Former ruling Unity Party Secretary-General Mo Ali has alleged that the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Ministry of Justice(MOJ) have reached a decision to incarcerate him on Thursday, March 25, 2021, should he appear at the police headquarters for further questioning as agreed.
In a Facebook post, Mr. Ali alleged that the decision to arbitrarily incarcerate him was reached between the Ministry of Justice and the police on Tuesday during a meeting held at the Ministry of Justice.
Ali wrote posted to Facebook, “Plans Uncovered!! The police met today along with some justice ministry officials. They have agreed that once we get to the station (Police Station) on Thursday, they will slam me with some trumped-up charges and send me to court.”
Ali continues: “At the court, Judge Jonah Jallah will reject whatever bond that my lawyers will submit on instruction. The simple reason is to ensure that I am jailed for the weekend. That is part of the intimidation strategy.”
However, Mr. Ali said he is prepared to go to prison.
“Now let me be very clear, I am not afraid of going to prison. I have committed no crime. Let the police and Sayma Syrenius Cephas bring it on. I am ready for the jailhouse. I will come prepared to spend the weekend in jail and even beyond.”
It is recalled Ali was invited by the LNP for questioning over a recent Facebook post.
He has been undergoing investigation with the police over the recent social media post he made on Monday, March 1, 2021. Mr. Ali posted: “Dear National Elections Commission (NEC), we understand the ploy. But try it and you will see what is gonna be the end result.”
Ali’s post was coincidentally preceded by an arson attack on the headquarters of the National Elections Commission.
Meanwhile, Police Spokesman Moses Carter has denied the recent allegation by Ali.
He said, “There was no meeting whatsoever. What Mo Ali is saying is far beyond the truth.

Mr. Ali however wrote recently on his Facebook page, quoted as below:

In the March 1 post, I alluded to a ploy by the National Elections Commission not to certificate Lofa Senator Elect Brownie J. Samukai. And if the NEC did not certificate owing to the ploy, they will see what will happen in the end which basically was indicating that we will seek appropriate legal means in the end.
As a person and a ranking member of the Unity Party, I have always maintain that all of our grievances should be addressed through appropriate legal means. My post was simply alluding to the fact that we will ensure the NEC will face the full legal consequences should they implement a strategy intended to deny the certification of B. J. Samukai, thereby denying the people of Lofa of their choice of Senator. I stay maintain that the action of the NEC is wrong and a violation of our laws. We will ensure that NEC will account for all wrongs.
As it relates to my March 4 post referring to Associate Justice Nagbe as a hardcore tribalist, it is an opinion birthed out of the fact that: when Justice Nagbe served as Senator for Sinoe County and was involved in active politics, he clearly stated that he was in the Senate to PROTECT the KRU PEOPLE. We all are aware that there are several ethnic groups that are inhabitants of Sinoe. For a person who was elected by mixture of people from different ethnic backgrounds to state categorically that he is only protecting his tribal people suggests that said person is a tribalist to the core.
I’d like to reemphasize that that we condemn violence in any form. We encourage Liberians to always pursue legal means in addressing our grievances despite our lack of confidence in the Justice System led by our Supreme Court Justices, some of whom seemed compromised and bend toward the ‘will’ and ‘pressure’ of the Executive Branch of Government. We must always, individually and collectively, speak true to power!
I will always exercise my right of free speech and my right to not be harassed or intimidated that are protected by the constitution of Liberia.
God bless Liberia!!!




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