For Immediate Release:

Monrovia, October 29, 2020: The Government of Liberia launches this Friday, October 30, 2020, its first-ever post-war Airline for Liberia called “Lone Star Air (Wings of Liberia)”. His Excellency President George M. Weah will do the honors for the launch ceremony scheduled to take place at the Roberts International Airport.

The government acknowledges that the Covid-19 Pandemic has put partial restrictions on borders worldwide, which has come at a great loss to players in the aviation industry. But it said that Liberia, through this bold initiative by President George M. Weah, is taking the opportunity to tap into some good fortune by ensuring it becomes a significant player in the aviation space, especially in the sub-region.

It is envisaged that the launch of the new airline by the government will lead to the realization of making Liberia a destination of choice and an aviation hub in the region. The colorful ceremony will be held at the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County, and with much excitement and enthusiasm.

Expected to join the Liberian Leader are a full complement of government officials and members of the international community, as well as business partners.

The ceremony is expected to start at 10AM.

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Ledgerhood J. Rennie



  1. It is always a good thing and reason for celebration and unmitigated pride to see any kind of development in our country. My sincere hope is that this project was meticulously designed and thought through. Thinking about making Liberia a hub for the region is an ambitious goal, but let’s not jump the gun too soon or get ahead of ourselves
    We need huge investment to construct the type of infrastructure needed to qualify Liberia for a competitive destination, let alone a hub for the region. Has anyone been to Senegal, Ivory Coast or Ghana lately? How do those airports compare to RIA?
    We need Liberian Investors to establish a world class airline. Government run airline takes too much needed resources from education, healthcare and other important social services. The private sector is the way to go. When I say private sector.. I am talking about Liberians doing the job. Liberians in the diaspora can. All they need to see is an aggressive incentive solely for Liberians and in no time, you will see Liberians coming to develop their country.
    No administration has ever tap into the enormous investment capacity of Liberians abroad by offering an investment incentive package only for Liberians.. about 5 times better than those offered to foreign investors.


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