Management of Firestone and residents of Kpanyah Town over 1,000 Acres of Land

Conflict mounted between the Management of Firestone and residents of Kpanyah Town over 1,000 acres of land ….in Lower Margibi County.

Calm has returned to Kpanyah Town and neighboring communities following more than six hours of protest between the management of Firestone and the People of Kpanyah Town Over 1,000 plus acres of land.

The calm returned following an intervention by Margibi’s District 1 Representative Tibelrosa Tarponweh.

Hon. Tarponweh speaking to ELBC on Monday said he’s amongst other things called on the Management of Firestone Liberia to stop her machines from clearing the land in question until the Liberia Land Authority (LAA) can serve both parties the findings of a recent one thousand four hundred thirty-three (1,433) acres of land surveyed in May; something that had lead to the people of Kpanyah Town staging a protest early Monday morning.

Management of Firestone

He frowned at the LAA for giving Firestone Liberia a draft of the ruling without serving the people of Kpanyah Town the same ; which he believes caused the protest.

Rep. Tarponweh has, however, called on the people of Kpanyah Town to remain non – violent until the House of Representatives can invite both the LAA and the Management of Firestone to ascertain reasons the company was carrying on clearing works despite an injunction on said land.

He speaks with our Lower Margibi County Correspondent, William Decent Toe.






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