I am totally appalled and upset that the Liberia National Police unleashed a ferocious, surprise, cowardly and unprovoked attack against peaceful Liberians expressing their democratic right of assembly. Many of our peaceful citizens were teargassed and wounded under life threatening circumstances by their government whose duty it is to protect these Liberian citizens, and their right of assembly.

This demonstration of lawlessness and police brutality evidences a pattern in this government to suppress democratic rights including using untrained goons, pressuring the judiciary, and abusing the powers of their offices.

I call upon all patriotic and democratic Liberians to double their efforts to fight this tyranny. As I have said, when corrupt people connive, good people must unite. When we stand together, and for each other, we will win – real change will happen.

The unprovoked attack on peaceful Liberians exercising their right to assemble peacefully again underscores various issues with the police including its lack of training, impunity, use as a partisan force for evil, and its resistance to changing a history of the state’s abuse of power against those it swore to protect.

I condemn this in the strongest term possible. Liberia will not be returned to its dark days of fear, police brutality, lawlessness and intimidation of Liberians who do not share our views or those with whom we may disagree.

I have reached out to some of the wounded and have promised to do whatever I can to help them recover. I thank all who turned out peacefully in exercise of their citizenship right. I stand with all of them, and with all Liberians whose right to live in a better, more just and more democratic society continues to be threatened by a corrupt and irresponsible government.

To all of us, I say our sacrifices and struggles will not be in vain. Change is coming. Real change will happen in our country. Those wounded today will win tomorrow for a better Liberia.

The long road to change our country for the better has only just begun. Any government that delights in harming the citizens it should be protecting deserves no democratic considerations from the people.

Let it be known: Our democracy will not be surrendered to fear and abuses of power. Liberians will win. Liberia will rise. Our nation will remain democratic.

Thank you all for your support.

May God protect us all and save our state.


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