House Decides Fate of Woman who Slapped G’ Kru Lawmaker.

The House of Representatives is currently in session to decide the fate of a lady identified as Makanvee Sheriff, who assaulted Grand Kru County Representative, Nathaniel Barway . The action of Madam Sheriff was predicated by the accusation that the Lawmaker hit her vehicle while on his way for the session early Tuesday morning.

In an angry mood, madam Sheriff and some family members drove behind the Grand Kru Legislator and immediately attacked him, while trying to make his way into the building. In order to afford her due process, madam Sheriff was dragged in the Chamber of the House for a contempt hearing. In her testimony, she openly apologized and beg for mercy, indicating that she regret her actions toward the Lawmaker. Lawmakers are currently debating the matter.

Keep following as we await the next course of action. …..


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