Dr. Cassell, a son of Lofa county, whose roots are from Balomah KoLaHun district, Lofa County decided to return home in many years. Dr. Cassell entered Voinjama City Friday, April 16, 2021, Cassell, the son of the soil received a raising welcome from the people of Lofa county.
Dr. Cassell’s visit comes with immense benefits to all Lofians. Dr. Cassell first stopped was at the Kormah Shepherdhood Mission School System (KSMSS). Where he gave five (5) scholarships to the top-performing students to enroll at any university in Liberia. He also gave the School leadership 288 copy books from Cassell’s foundation.
Dr. Cassell Made a brief stop at the Motorcyclist Parking lot Kessi Quarter Junction, a place Dr, Cassell constructed for them…
The motorcyclist expressed how grateful they are to Dr. Cassell.
Dr. Cassell moved over to the Voinjama central mosque where he Made 10 bags of rice a little contribution to the Muslim community and asked them to pray for Liberia…In response, the chief Imam of the mosque Expressed how thankful they are. Dr. Cassell visited the Lofa county community college where he started a scholarship fund drive, starting with 350,000 LD for best-performing students.
While in Voinjama, Dr. Cassell met with the Progressive Women of Liberia, where he set up a loan scheme, the loan will benefit vulnerable Women of Lofa county.
On his way to Foya, Dr. Cassell Made a stop at Wozaywoelay Jallamei town and Bazagizia to support a community-based initiative, according to the dwellers of the project they started the bridge in 2018, but they had gone out of cash so they been calling on past and present politicians but, no one has come to their aid. if the bridge gets completed, it will connect over 2000 inhabitants. They will have farm-to-market road…
Dr. Cassell in response said consider it done! He, however, asked the engineer to work alongside his team to get the bridge completed. In Foya, Dr. Cassell took with him assorted drugs and some other medical appliances which were received by the mayor of Foya Hon. Cecelia T. Hallie on behalf of the city.
Dr. visited the Gbandi community, while visiting the Gbandi community, they Made a request for a pump…Dr, Cassell in response to them promised to construct two pumps and renovate the old one. The Women of that community asked Dr. Cassell to help them complete the Women center. Dr. Cassell promised to get back to them.


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