Gov’t Could Buy 100,000 Liberian-Made Chairs For Public School Pupils
MONROVIA, Jan. 13  – President George Manneh Weah on Wednesday took (strategic) members of his cabinet to traversed Montserrado County to assess the learning conditions, facilities, and needs of students and faculties at several public high schools, sending a major signal of reassurance of his government’s passion to continue to promote quality education.
Institutions ‘representatively’ captured in the itinerary of the eye-opener tour by the President are William V.S. Tubman High School (12th Street); Monrovia Demonstration School (Clay Street); Newport Junior High (Newport Street; Boatswen Junior High (Jamaica Rd); and D-Twe High School (New Kru Town).
The President’s first stop was the Tubman High School where he was briefed by the Minister of Education, Prof. Ansu Sonii, junior education ministry officials, and school authorities on the practical or technical steps needed to improve the school.
The delegation went from one active classroom to another, as well as the school’s science lab and sports facility.
Also, students in the classrooms personally interacted with the President, proffering various challenges they face at school.
Having heard constraints such as the lack of adequate seating capacity, limited textbooks, and irregular or no electricity supply, the Chief Executive promised that those situations will change for the better as that was why the Liberian people approved his presidency.
Consequently, he said his government will procure some 100,000 Liberian-made arm-chairs for pupils and other classroom furniture.
Also of concern to the President was the security of students and school facilities as well as electrification which the President also assured in his interactions at Tubman high.
Dr. Weah also indicated that while the government makes efforts to equip schools with textbooks; it would be greatly beneficial to the country’s learning sector were academics—“people with Master’s or Doctorate degrees” or so—to write books that could be useful to the educational curriculum of the country.



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