The Manager of the Ducor Petroleum Company, Amos Brosius is calling on the Supreme Court of Liberia to exert every effort to ensure that “stolen” money is returned to his account.
Brosius said all parties should be aware that the only reason they are before the Commercial Court is because of a dispute over the ownership of $3,352,000 USD (3.352 Million). This amount disappeared while in the custody of the court.
Brosius stated that the Judiciary and by extension the Government of Liberia, are fully responsible for the replacement of the money.
He revealed that the monies were lost as a result of the official conduct of Judge Eva Mappy Morgan. It is the court that should use its’ power to ensure a return of the monies to his custody.
Brosius furthered begged the Supreme Court to handle the return of my property that the Commercial Court sold and the monies are returned into the account.
Ducor Petroleum Manager Brosius added that the return of the money into his account should be done by an order of the Commercial Court.
He said it was established during the investigation that an agreement between MOTC and himself to have a Ducor Petroleum Bank account, listed as 022121515153401. The account is housed at LBDI, frozen and the disputed funds are to be placed to prevent any of the disputed parties from having access to finances in Ducor Petroleum receivables or bank accounts, pending the final determination of the petition. The accounting was breached and the account depleted. All monies remain unaccounted for while in the custody of the court.
Brosius stated that the monies remained unaccounted for up to and including the time of writing this communication.
Brosius also indicated that the Judiciary Inquiry Committee (JIC) report declared the court orders dated July 23, 2013, and July 24, 2013, that resulted in the depletion of monies from Ducor’s Petroleum accounts while in the custody of the Commercial Court, as being illegal. He is in total agreement with the JIC on that issue.
He extends thanks to the JIC for its work in revealing the truth about the malpractices that occasioned the proceedings in the petition for accounting that has caused him and his family untold pains and mental agony.
“It is worth noting that some of the pains I have suffered for the past eight years as a direct consequence of malpractices committed in the Commercial Court against me, is that my children are often out of schools in Liberia for unpaid school fees while Judge Morgan, Cllr. T. Negbalee warner and MOTC officials educate their children abroad with the wealth they have amassed to my detriment.”
Brosius pointed out that the one-year suspension from the office recommended by the JIC as punishment to Judge Morgan is far too soft and does not measure up to the malpractices that she committed, as outlined in the JIC report and damages done as a direct consequence of her malpractices.
He said the JIC recommendations of a one-year suspension for Judge Morgan is more of a call on the Government to act against her correct act without considering any reparation for him even though; the report stated that “I’m the direct victim” in an unimaginable way of her malpractices in the Commercial Court handling of the petition for accounting pending before it for the past eight years.



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