Hon. Yekeh Kolubah Crys for Benefits; Files a Bill of Information Against Lower House’s for Alleged Refusal to Adhere to Court’s Mandate

Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has filed a Bill of Information to the Supreme Court against the Lower House’s alleged refusal to adhere to the court’s mandate.

According to the Bill of Information, the House of Representatives agreed to pay Representative Kolubah salaries and benefits owed for the month of June and ensure other rights are accorded him.

Representative Kolubah in the Bill of Information noted that since the mandate was sanctioned by Justice in Chambers, Cllr. Joseph Nagbe, the Lower House has refused to pay his salary and benefits for June as well as refused to include him in the house’s chartroom.

However, Kolubah informed the Supreme Court that the action on the part of the Lower House runs contrary to the agreement before Justice Nagbe, for which said Justice decline from issuing a writ to prohibit that august body.

In July of 2021, Representative Kolubah, informant filed a petition for the prohibition against the House of Representatives, requesting the court to prohibit what he calls, the lower house ‘illegally’ denying him due process.

He described the Lower House action as a violation of the laws of Liberia and disrespect to the court, for which that august body must be made to pay his salary and benefits.


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