Buchanan, Grand Bassa- It was a joyful moment for motorcyclists in Buchanan after Madam Magdalene Harris who contested the just ended Special Senatorial Election dedicated a parking lot for motorcycle riders in Buchanan.
The dedication ceremony brought together several citizens including the Political Leader of the All Liberian Party, Benoni Urey, Representative Matthew Joe amongst others.
According to madam Harris, the terminal construction was part of her many promises made during her campaign in 2020, announcing $USD 5000.
“ We went through the election process, but it was not our time to serve the people of Grand Bassa. We congratulated Senator Karngar and called or met with some of the candidates to say thank you for the participants because they did well to exercise their democratic right”.
She furthered “ We thanked all our citizens for exercising their democratic right to vote for people of their choice, but on that fateful day, whoever, you voted for, you voted for the people you saw a future in, because in my belief, leadership is not an entitlement, it is a privilege the people can trust you with the future. In that future, is the elevation of their lives, the living condition of their children, and security of their families and community, that is why I take a vote so important”.
Madam Harris mentioned that she started the motorcyclist project last year and completed it after the 2020 elections.
“ We have been working with the motorcyclist union to complete this project. As our way to promote economic empowerment and building their capacity through training. The motorcyclist community overlooks in many instances, people believe they are rough, they call them names, I took time to come to their community”.
The former female Senatorial candidate mentioned that the motorcyclists told her husband that they needed a terminal and they agreed to build it.
“ I came and sat with them one time and we agreed on the structure that they wanted and so we provided the money. I allowed them to give their input throughout the process, we did this because when communities become the owners of their own project, they will appreciate their work, that’s why you see more than 100 motorbikes in the streets today”.
Meanwhile, the Political Leader of the All Liberia Party Benoni Urey described Madam Magdalene Harris as a real leader and not a ruler. “ This lady has contributed a lot to this county from her own pocket and I am proud of her because she’s a single person financing her activities “.
He furthered “ I want to let all of you know that Madam Magdalene Harris is a woman with a heart for her people “.
The multipurpose structure will be used for parking, training and other future programs to help build their capacity.


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