington University is ranked #298 among National Universities in America.
Wilmington University has institutional accreditation from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Furthermore, it has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Wilmington also has specialized accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Please review all of our proofs or facts below:
C) Did Henry P. Costa ever attend Wilmington University?
This is very important to establish because, before one graduate, he/she must be a legitimate student. Henry P. Costa did attend Wilmington and here are his records which are reflected in his student profile:
1) Name: Henry Pedro Costa (W0013944)
2) First Term Attended: Fall 2016
3) the Last Term Attended: Spring 2021
4) Level: Undergraduate
5) Status: Transcript Received Active
6) Student Type: Continuing
7) Residency: International
???? Campus: New Castle
9) GPA: 3.18
We have attached a screenshot generated from “MyWilmU My Student Profile – https://www.wilmu.edu/mywilmu/student-profile.aspx” and this proves Costa’s legitimacy as a former student or an alumnus of Wilmington University.
D) Did Henry P. Costa graduate?
Initially, Wilmington University scheduled its graduation or commencement for May 23, 2021. But on May 21, 2021, Wilmington announced a postponement of its commencement for graduates from Spring 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, commencement ceremonies were deferred to October 9, 2021. Please see proofs below:
Even though graduation was postponed, graduates were officially notified through an e-mail to receive their diplomas or degree certificates. The e-mail, which is in our possession, was sent by Ciarra Alexander. The full details of Ciarra are below:
Ciarra Alexander
International Compliance Services
Pratt Student Center
Wilmington University
320 N. DuPont Hwy New Castle, DE 19720
E-mail: opt@wilmu.edu
Phone: 302-356-6797
Fax: 302-328-5902
To further verify or confirm, you can contact Ciarra (opt@wilmu.edu) or the Registrar of Wilmington (registrar@wilmu.edu). The phone number is also available. Please see a screenshot of the e-mail. So, did Costa actually graduate from Wilmington? Yes, he graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Government and Public Policy. To further justify, we have attached his graduation application. Please go through it for yourself because our foremost duty is to prove everything and anything that we say.
E) Which class did Henry Costa graduate with?
Now, this is where the confusion or complication lies. Those accusing Costa of not graduating initially thought that there was only one graduating class (Winter 2021) this year. There are 3 graduating classes: Spring 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021. Costa did not graduate with Winter 2021 or Spring 2020 but rather Spring 2021. We have provided our proofs below. Please go through them:
Additionally, graduates from these 3 classes were given the go-ahead to celebrate through a virtual congratulatory message from the President of Wilmington University – Dr. LaVerne T. Harmon. Please read here: https://www.wilmu.edu/commencement/index.aspx. What will happen in October 2021 is just for formality or traditional purpose because Wilmington University has already begun issuing degree certificates and/or diplomas.
The best proof anyone can look out for is this list (Spring 2021): https://www.wilmu.edu/Commen…/spring2021-graduates.aspx… The names of graduates were published by Wilmington University. And under “Government and Public Policy, Bachelor of Science”, Henry Pedro Costa Sr. is among two other graduates.
Why Henry Pedro Costa Sr.? Because this was the name that he applied for graduation with on January 6, 2021. Please see attached screenshot of his graduation application. On it is, “Henry Pedro Costa Sr.” which he used to apply for graduation. The graduation package of Henry Costa is also attached. Please see the attached and read the label.
To conclude, we, Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC), with full knowledge of the facts and after a thorough investigation of Henry P. Costa’s credentials, can 100% confirm that Costa is a graduate or an alumnus of Wilmington University. In this like, CACC congratulates Mr. Henry Pedro Costa, Sr. on his academic feat. We now bring this matter to FULL CLOSURE.
Because the Liberian people have 100% confidence in our judgment and our work at CACC, we want to reassure them of our unhindered commitment, patriotism, and impartiality in this genuine pursuit that espouses academic integrity throughout Liberia. We appreciate your support and overwhelming confidence that you’ve reposed in us.
Signed and sealed on this 17th Day of June A.D. 2021 by: CACC
Focal Person: Martin K. N. Kollie
Campaigner on Research and Reporting
Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC)


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