Electoral Fraud setting as human trucking from Counties to counties to obtain new voters identification 2020

Amidst of the alleged human trucking from Counties to counties to obtain new voters identification card, Grand Kru County District’s #2 Representative Fonati Koffa has attributed the act as misunderstanding of Liberia’s election laws and constitution.

It can be recalled that the Unity Party’s Secretary General Mo Ali alleged that on his way to Grand Cape Mount County on Sunday, he witnessed over ten NTA bosses transporting people from Montserrado to Bomi County, while Montserrado’s Senator Dillon publically noted that he has evidence in his possession on human trucking.

Speaking on a local radio, the Lawmaker asserted that the constitution categorically made it cleared that every citizens should register in their constituencies but not to allow politicians to migrate them from county to another.

Representative Fonati Koffa said that it is embarrassing for politicians to truck voters from one political subdivision to another in order to get at political office, adding that NEC authorities should strengthen their monitoring power.

Commenting on the encreased of electeral violent in the country, Representative Koffa noted that it is time for national leaders to sit on the round table to discuss the way forward.

He lamented that both the ruling and opposition’s party leaders should be capable in convening meeting on electoral violent in order to curtail the violent, and urged political leaders not to threaten the election by saying “when you throw stone at us we will throw stone at you”.

He eplained that constant electoral violent from both the ruling and the opposition angle brings lot of international condemnation and disrespect.



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