Dillon’s campaign Team

“if they killed 5 we will kill 150” Dillon’s campaign Team threatens CDC thugs.

Liberia’s political Siant and CDC heartbreaker Abraham Darius Dillon December 8 Senatorial Election campaign team, has threatened to kill at least 150 of the ruling Party’s men if they CDC dare kill a single soul from his camp.

Dillon’s team threat comes just 24-hours after the opposition was attacked the second in less than a month by George Oppong’s ruffians, gangsters, hoodlums, hooligans, assassins, desperados cutthroats and guerillas.

According to defeated Montserrado county # 6 Representative in the 2017 elections Martin Kollah, who serves as chief of office staff in the office of Senator Dillon, told newsmen Monday in Monrovia that if the CDC’s supporters think that they are rebels who usually attack people, Dillon’s campaign team is a complete vampire and cannibal (Blood Sucker) who are prepared to destroy the CDC and its entire political leader.

Recently, another member of the opposition(Yekeh Kolubah and Cummings) was attacked in Grand Geedeh county by Gbekugbe’s supporters prior to the attacked on Dillon’s campaign team in Montserrado.

Dillon's Campaign Team

Kollah noted that they(The Opposition) are prepared, composed, draw up to kill and tear into pieces George Weah uncontrollable, ungovernable, roofless, useless, brainless worshipers.

In October of this year, Campaigns for the 8 December Senatorial election will to commence across the country with series of rebellions to characterize the government’s incompetence.

Political pundits believe the campaign and the election in December will be the beginning of Liberia’s perpetual second civil bloody war, where CDC’s Sabu Unit, zebra Unit, and Citizen unit will be meeting the Opposition’s solidarity group.



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