Dolo Town To Shortly Benefit A Mini _ FIFA Standard Football Field

Harbel City, September 25, 2020: For the very first time in history, the people of Dolo Town will soon have one of their community football fields ungraded to a FIFA Standard.

The project which is currently ongoing at the ” FULANI FIELD”, situated between Peter and Dolo Towns is fully funded by a former resident and true son of the community Josephus Koiwood, now based in the USA.

According to Josephus, the FULANI FIELD upgrade project will include :

  • The erection of modern FIFA Sanctioned goalposts.
  • Proper measurement of the playing pitch to bring it up to standard with Law 1 of FIFA’s 17 laws governing football.
  • Planting of natural carpet to enhance players’ safety on the pitch during games.
  • Fencing of the entire field to separate it from the main road connecting Dolo and Peter Towns.
  • Construction of a mini latrine within the fence, etc…….

Josephus Koiwood speaking with the *Decent Sports Updates’ * microphone on Friday, explained that he finds it very necessary to undertake such a project at this time because whenever he retrospects on the numerous difficulties he and other lovers of the game faced while developing their soccer talents, he feels sorry for all those who have true soccer talents but lack the quality recreation center or football field to develop their God gifts.

He retrospected that during their youthful soccer days in Dolo Town, they had to go in the bushes to cut sticks or bamboo just to erect goalposts; something he thinks shouldn’t be existing in modern day’s football.

According to Josephus, it was difficult for them to successfully complete a single practice session without a player sustaining an injury or incurring the popular ” DOLLARD- SIGN- SOLE ” on the side of the thigh, given the unfavorable playing pitch filled with gravel -stones.

Besides alleviating those difficulties, Koiwood believes that the FULANI FIELD when completed will fully serve as the only alternative recreation center to the Catholic Owned Football Field situation in the heart of town; a field he thinks will serve more than ten thousand (10, 000 ) residents of Dolo Town.

Meanwhile, Josephus has called on lovers of the beautiful game residing in the area to see the project as their own by cooperating and participating in the maintenance of the field in the interest of developing hidden talents.

Following the start of the project, several prominent football stakeholders of the town have applauded Josephus for remembering his people, especially friends of the beautiful game by upgrading the FULANI FIELD.

Talaphalo Gareth, Coach Papa Camara, Mohammed SandiGondor Musa, and several others have expressed how joyful they are about the project. They all believe that the project is a significant achievement in their strive to develop local talents in Dolo Town and nearby villages and towns.

In a related development, Koiwood has disclosed the start of a mini-football tournament under the banner ” Who Owns Dolo Town”; set to run from November- December of every calendar year.

The tournament according to him, will feature every community within the boundary- limits of Dolo Town.

He lamented that there will be no loser in the tournament, as every participating community will benefit a set of jerseys along with footballs.



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