NTA driver shot in his head at the CDC Headquarters. The photos are finally out. A few hours ago, I broke sad news about how an NTA Bus driver was shot in his head. His full name is Jessy Bartuah.

CDC recently used two NTA buses to transport some of their partisans at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) because Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu was arriving in the country.
Jessy Bartuah was one of the drivers of those assigned buses. The buses finally arrived at CDC Headquarters amid huge confusion/conflict between rivaled partisans. The struggle for control and cash stirred this conflict.
As the conflict intensified, someone in the crowd fired LIVE bullets and one of the bullets hit the head of NTA driver Jessy Bartuah. The Government, including LNP, has been begging the family of Bartuah not to release this info. It’s too late because I got it already.

They have been hiding this information from the Liberian people because the person who shot Bartuah is loyal to Min. Nathaniel McGill and Min. Samuel Tweah.
Jessy is currently being treated by Dr. Alvin Nah-Doe at the JFK Hospital. This is what Dr. Nah-Doe said to Bartuah’s family, “His condition is really critical. If he survives, he wouldn’t be okay in the head.”
Someone MUST account for this reckless shooting. Our people are dying every day under GMW. Wickedness has increased. The private parts of women and girls are being extracted for ritualistic purposes. Liberia has become a crime scene under a clueless and corrupt ex-footballer. The killing is too much.

If we, the people, do not rise up, no one might be alive by 2023. Guns are in the hands of thugs and ex-Rebels. Who gave them guns? Let this seek the attention of human rights groups and international organizations. I want to empathize with Bartuah and his family. The CDC-led Government is abusing power too much.
Where are those pro-CDC fanatics who said that I was lying? Where are they? The Republic is in TROUBLE. I will release more info.
Rogue Regime. Killer Government. Mafia State. Banana Republic. Zombie Nation. Junta Judiciary. Corrupt Legislature. Zero President.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie reports from exile…


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