EMINENT SPLIT WITHIN CPP As ALP to Exit the Collaboration

Nippy Town, Sinkor Old Road, Monrovia-December 31, 2021-WTVNEWS: Contrary to the beliefs and thoughts of many that the removal of the Weah-led administration heavily relies on the punctuality and togetherness of a determined collaboration, the pillar that appears to be the favorable alternative seems to sink in deep-sea as constituent party’s National Executive Committee demands its immediate retrieval.
Late Thursday, December 30. 2021, the National Executive Committee of the All Liberian Party in a written statement, mandated its Chairman and Political Leader to effect an immediate removal of the Party from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Over the last few weeks, there were also rumors of the withdrawal of the collaboration’s biggest constituent, Unity Party (UP) which hierarchies of the Party said they never had the knowledge to, upon being contacted for verification.
The All Liberian Party (ALP) is a constituent of the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP) which constitutes the Unity Party (UP), Liberty Party (LP), and the Alternative National Congress (ANC).

The National Executive Committee justified it a decision to the outcome of a comprehensive review of the Party’s participation in the collaboration, the lack of strong will to implement the findings of the CPP FA investigative committee’s findings of the alteration of the CPP Framework Agreement, as well as other cardinal undisclosed reasons.
The ALP Executive Committee also revealed that legal proceedings in establishing its final decision were considered through a long period of deliberation concerning the original purpose, intent, political interest, and viability of the ALP’s participation in the collaboration.

The release further emphasized that decision to pull out from the CPP was voted upon unanimously at its December 23. 2021 extraordinary sitting.
In confining in the collaboration legal withdrawal proceedings, the All Liberian Party Executive Committee cautioned the Party’s leadership to exhaust all legal procedures while it awaits the timely withdrawal.
Though the CPP and other opposition members still see the George Weah administration as a failure to Liberians and don’t deserve a second term, it still seems sticky to have the confidence and hope for real change imposed in a fluctuating and divided collaboration.

Over the last few months, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) have been enraged with internal conflicts, ranging from the Bloc voting process to the alleged alteration of its Framework document.
Despite figuring out the Framework Agreement as being the source of its unstableness, the Collaboration struggled to establish what was “dubiously, viciously, and purposefully altered allegedly by some nefarious individuals within the hierarchy of the CPP – and replaced by “Alien Clauses” to engender ulterior motives” as reported by the ALP Political Leader Mr. Benoni Urey on August 18, 2021. As the accuser (Amb Alexander Cummings) sharply reacted after it findings which never provided a justifiable point were provided.

These political dramas over the period have shown the ills of the collaboration and its inability to ensure good governance and non-diversified proceedings upon being trusted with state power.
However, such an astronomical level of inconsistency from the biggest opposition block also comes as a veneration of victory for the CDC comes 2023, regardless of its unarguable level of failure, incompetency to deliver a better Liberia, and the backwardness of Liberians through a worsening economic condition.


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