News Writer of Flashnewsliberia and ELBC Margibi Correspondant WILLIAM DECENT-TOE writes:

By the end of this month , I’ll leave my current local radio station in Harbel ( Voice of Firestone ) to join another local one .


1.I’ve proven to be a passionate journalist over the last ten (10) years on volunteerism

2. I’m on record of winning seven (7 ) different awards for my production, presentation, and analysis of issues in Sports, human interest, development , and entertainment ; despite without salary per month ( the public is my withness ) .

3. The Management of Firestone Liberia hasn’t appreciated my voluntary services for the past ten years ; despite several recommendations for my employment from current and past Radio Supervisors, and Managers of the Voice of Firestone Liberia.

4. The reason hasn’t been based on qualification but rather mere hate from top managers of the company just because I report without fear nor favor for anyone or institution . 
Note : the Firestone Liberia Retirees Case , and the death of motorcyclist Emmanuel in 2019 when the company’s ill-advised speed -bump erection was done without prior notice , and the Kpanyah Town Land issues.

5. It’s on record that at the start of the Voice of Firestone in 2010 , only one broadcaster was hired with BSC Degree ( Patricia Forti ) with 3 others hired without BSC in Mass Communication

6. After the death of my mentor, Prince Collins, peace be to his ashes , I was recommended by the station’s manager then for employment but the company’s top HR stepped on it for no good reason .

7. In July of 2019, the HR Department sent my name for payoff from the Education Department because of my stance on factual reporting for ELBC as their Lower Margibi County Correspondent .

8 .Recently, the HR Manager stepped on my employment for the same reasons mentioned surpra after my name was forwarded for employment by the current station manager ( Patrick Honnah) .

#10. The main reason I’m leaving : The Voice of Firestone Liberia is the Public Relations Arm of the Company …The station doesn’t practice mainstream journalism ( reporting news, broadcasting and producing contents not related to promoting the company .)

11. Any journalist on record of reporting against the company doesn’t get employed despite possessing the necessary qualifications . # Comrade Festus TaylorEbenezer Mass WilsonFrancis Fallay Kpaka (2010) and others can relate to the recent recruitment .

12. Several other volunteers have left the station because of semilar reasons , prominent amongst them are : Boakai C. SiaffaGeorge RattioJeff TarnueSampson Wesseh , Conference Confrence Harmon , etc…..

# It’s now time I too moved on with my journalistic- sojourn !!!!!


___Thanks to the Management of ELBC for proving them wrong about by abilities in Journalism by hiring me 2018.

___I want to appreciate Mrrs 1 . Carlos Wallace Smith Jr. … Bortfeldt Lloyd .. Rufus Karmoh , Patrick Honnah and of course my late Mentor _ Prince Collins and you, my many fans over last ten years .

___Note : I’m going away not because I’m not paid , but because top managers of the company want me be bias in my reportage for the company ; forgetting to know that I’m not a PR for them .

## Don’t misconstrue this ! My new destination isn’t another Public Relations Radio ……

Thanks for following to the end …my next station will be announced subsequently .

I love you so much !!!!

William Decent Toe 

That was his exact statement.. 



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