Guinea-Liberia Railway: Liberia Commits To Terms, Conditions Of Project MONROVIA, June 10 (LINA) – Liberia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has committed the government to the implementation of terms and conditions outlined in the Guinea-Liberia Railway Corridor Project intended to ensure the transportation and exportation of iron ore from Guinea through Liberian port. The deal, when finalized, will see Guinean use Liberian’s railways and port facilities to export ores that will subsequently be mined in Guinea.

Speaking during the opening session of a three-day Inter-Ministerial Conference on the technical modalities of the project at a local hotel in Monrovia, Liberia’s Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Kemayah reassured the Guinean Government of Liberia’s commitment to the terms and conditions of the agreement and the unwavering political will on the part of President George M. Weah to enhance its implementation. Minister Kemayah indicated that the technical meeting consisted of a monitoring committee with a technical structure including able and competent technicians from both countries.

The Liberian diplomat stated that the module used by the two countries represents the new approach in the imperishable new bilateral and sisterly ties between the two countries and their people. Minister Kemayah mentioned the long-cherished bond of friendship and cooperation characterized by inter-marriages, linguistic and cultural ties, cross-border trade, and deeply-rooted fraternal ties between the two countries which, according to him, a date prior to the independence of the Republic of Guinea. He emphasized the longstanding relationship between Guinea and Liberia, ranging from common borders which are highly distinguishable and have facilitated a large measure to closely united communities from both sides and accelerated trade and commerce across the national frontier.

Kemayah claimed that these interactions lay a firm premise for engagements and the momentum drive to improve the social and economic well-being of the two peoples. Also, the Liberian Foreign Minister disclosed gains the Liberian Government has made in the implementation of the project, citing, “I’m pleased to apprise this August body that the Republic of Liberia through its Legislature has ratified the bilateral implementation agreement following which his Excellency President Weah signed into law and now published and printed into handbills,” He emphasized that the action by the Liberian Government is to further demonstrate to their Guinean counterpart that Liberia takes seriously its commitment to the full and scrupulous implementation of the agreement.

Kemayah maintained that the Government of Liberia believes that the project is in line with its national development plan (The pro-poor Agenda for prosperity and development) and fulfills the benchmark set forth in Pillars Two and Three of the PAPD which talk about the economy, job creation, and sustaining the peace, respectively. He applauded the exceptionally hard work of the technical teams from both Guinea and Liberia who have done a remarkable job to bring forth the agreement. “Their diligence and sacrifices have underscored their patriotic callings to serve their respective peoples and humanity at large,” he noted.

He added: “We are further optimistic that this act of selfless dedication witnessed throughout the foundational processing will propel us to succeed in what both countries have committed to do”. For his part, the Foreign Minister of Guinea, Ibrahim K. Kaba, said the engagement presents an opportunity to review all the access of their friendship, be it diplomatic, health, or security. Kaba asserted that it is their desire to utilize this great project while expressing optimism that the opportunity will favor the youths of Liberia and Guinea. He added that the agreement will further create opportunities for cooperation and economic development in the sub-region, hoping that the project will be successful and will be the realization of the dream of the two counties. The implementation of the project will foster the construction of the railway, the transportation of iron ore, agriculture products as well as goods and services.


  1. ~Creating railroad just for only iron ores alone? ~

    ~How about also creating railroad as means of transportation for people – human beings instead of just creating transportation for iron ores between states?

    Where iron ores railroad goes there must also be railroad for human beings; this will prosper both Nations commence and the totality of these states economic development and security.

    Creating railroad just for only iron ores transportation alone is political traumatization which led the south region into dilapidated infrastructures which emulate the compositions seem to be display at this referendum. Should we repeat that composition again? No!!


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