Government Expands Marshall Road Through Rep. Tarponweh’s Advocacy

by: William Decent-Toe (ELBC Margibi Correspondent)

Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh’s years of intensive advocacy for the completion of the Marshall City road pavement has yielded a fruitful outcome as pavement works officially commence.

The completion of the pavement of the 21 kilometers stretched road connecting the historic city of Marshall is being implemented by the SSF Construction Company and funded by the Government of Liberia.

Inspecting the ongoing construction works on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Representative Tarponweh of Margibi-Electoral District #1 expressed delight over the project and lauded the Government of Liberia for listening to his plead on behalf of his people in completing the road pavement, stressing the importance of the road.

The Margibi County District #1 Lawmaker, in a chat with the contractors, thanked and urged them to do everything humanly possible to accelerate the pace of the work as the rainy season is fast approaching. Representing SSF Construction Company, Mr. Jallah Jarboi, the Public Safety Officer disclosed that the entire project will be completed in three month period.

In 2012, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works began the pavement of the 21 kilometer Marshall road, but the project was aborted, thereby leaving over 4.8 kilometers unpaved.

Representative Tarponweh, in 2018, began engaging the Ministry of Public Works to see reason in completing the pavement of the road. Despite comments from some naysayers who said that the road project was not a priority, Mr. Tarponweh had consistently argued that Marshall City is a tourist attraction and the community is fast developing for many Liberians and non-Liberians.




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