Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the leader of the coup in Guinea has called on mining companies to build factories in Guinea and also process Bauxite which is the West African country’s largest resource locally instead of the usual exportation at raw value.

In what he referred to as a “win-win partnership” with regards to mining activities in Guinea, Doumbouya directed that, “as regards the general managers, the head offices of their companies, they must be based in Guinea,” adding that, “the scrupulous respect of environmental and social standards by the companies is imperative. We will pay particular attention to this,”

Reports from local media outlets added that Colonel Doumbouya has equally assured mining investors of their safety and also that of their various mining sites. The entire business community has also been assured of a conducive working environment without any form of disruption.

Accordingly, all mining companies have been asked to proceed with production, considering the new demands by the leadership of the junta. Curfews placed on certain areas of the country have also been lifted for work to commence.

Apart from this call, Mamady Doumbouya has also issued some strong measures in the best interest of the people of Guinea. Among such is the directive that “no company with foreign interests could be appointed to build and maintain unpaved roads and living bases unless there is a finding of incapacity of local companies.” He added that “this measure also concerns the transport of minerals, in particular by land and for the transport of workers.”

The transitional leader also moved to deal with local unemployment by directing that, “priority should also be given to nationals in all recruitment competitions for various positions, including managers in the directorates, in particular human resources, community development, communication and external relations.”


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