Gbehzohngar Findley’s Supports accused of Burning Senator Nyonblee Karnga’s Family House in Grand Bassa County

Buchanan, Grand Bassa – It was a sorrowful moment early Monday, January 4, after a two rooms apartment belonging to the brother of Grand Bassa Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence got burn mysteriously leaving several other properties damaged.

During the fire outbreak, there were mixed reactions as several bystanders speculated that the house was set ablaze by unknown men with the intent to damage the life of Nyonblee’s brother Garmondeh Kangar while others attributed the fire outbreak to an electrical fault.

Mr. Garmondeh Karnga, a victim of the fire incident said “ my life and my sister’s life had received several threats from individuals loyal to Findley due to their political differences”.

Mr. Karnga lamented that he left his house to find two persons to sleep in their father’s house since the boys who live in it traveled to Monrovia. He said there was no electricity at the time, adding that he left the compound, after some time, he heard a heavy blast – like a bomb. When he looked back, he saw flames of fire on the roof of his house.

“My son [not biological] was in the house, he managed to burst the front door but there is also a screen door, but he noticed that somebody tied the screen door so he fought and burst the screen door through the fire – that’s how he escaped.”He added, “They taught that I was inside. I just reported the incident to the police.

I complained about three guys that had been threatening me and Nyonblee during the election time and still insulting her after she had won. They are Adonis Greaves, James Smith, and Peter Logan.”

Mr. Karnga lamented that though the fire service truck rushed to rescue the building, it was unsuccessful as firemen on duty could not operate the truck. According to him, the firemen reportedly pressed the wrong button the truck and the water hose got disconnected and all the water wasted on the ground.

He said neighbors from the community helped to tame the fire, thereby, saving the church and the school. While Logan and Smith could also not be reached, Mr. Greaves described the fire incident as unfortunate and said he is in sympathy with Mr. Karnga.

However, Mr. Adonis Greaves spoke with a reporter from FrontPage Africa saying it is surprising that Mr. Karnga would accuse him of masterminding the fire incident as he (Greaves) has been in Monrovia working.“He should not just make allegations. He needs to show some evidence. I’m one of the young persons who called Senator Lawrence and congratulated her upon her victory and even expressed my willingness to work with her and she responded favorably. So, why would I want to set their property on fire? It is a sad situation but he shouldn’t make such an allegation against me without any evidence,” said Greaves.

However, we remain committed to ensuring that James Smith and Peter Logan’s responses are gathered. Supporters of Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence and Ex-minister Milton Gbehzohngar Findley had on several occasions had political differences leading to tension in the county.

On one occasion, the fallen youth wing Chairman of the Liberty Joseph Goffa accused Findley’s supporters of hunting his life after a heated tension at the Fairgrounds junction where Findley’s supporters collided with Nyonblee’s supporters during the 2020 special Senatorial election campaign in Grand Bassa before his demise.

After the death of the fallen Youth Wing Chairman who died as a result of a Motorcycle accident, Kangar Gandyu a supporter of Findley who attended the funeral was also beaten by guys believed to be Nyonblee’s supporters for allegedly posting insults and accusing the Senator of killing her staff on the social media.

Both teams had no happy time up to the end of the election where another instance sparked out leading to three persons from the CCP wounded. Findley’s supporters took the street to jubilate on grounds that their tallying report proved that they won the election while Nyonblee’s supporters took the street as well to jubilate with hope from their tallying report.

The situation leads to serious political tension leading to three persons wounded. However, we are hopeful of hearing from Ex-Minister Findley who recently took the Radio and called for reconciliation.




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