Human Rights activist, Henry P. Costa writes:

“Since Monday of this week, the government of Liberia has used armed police to shut down all stores in the nation’s largest commercial district, Redlight Market, under the guise of forcing marketers to relocate to the newly-built Omega Market. However, our investigation has revealed that the real intent behind this crippling and wicked move is to force the business people who are operating in the stores at Redlight to move to Omega and lease the recently-constructed stores mostly owned by top government officials.

This is a complete mafia-style operation! Business activities in Redlight have come to a full stop, they’re losing lots of money daily and it’s terribly bad for families and the economy. The government must stop this illegal harassment immediately! Next week, we will begin to expose the names of officials of government who are the owners of the new stores at Omega who are behind this wicked operation!”



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