Division in Liberty Party grows broad-day horn, as Musa Bility’s faction goes to Convention this Friday to totally expel Nyonblee, Dillon, and others…

Suspended Political Leader VS illegal Chairman…Seconds after the suspended Political Leader of the Liberty Party Nyonbleeh Kangar Lawrence announced the rejection of the Party’s Chairman, Chairman Musa Bility discloses plan for convention. Nyonblee who was suspended for failure to pay dues and buy issues for the Party’s Headquarters bathroom, told an elaborate press conference that Musa Bility stole the Chairmanship of the Party as such, she does not recognize, therefore she throws the convention document that brought Mr. Bility to the Chairmanship of through her safari window.

Her statement against Bility made him so vexed to an extent Bility branded Nyonblee and Dillon as lovers and a bunch of unserious human beings. The illegal Party Chairman Bility disclosed then that his convention which is expected to take in Nimba County is intended to finally expel, remove, banish, kick out Madam Nyonblee Kanagar Lawrence and her gangsters. The Bility Convention will bring together thousands of Executive members the including the Secretary-General, women wing, and youth leaders this weekend December 17, 2021.”We will expel and show Nyonblee pepper, her expulsion is I’m line with Party’s Constitution and us clear”. Bility told reporters..


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